Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe

410 S Bryant Ave Suite 120, Edmond
(405) 876-6200

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Come here time to time with my girlfriend and she also has come with her mom and every visit has always been nice. The food is really good especially that buffalo chicken pizza and tomato basil soup. Thanks for staying fresh and awesome.Vegetarian options: Pretty nice choice of options.Kid-friendliness: See kids in here all the time enjoying.Parking: Usually easy to park

Aimee L.

We love Pickleman's! We have been to Kansas and a couple in Oklahoma. We love Normans Pickleman's and they have always been friendly and the food is excellent. When I was doing Keto, I was able to get Pizza and salad which was so nice!

Kat P.

We came to try Pickleman's, because we love pickles. This place gave me total Quiznos vibes! The bread the way they toast it before the make the sandwich. The woman who helped us was great explained to us why there are stars next to particular items. The restaurant was clean in the front and from what I could see of the kitchen. The pickles are huge like ballpark size.

Adam Kittson

Place is decent but the 2 stars is for the experience. Every time we go there whether it be 2ppl in the restaurant or 20, they cant keep up. Every time we order a pizza, it goes through and sits there for about 10mins before anyone realizes and then serves it cold. Today our pizza sat there for about 15mins before we asked if someone could please give it to us, looked at me and got the cold shoulder. Not sure if they hire zero job experience or just do a terrible job training but the efficiency at this place has been garbage since day one. If you don't have 45mins to wait for a sandwich, then go elsewhere. Its a carbon copy of Panera but without the efficiency. Done going here.

Tracey P.

I'm giving it 3 stars since my husband enjoyed his meatball sandwich and the staff was friendly . The Avo Cobb salad was mediocre. Paid extra for chicken, which was equivalent to a teaspoon. 2 bites of avocado were included. If you want a good salad , drive across the parking lot to Cava.

Daniel Brue

Ordered from here for the first time today. This store had been surprised with a HUGE catering order for a sorority earlier in the day with no notice. The staff had not had an easy day, and when I showed up to pick up my take-out order, they didn't have enough ingredients to make the order. They did all they could to make it right, and I opted for alternatives, which turned out delicious. Really great food; I'd ordered a salad but ended up with a really great sandwich, no complaints. Kudos to the staff for being awesome and still doing all they could on a very trying day.

Derek Recker

We ordered a pick 2 which all you foodies should know a half sandwich and half soup or salad. First of all it is a rip off. You get a tiny kids size sandwich that only a toddler could think that is ok. I wish I took a pic. The sandwich was ok at best and the broccoli cheese soup was horrible. The salad was good sized and was the only good thing there. 26 bucks was a horrible price. That is all I have to say.

Radio Riles

The service was good. The food portion was decent. But all in all as a foodie they don’t have real pizza thin crust only. I really don’t like thin crust pizza its not pizza in my book.The food was mediocre at best. It’s like a knock off of McAllisters deli and schlotzskys.There was no greeting from the employees “like hey is this your fist time?these are our popular items”In all, this place has been opened 6 months and has so little reviews it shows this place won’t last too long.This is a good concept but this concept has been done many times before and it’s nothing new or special.Also with a name like picklemans you’d expect maybe fried pickles on the menu but they charge you for the pickle that other sandwich places give for free. You figure it would be free and a pickle would come with everything with name like picklemans.

Hayden H.

The food here is great with a variety of options! I just wish they had a foot long option for the sandwiches (seems like a no brainer).

John M.

Not worth it at all. Low quality, tasteless, subpar atmosphere at best. Sandwich was also very small for such a large price.

Katerina Y.

Sandwiches are pretty bomb. They are a little pricey for the size but I would go again.

Lauren “Paige Turner”

Really good, super thin crust, pizza! I thought the $15 bucks was a little high for a 12" but I've had it for three meals so I guess it evens out. Also, the pizza was really good! You know that little jalapeno relish you get at the Mexican places with the onions, carrots and jalapenos? Yeah, that was basically what they put on my pizza with cheese! So good!

Jennifer M.

I made the effort to go to Picklemans in the middle of tons of road construction & barriers. My suggestion--Don't Make the Effort. I'll post a pic of my ham & cheese sandwich. It had ONE slice of ham, tons of mayo, a little lettuce and two sliced tomatoes. The bread is tasty and fresh but that's the only thing pleasant here.


It was $10 for a 4" meatball sub that didn't have any marinara on it and a small cut of soup, no drink. Food was pretty good, but nothing amazing.

Maddy M.

Personally, I love picklemans and have been coming here for years. My first time at this location was a bit of a turn off, it wasn't busy but it seemed to take quite a long time to get my sandwich. My food sat on the counter for a decent amount of time before someone noticed and finally finished it and wrapped it and it was missing multiple ingredients after I received it. It was good none the less but the service wasn't the greatest.

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