Sonic Drive-In

105 NE 12th St, Moore
(405) 794-3355

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Alice CandyCotton

Unsure who took our order, but they were awful. She kept disappearing after every order. And we still got our order wrong.We were supposed to get 2 CHILLI cheese tots, and instead, we got just cheese tots.

Michael Mackey

Order was wrong. Hamburger ordered with mustard, lettuce, and tomato ONLY.They added onions and mayo.Route 44 drink was ordered as diet. It wasn't.It will be a long time before I try using them again.Food: 2/5

Nikki Cousino

The several yrs ive been in Moore I've Never had a good experience at this sonic. Poorly managed

Frankie Perez

Ordered bfast, unfortunately I don't have much faith in these kinds of places but was in a hurry. My bfast burrito was cold and I mean the tortilla wasn't even heated up. Matter of fact the food inside of it wasn't even hot enough to get the tortilla warm smh will not be back to this location. As you can see from pic tortilla is breaking apart. So cold it won't even stay wrapped. Another thing, if you're going to charge for add ons (tomatoes) why don't you deduct when someone orders a burger/wrap/bfast burrito per say without veggies????

Andrea Jones

Tea is always great. Food is almost always great. Only ever had them mess up an order once last week. And we go to this one every week.Food: 5/5

Brian Cargle

Absolutely love sonic! But I will drive across town to get my sonic from now on. The manager at this location shouldn’t be working in the service industry. We politely called about getting double charged by their system due to it not functioning properly, and the manager went straight to yelling and screaming! Informed us that even if we called the corporate office we still wouldn’t get our money back or the food!He offered no solution, was angry, cussing, and yelling right out the gate. This isn’t a very good representation for the company!! This man simple and plain wouldn’t be working for any business I ran!! Sonic needs to look into this on the corporate level!!

Zachary Adams

Like the drive in diner feel. Employees are always rude here. Could be a bit faster too. Food really sucks. But stay for the drinksFood: 3/5

Nathan Warden

Super fast service today, Carhop was friendly, the Cherry Limeade was a good mix and they made good Coney, it would have been a perfect visit except I got cold tots :-(

LaTonia Hohweiler

We always stop at this sonic when we are driving thru town and never had many problems but this time it wouldn't let me use the app which now i understand. We ordered a large coke, a med cranberry with extra cranberry and a cup of ice water. It usually cost $3.08 but was surprised when they said $6.04. The coke was correct at $2.59 minus $1.30 the cranberry limeade was $2.99 minus$1.50 but the extra cranberry was $2.29 minus 0. So almost $4 for med drink at happy hr. I guess when you want to change 2.29 for extra flavor you cant have people using the app.

Indomitable Ares

The order ahead function is always unavailable so I will not be getting drinks from sonic until it is fixed, it is very aggravating

Lorna Lincoln

Service was fast and friendly. Food was good and hot. Love their Sonic Oreo Blast and their mozzarella sticks.

Zod General

Came here first but who ever was taking orders coukdfind a number 6 combination with a all American. 2nd time I've had prob here, but will be the last Had to go to western to get what I wanted

Kari Thomas

I wanted to share this for everyone, My Sister came in here all the time, it brought joy to her. The staff was so nice to her and she to them! My Sister passed away last week on Tuesday, she always bought bags of ice, or ice with cups, God Bless this Sonic for being so nice to her!

at jr

The attitude is 5 stars. The Sonic food products are 5 stars. Just the packaging was my concern (2stars).I ordered a Chile Cheese Coney meal combo $6.49 before taxes. The majority of the cheese product was stuck to the packaging. I went home and grated some cheese to replace the cheese that was adhered to the packaging.Two days later I drove up, got out of my vehicle and opened the door to the business to order the same product. The carhop ask if I needed help. I explained the problem and immediately the carhop asked for the manager. The manager told me once the product leaves the business its on the customer. I ordered the same meal and the manager personally brought the Chile Cheese Coney meal combo to me at my vehicle. If you want a handsome $tip, be more attentive as to how you package your product.

trula spores

We arrived just after dark. Was not very busy. Every thing we said had to repeat very annoying. We ordered cheddar bites was told actually we are out of those so we made it mozzarella cheese sticks they tasted like old grease our total was 17 something and the carhop said do you want your change I hate being asked that . Last gripe was barley enough ice to make our drinks cold it was 90 degrees out ice was gone before the drink was.

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