Taco Loco Food Truck

1501 S Blvd, Edmond
(405) 651-4567

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Anahy Rangel

Honestly they were just not it for me. I got the 3 tacos de asada with rice and beans and my boyfriend got the super burrito of asada. The tacos were very dry and burrito was just okay nothing special. The price is ridiculous to me but it could just be because I am from Oklahoma City where they are tacos every corner that are delicious and cheap.

Frank Clay

I usually don't go for spicy foods, the overwhelming hot most people go for isn't it. THIS PLACE DOES SPICY THE RIGHT WAY! IT IS GREAT! The portion to pay ratio is phenomenal, the prep and presentation leave nothing to be desired. Flawless.

Josh Griffin

Go to post church taco truck in Edmond - cash only, so you know it’s real.Would recommend their carnitas, and their quesadilla - one of the best to ever happen.

Jassie Zaidi

Nifty taco truck in central Edmond, one of the only authentic mexican eateries in Edmond at that! Tortas, sopes, tacos, quesadillas, horchata, all of that. I opted for tacos and horchata which absolutely hit the spot. Definitely recommend to all my caucasian folk in the Edmond area.

William Caldwell

I got the Burrito Al pastor, super good and super flavorful. That and some horchata ran me 9.50, but it's like a 1 lb burrito and 32 oz of homemade horchata. Burrito did have some kind of soft lettuce but the texture, flavor, and sauce more than made up for it. 9/10 but rounded up to 5/5.

Kevin Ao

I had the tacos and it was pretty good but they ran out of my favorites which are the tongue and tripe. This is a cash only and there a couple of benches nearby you can eat at.


Had the burritos fantastic really wasn't a fan of going to a taco truck till I tried this one here and were there every weekend

Lesa Borowske

Great food!! My husband got 5 tacos beef n chicken. I got the quesadillas.. I will definitely go back...

Rocio Roman

I love this place. Eat at least once a week here. A++

Morgan L.

Friendly people and good prices! The tacos are really good! Definitely the best in Edmond!

Charis R.

I moved here from San Diego in 2016 and am always on the hunt for Mexican food that reminds me of home and OMG this taco truck has done it! It is so authentic and delicious and I'm so glad it's down the street from my house. I already can't wait to go back. The meat was juicy, the salsa was fresh, and there were so many options. 12/10 recommend

Mamie williams

It was good! Friendly service!

cheryl hopper

Omgoddess!! This was Good And Plenty. I will return! Great service. Great food. Great price. Something hard to find nowadays but here it is!

Monique Johnson

I am from Cali the land of the taco trucks. This is a VERY close second. The El pastor and Carnitas is AMAZING! Definitely what you expect flavor wise! The pollo and the asada are good too.

Sean K

Great authentic mexican food. Pretty inexpensive as well, $7-$10 for a meal.

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