Sonic Drive-In

317 S Bryant Ave, Edmond
(405) 341-2242

Recent Reviews

Vicki R.

Quick and good food, I just had a problem getting the stall to accept payment method. No matter how many times I tapped the card option, it would not work.

Shana White

November 3rd 2022 around 9am I went and got French toast sticks, when I got to the window I told the lady I needed to add on to my order and apologized forThe inconvenience. She proceeded to roll her eyes and sigh loudly and rub her forehead. I told her she needed to fix her attitude, it’s too early to be acting the way she was!

Cassie Durning

I would leave 0 stars. Placed an order on the app 25 mins before they closed. I arrived five minutes after placing the order, well before their closing time. The employees would not answer the stalls, I then went drive thru window all four employees I could see inside refused to acknowledge I was sitting there. WORST SONIC.

Jonathan Tucker

This Location is a joke. Workers are awful and lazy. Refuse to open menus and won't accept orders from the app. Also shuts all lights off in the evening time to avoid business. This is sad considering it used to be a decent Location. Needs to be shut down and bull dozed.

Rae Baeeé

Worst place ever came to get my food and they served everyone around us but never us we ended up driving off especially after the guy on the intercom told us our food was coming out to us now & the girl walked out looked dead at us and served everyone else we still didn't get our food. Jus a waste of time we left and paid we just wanted to get away from those type of people

Joshua Cannon

Almost always has their online order capability shut off in the middle of the day, while still being open. Makes no sense at all

Steve Morton

I love getting the notification that it is $0.50 corndog day. Service was fast and friendly.

Bree Holder

They have always gotten my order wrong, and everyone was rude except this one girl. And frankly I was very upset to find no toy in my wacky pack, it said on the screen it would.☹️

Angel Lowrey

As someone who has seen the condition of the storage and kitchen areas, as well as how they treat employees, I can't say I recommend ingesting anything from this location besides MAYBE a drink, if you're brave.

Chloe Henson

The drinks are nasty. Tastes like the machines aren’t clean. The ice and even the water is gross..

Anna Chambers

We just ordered from sonic come to find out once we got home our “burger” had no patty and was just cheese and mustard. How does this happen? Like seriously. This is ridiculous. I understand being understaffed but forgetting the patty in a BURGER is unreasonable.

April L.

Placed my order online for ASAP. It says I was order number 4. Checked into a stall. Been waiting 20 mins and my order isn't showing that they are making it, it looks like was completed. I was the 4th order of the day, they opened at 11:00 and at 11:28 I go through the drive through to pick up my food. Not good service at all!


I couldn't give any negative stars but I would have if I could. On multiple occasions now we go by to order food. We get told "friers are down", "Shake machine is down", "you can't order food" blah blah. You are an eating establishment, you don't serve food or is it because you are lazy and don't want to clean. They don't accept app orders either and every single car slot is roped off, so drive thru is the only option only to get to the screen and can't order ohhh about 80 percent of the menu.. As of now I'm done with Sonic, we went to chic FIL a and they're friers we're working and they said it was "their pleasure"! Thank you chic FIL a!

MomLifeCoffee Vacation

After giving my family the wrong order we spoke to the manager on the phone and they said to come back for a replacement. This was a 20 min drive and the next week the female manager said they wouldn't replace it. This place is a scam. Sonic has lost all customer service. We ordered over $50 for dinner but not again.

Sarah b.

i know they might be understaffed but some of the employees attitude at this sonic is very uncalled for and unprofessional.

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