Taco Bell

1049 W I- 35 Frontage Rd, Edmond
(405) 341-1326

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trace Clark

This was my second time going to this location, went through the drive thru, they never give me any sauce packets after I asked for them have to go inside. Second time spending $4 on what is supposed to be a burrito supreme but it was all beans and cheese NO meat, NO tomatoes, NO sour cream it was horrible. Got a taco filled with old lettuce very little meat. Will never go to this location again!

Bizzy Blake

Ordered bean burrito, chicken quesadilla. They cheat me. So they put barely a tablespoon of beans, and sprinkle of chicken.

alicia jerup

I was turned away from ordering at 11:45. Time clearly states midnight.But all the employees were in the parking lot smoking. Maybe they should have been inside working?

Fanny Perez

I never imagined a simple order of two beef crunchy tacos was going to send me to an urgent clinic next day at 8 am in Edmond, Oklahoma with food poisoning, and gastroenteritis. It was atrocius. Never and ever will come back to Taco Bell. Never! I was vomiting the whole night around 100 times with a terrible stomachae. I was diagnosed with food poisoning at that clinic in Edmond. Four days later I am still feeling the consequences of those 02 beef crunchy tacos. Never in my life again!. Never. Health and Human Services Department must inspect that place.

Makayla Schaaf

this is by far the best taco bell. seriously. i go out of my way to come to this one. nicest people and always fast. gets my food right every time

Grady Yandell

Ordered 45 mixed tacos and 10 beef burritos for carry out. Ready in 15 minutes as ordered. Great job.

alyssa baker

This is the best Taco Bell I’ve ever been too, the food was so fresh the shells were crispy. Great job!

Cassi Howard

4th times a charm with this location. That's how many times it took to get our order right, and that was after waiting 20 minutes for them to even get it ready the first time.

corey irwin

You got a 50 percent chance of actually getting your order and they will never remember your cinnamon twists.

TTV ZydrateTheSloth

No baby changing tables. Several people came in before i even ordered with wrong orders

Joe Cusimano

It's Taco Bell. Perfect for when you have a craving. However, I do not like their mobile app. Each time something has been wrong. Drink you order isn't available. Out of an item. One night: sorry, we are out of meat, so everything in your order with meat we couldn't make. (Really?) I gave up with the app. But again, what do I expect - it is Taco Bell...


Was able to try the cheesy gordita at 10:30 am! We skipped breakfast and needed an early lunch. Yum!

noel martinez

Ordered 2 Bean burrito and got tortilla with hot sauce, onion, and cheese no beans

Pamela Pinero

Was able to try the cheesy gordita at 10:30 am! We skipped breakfast and needed an early lunch. Yum!

Brian Bradley

Best experience I ever had at Taco Bell! Thanks to Amber and the rest of the staff!

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