Bad Brad's Bar-B-Q of Yukon

700 W Main St, Yukon
(405) 354-2122

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Darla Fiorot

First time to visit Bad Brad's but I have to say I will diffently go back! Outstanding food and our waitress made sure our glasses stayed full, also came to table take sure we were enjoying the food. I will say if your looking for good BBQ in Yukon you need to try Bad Brad's

Tony Peric

WOW. Amazing ribs and hot links! The meat is tender especially the brisket. Got the deluxe meat trio but I will probably order by the pound next time. Great food and very nice service!!!

Kelly P.

I ordered hot links and my throat is still burning and that's amazing. Good food, helpful staff, fun place, and it's just a great atmosphere. I'm coming here again. Just the best BBQ.

Tally C.

The only thing that could make this place even more authentic would be if there were swinging saloon doors and if John Wayne were sitting at a table in leather chaps, Spurs and a cowboy hat smelling of tobacco. The place is filled with wood and animals in every corner of the restaurant. A giant moose hangs over some of the tables and makes you think he might drool on your food. The early 2000's country music - Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood were all drowning this place with tunes. Now! To the food! My partner and I split the OK Twister (pulled pork, potatoes, onions, cheese, bbq sauce nestled in a flour tortilla) and a side of fries. Wow. Splitting was the best decision for this meal. It was the most delicious pulled pork I've had in my life. The sauce was just saucy enough. Lip smacking good! Of course, the sweet tea that comes in the souvenir cups is just the cherry to an already full sundae. Make sure you try one of everything on the menu and you won't go home hungry.'s good to be bad, but Brad isn't bad at anything!

Cindy Miller

We tried Bad Brad’s because of all the “good” reviews. I ordered a stuffed spud with brisket. $2 up charge for chopped brisket. My potato wasn’t washed clearly because when I was eating the skin, I noticed and tasted clumps of dirt and the brisket was sooooo so so salty!My wife ordered a rib plate with a side of green beans and cowboy beans. Green beans are frozen green beans that are reheated. Cowboy beans are ranch beans with pepper. The ribs were soooo tough. Not tender what so ever! There is NOTHING authentic about this place! Very, VERY disappointed in this “BBQ Joint”Let me add….we had 3 different girls “taking care of us!” But none of them asked if we needed anything else. And yes, we paid our check in full!

Mexy Lefty

Service was not great when I went, It was off time around 230 on a Monday so maybe thats why? The chicken was so dry we didnt eat it. All in all I will not recommend or go back. For the price I feel there are other places you can get dry chicken and not great service probably a bit cheaper.

James Hamblin

Try pork ribs, they are delicious.

Connie Eakins

The young lady who answers the phone was nice & very polite… I appreciate that so much…. Ty

Donnie Ethridge

Bad Brads has without a doubt the very best barbeque anywhere around here. Had the dirty fries today with pulled pork and it was soooo good

Ricky R.

