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2804 N Kickapoo Ave, Shawnee
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The only reason I would give this place even one star is because the two american employees in the front are amazing!! You walk in expecting to warm up a bit from this frigid Oklahoma winter and it is just as cold if not colder than outside!! I asked the employees why it was so cold and he responded by telling me " The owners don't want the heater on to save money". Thats despicable and truly shows how much the owners care about the CUSTOMERS!!

First off, if you consider that the very definition of a "Bakers Dozen" is 13, (an extra donut). Why on earth would you think of a great concept for a donut shop, call it "Bakers Dozen" and NOT sell the concept.. Thats just silly. I'm guessing a lot of people stop here because the sign says: Bakers Dozen... nope, only 12 in their Bakers Dozen..... ok I just can't get over this.. ill just stop.... LMAO... ROFL... Secondly, I want to purchase about full review

Very good donuts and sausage rolls. The breakfast croissants are to die for. I loved the freebies they also gave us. They gave us a lot of them for our big order. Will definitely be back on our way through again. This is how a donut shop should be. Great place to get breakfast and donuts!

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