Miller donut

1123 S Ranchwood Blvd, Yukon
(405) 265-3880

Recent Reviews

niyaf alkadhem

Our every morning 1st stop

M Sierra

Our go to donut place in Yukon! Always great!

Lana Zein

Best chocolate eclair !! The sausage rolls are amazing!! Friendly staff !!

Ellen Chambers

Love them! They have super hero donuts and all kinds of characters.

Tonya Muzzy

I'm a bit of a donut connoisseur. I have tried them from Northside of OKC to Moore and beyond. Yet, none of those shops have the same quality, taste or sweet customer service ladies as they do. Sweet sisters I've known for years now. ❤️ ????

trina carrell

Love there donuts and there sausage rolls, so polite friendly and great foods

Andrew Barnett

Love there doughnuts

Mike Icke

Love this place, their blueberry cake donuts are possibly the best I've ever had, and don't even get me started on their croissant breakfast sandwiches.

Sarah Gaither

Our doughnut shop for now on!!

Stephanie Felts

Our family LOVES Miller Donuts. They make character donuts as well as sausage rolls, croissants, and burritos.The food is good every time.

Shawna Vann Traylor

Better than Dunkin' Donuts service or any of the other donut shops' quality....great prices


Best donuts

Carl Woodrow

Great variety of doughnuts and a few breakfast sandwiches. Also smiling faces to greet you.

Vanessa Chavez

The customer service was great the donuts are very good. Place is nice and clean.


The ladies inside were extremely helpful and polite. It was our first time being in this type of donut shop. They custom filled them with either fruit filling or cream filling. Which was a very nice service. However the donuts were good kind of greasy.

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