Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

12332 NW 10th St, Yukon
(405) 324-2374

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Really like the environment! It’s really nice and clean. The food, I would rate a 8/10. The drinks, 10/10. The service, a 9/10.My steak was too salty, the broccoli wasn’t done all the way, no seasoning to the shrimp and my baked potato was too dry & burnt.

Raul Moreno

My dining experience was fair, very eye pleasing and the flavors were great. Too much pepper and breading for my liking. Service was pleasant.

Douglas E.

Mike was great, just like the food. We really enjoyed our visit. Will be coming back


The wait was longer than the stated time of 10 minutes; about 20. No plates were available for the rolls - which were yummy.. the best part of my meal. My vegetable plate was horrible. The red beans and rice was terribly salty the "instant tasting" rice was yucky ?. The broccoli cheese casserole was definitely not from "scratch" it was ok, at best. - instant rice topped with broccoli and then smothered with a runny "cheese" sauce. Way overpriced for NOT from scratch dishes!

Ricky M.

This place is definitely a place of acquired taste, staff was friendly the place seems clean. Over all three star because the food was not what I expected it to taste like. Unfortunately I did not enjoy my meal.

Daniel Steed

Cheddars is easily accessible from I-40 and centrally located to shopping and entertainment venues in the Yukon OK area. The facility appears to be well maintained both outside and inside.The interior was clean and inviting. We chose to sit at the bar and were greeted very warmly by the staff. Hot, fresh croissants were served immediately, drizzled with honey butter. Our drinks came right away. The Pain Killer drink was amazing both in presentation and taste.Our entree of cheddar bites was brought out in just minutes and they were delicious! The Monte Cristo dish is a unique combination of both sweet and rich savory flavors. The chicken strip basket was fantastic and the chicken very tender.Lots of amazing food selection!High compliments to Trey who was working the bar and our server. He did a wonderful job working under pressure and had superb customer service. Highly recommending this restaurant and will definitely visit again.

Janet Gieseke

We had a wonderful experience at Cheddars!! We were seated immediately, our waiter was kind, efficient, thoughtful, quick and kept my husband's diet coke filled...I wish I had gotten his name!!! Then we could ask for his section next time we go in.I gracefully dumped water on myself when he first walked up to take our drink order...he immediately brought me a handful of napkins and we laughed at my clumsiness.Our food was cooked just as we ask for it, it came in a timely manner, the presentation was nice and the price was good!Having an attentive waiter was the icing on the cake!! We will be back!!

Kadence M.

food took two hours to get out, they put the wrong size steak on the grill, said that they were going to give me that steak as well but did not they were not under staffed and they were not how many people so there was no logical explanation for why the food took so long.

Rich R.

First time going to Cheddar's and frankly I wasn't expecting much. It's just not my usual type of place, but I have to say I couldn't have been more surprisingly pleased with our first time there. First off, I was impressed with the prices. With all the crazy prices in this post-covid apocalypse we are supposed to accept as normal, Cheddar's is the first restaurant Ive been to that seems to have reasonable prices. Several meals on the menu under $10, and another group of entrees between $10-$17. The prices seemed very fair, many in both categories that I wouldn't hesitate to get. I hadn't ordered a steak at a restaurant in forever but decided on the 6oz sirloin with coconut shrimp with real mashed potatoes and sweet corn. It was delicious. $16.99. Kate had the buffalo chicken rolls for like $10 and she liked them. She did mention they could use a bit more "buffalo" but they were good nonetheless. If it were up to me they could keep the stupid ranch and gimme some blue cheese and I'd be happier, but that's just me. Our server, Heather was spectacular. She was quick, pleasant, and on her game. The dinning area was clean and quiet and somewhere we both agreed that we will be coming back to. Food- 4/5 Service- 5/5 Price- 4/5

Deva Eloquentdeva

I would’ve given them a five star if the wait wasn’t so long for the food. Khristiana was our server and she was fabulous. Everything tasted great so it was worth the wait.

Odeva Eloquentdeva

I would’ve given them a five star if the wait wasn’t so long for the food. Khristiana was our server and she was fabulous. Everything tasted great so it was worth the wait.

Ashley V.

Always enjoy my meals at cheddars! This location is nice and spacious, seems good for large groups. I LOVE the texas painkiller (for those who drink, highly recommend! ). Favorite appetizer is the chips and queso, the Wisconsin cheese bites and the croissants. For meals I highly recommend the chicken tenders, chicken pot pie or monte Cristo. For a side, don't miss out on the broccoli cheese casserole

Donna H.

Just went there a few days ago with some friends ..they all had the pot pie and gave it rave reviews. I had the chicken fried steak and the steak was good but was disappointed in the mashed potatoes and gravy and vegetable, it was like almost cold to luke warm. Gravy not good. Service was good, but as we finished and was visiting for a few minutes .. it seemed like they were wanting us to leave. They were not busy and no one was waiting to be seated.

Cliff Burt

Amazing service and great bite for lunch. Everything came out fresh and hot and the server was great. She got my name and used it the entire visit and was truelly a pleasure. I'd go here again just because she was that good and the food hit the spot!

Tom Lewis

The first time we went I was very disappointed because my steak was not made right, and I had to cancel my order. But my wife loved everything she ordered. Our second visit was fantastic. Food was great. Our server, Echo, was the best, very friendly. Highly recommended. Can't wait to return

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