Sunnyside Diner Edmond

7 E 2nd St, Edmond
(405) 920-5144

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Petra Johnson

I had a bacon Avocado omelet and fruit. It was all delicious. This place has a good variety of breakfast, brunch, and lunch items to choose from.

Mercedes Elizabeth Miller

The food was excellent! The plant based vegan menu was what brought us in and we loved every single dish. They were very busy and so the wait to get our check was a little long but other than that it was wonderful!

Kathi Abla

Worth the wait!We have been wanting to try this place for quite some time and just haven't made it. But today was the day. I chose the chicken fried steak and eggs, hubby, the biscuits debris. Both of us were definitely happy!!

Kyle M

Why is this place so popular? Went the other day; 35 minute wait for a table. Once seated it was over an hour before we got our food. Waitress never checked on us. Had to go looking for coffee and water refills. The place is so loud. Then when our food arrived it was mediocre at best. Seriously IHOP would have been a faster and more tasty meal. Not good at all.

Bettina K.

We love the Midtown location and hadn't been able to go to Edmond until today. Love how the transition of the old and sad service station to this fun space. Great job! We were able to sit outside and had a great waitress. Ordered Hangry Man and Classic SunnySide. Took 30 mins to get food but is Holiday today and busy. The SunnySide had potatoes missing and also extra side of bacon. We asked for both. Potatoes consisted of 2 batches: 1 coldish and 1 hot but still hard. My pancakes weren't as good they usually are, really dry. Prob make the treck to Midtown next time...

Amanda DeGan

PSA - not the restaurant for people who have food allergies. I know this won’t apply to many readers; however, for those with food allergies pick a different option.Looks like a cute place and the people were friendly. I was told they don’t have ANY options for those who are gluten sensitive.

Andrew Castleberry

I've driven past this place twice a day omw to work for the last year and finally stopped in to try it out. What a great place! The staff were super friendly and the food was delicious!


Best gravy I’ve ever had. I dunno what’s in it but it was ? Fried chicken was crispy and delicious. Staff was very nice and they all seem like they enjoy working there. I like to see that. It’s slightly pricey but the portions are huge so get that to-go box and it’s worth it for sure.

Ryan N.

This place has fallen a bit in post Covid. The fried eggs are under cooked, and the burgers are way overcooked no matter if they are requested to be medium, or medium well, it's always very well. The location space is hot, chairs and tables wobble. The bar face is falling off, and many of the stools are falling apart. The space is very dirty as well. This place was great when it first opened, but not so much now.

Grant McAlister

My favorite local diner(they have a few locations and I like them all). Fantastic staff that are always helpful. The food is delicious and the menu is varied. Of course, the greatest test is a diner's coffee and I'm happy to report it is great! Highly recommended.

Beth Adele

My daughter and I visited for the first time today and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Our server, Matthew, was upbeat, prompt, and accurate. We had our exact orders quickly and thought the food was delicious. (Yes, we did need to ask for to-go boxes.) My daughter asked to return soon!

Richard V.

It's been a while since we were at Sunnyside OKC. This was our first time at the Edmond location. Bright , fresh, clean and top notch service. At first I was looking for my old fav, eggs in paradise. It was no longer on the menu so I ordered the carnitas hash special, that was terrific. Big chunks of very tender and moist carnitas over spicy caramelized potatoes. Sunny side up egg yoke blended perfectly with the crema, avocado and raw onion. Our guests were equally satisfied.

Russ S.

Service outstanding. Food as always, outstanding. Arrived at 8:15. They told me to sit wherever I wanted, great. Counted 4 dirty tables in booths needing to be bussed. Had to get one cleaned so I could sit there. The other tables remained dirty until customers arrived and needed the booths. I had to go and find out serve to post my bill. Once we appeared to finish eating, no one paid attention to us and I couldn't fish anyone down. Iritating to play "find the server."

Elizabeth P.

Went to Sunnyside diner this morning for brunch and was full of life. That could be taken in two different ways it was full but it was also very loud and very hard to communicate with our table so if you enjoy that this is your place. I have the biscuits and sausage gravy which is really great and then my partner had the LA sandwich I believe is what it was called he said it was really great just a very messy so be prepared. For being a breakfast place that I'd say the reason I gave it a four-star is because their coffee was very weak. You could tell it was heavily made with water didn't have much taste so if there is one area that they could improve on it was definitely the coffee.

mary winfrey

The food was delicious and you get your money's worth. And our waiter was excellent. ??

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