Before we get started, let me state my credentials. I am a native Texan who currently resides in the great Lone Star State. Prior to residing in Texas, I lived here in Yukon for a little while, and greatly enjoyed my stay here. I consider myself a BBQ snob, and am very particular about my BBQ. Ok, let's get this party started.... After a long day on the road en route to Yukon, Oklahoma, my family and I had a destination of Bad Brad's BBQ. My family and I have been greatly anticipating a return visit to our former favorite BBQ spot. When we resided here, every Friday night you would find the Reynolds family present and accounted for at Bad Brad's. I have a pile of Bad Brad cups in my current abode to prove this. For my current Yelp! friends and followers, let me paint you a picture of beautiful Yukon, Oklahoma. Located off of the historic Route 66 in the Czech Capitol of Oklahoma, is Yukon Oklahoma. A city with small town charm, and a piece of Americana. Bad Brad's is affixed to the Mother Road in the downtown Yukon area. Yukon is also the childhood home of country superstar Garth Brooks. Oklahoma State Highway 92 is named after Mr. Brooks, and is an artery that runs to Interstate 40 from Route 66. Upon arriving at our destination we walked in and were seated promptly. The decor has not changed, and nothing else has changed about this place. Or, so I thought. There were not many people in the restaurant, so this concerned me as it usually was somewhat busy here back in the day. Maybe Monday night is it a busy night? Dunno.... Anyhow.... So far so good. The waitress came over, took our drink orders, and returned shortly thereafter. I was glad to see the drinks still came in the plastic souvenir cups I am accustomed to. After getting our drinks we placed our orders. The wife ordered the twister with fried okra, my daughter ordered a turkey sandwich with corn on the cob, and I ordered a two meat combo (brisket and sausage) with fried Okra and corn. In decent time, but with empty drink cups all around, our food finally arrived. Our waitress was not very attentive, and not very personable. Not one smile. We missed the likes of Micah and Alexis. Sorry, I digressed. My food was presented on a metal tray with butcher paper. The brisket looked dry and not very plentiful, the sausage looked decent, the fried okra looked great, and the corn on the cob looked dry. This is definitely NOT the Bad Brad's I remembered. The brisket was also room temperature and had zero warmth to it. With exception of the fried okra (which tasted great), and the BBQ sauce, my food was very underwhelming. My wife said she enjoyed her twister, but it was not amazing like she remembered it. My brisket had a perfect smoky taste, but was way too dry, and way too chewy. The sausage was just OK, and the corn on the cob was inedible. Way over cooked, and cold. Needless to say, the family and I were very disappointed. Prior to arriving, some of our friends mentioned the food quality had declined, and we really did not want to believe them. We were hoping their statement was untrue. I sure hope this visit does not set the tone for the rest of our stay here in Oklahoma. Furthermore, I hope Bad Brad's turns things around. Out of a scale of one to ten, I would give this visit a 5.5. We probably will not return. Not until we get word they improve. I, sadly, cannot recommend Bad Brad's at this time. I'm truly heartbroken to say this. I feel as if I am breaking off a long relationship and telling Bad Brad's I just want to be friends. Sorry, my fellow Yelpers. I do, however, highly recommend a visit to Yukon.

Marie Noel

I have a few things to mention about food and service.The food overall was good but there were a couple issues and personal opinions. The ribs were "gristly", my son didn't finish. It was a bit pricey to spend on a small gristly portion. We didn't know until later or I would have mentioned it while there. He did really enjoy the potato salad though. My husband loved the cornbread, son thought it was a bit too sweet. I liked it also. It was HUGE pieces. My husband got the 3 meat Deluxe Plate and was charged extra for burnt ends although there was no mention of an upcharge on the list. He enjoyed his food. He said the sausage was a bit dry but good flavor. He especially liked the beans...a lot. I ordered the nachos, they were good although next time I order them I will ask for extra tomato or pico. I was charged for a side that the server didn't mention was extra or I wouldn't have gotten it. She asked me what side I wanted when I ordered my nachos, I didn't see that it came with a side but she said it did. I ordered the potato salad and gave it to my son. When I looked at the receipt later I saw it as a charge. I was under the impression she was new because of her demeanor, the way she answered questions and tended the table, no refills. Not a huge deal if she is new.Now with service as a whole, all three servers, dropped the ball. There was a couple trying to get their attention several times as all three walked right by them and nobody acknowledged them for a good 10 min. from when I noticed them. The man had to get up and go to them. Yes, they sat themselves BUT, two of the servers were standing right next to them tending another table. They seemed like possible regulars but no excuse. It was NOT busy at all. Not one smile the entire time we were there, nonchalant demeanor, could just be their personality I guess. Oh...wait...we did get a couple quick smiles from our server. We just didn't get that "welcome" feel from the time we walked in.Overall, not a bad experience, just seems like they can benefit from a bit more customer service skills training and situational awareness. We will try again in the future.

Cory McCarty

Food was very good just wished our service was just as good as the food. I have ate here multiple times and have always had good service until this last time we ate here. I had to get up and ask another server to find our waitress twice, once for refills and the other for our check. I'm guessing the server was just having an off day since every other time we have been here it's been spot on.

Michelle P.

Found this place on yelp, Honestly one of the best BBQ Places I've had!! My family & I have full bellies and a smile on our faces!

Jessie C.

I will try again in a couple years when the prices on the menu are the accurate prices you would like to charge. Figure out your finances and make some new menus like a normal restaurant.

aaron anguiano

Not sure if the food or service was better. Excellent

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Bad Brad's Bar-B-Q of Yukon

700 W Main St, Yukon, OK 73099
(405) 354-2122