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Nykki Nyce

I finally found a delicious meal prepped company here in OKC! Super friendly on the phone and in person. Very easy to order meals online and affordable.

Amy Jewel Heinken

I usually always come here at least once a week. I love the food. I always go in the morning but today I was there and nobody was in the front and I said loudly “hello” 3 times! I was there 5 minutes. Not long but it is when you’re trying to get to work. Maybe they need a bell for the front. I will still come there because they’re great and that’s the only issue I’ve had.

Mike Willow

Prep'd is awesome. The employees are awesome. Christin Williams is THAT extra, giving the entire company a 1 star over ONE PERSON possibly not driving to her standards. Sad lady, but sexualizing women is ok? Reviewing companies isn't a real job, Christin Williams. I wonder how much tax payer dollars you used during COVID because you "couldn't find work." Go for a run, slob.

Christopher Daniel Hall

First time trying this place but the reviews and people that have tried it, loved their meals. So giving it a go. I enjoy helping small businesses and the owner/faculty are VERY nice! Will absolutely be coming back!

Mike Icke

Absolutely love Prep'd, we have done walk in orders and order over the internet. This just makes eating healthy for the week so much easier. No more meal prepping, no more spending all day Sunday in the kitchen cooking. And the pricing is not bad either.

Tiffany B.

A little confused on what is going on with your store these past few months. Came in a few weeks ago and your refrigerators were empty. You had maybe 2 of 6 meals total from your website in one single refrigerator. Out of the 64 items on your website this just should not even be acceptable. Today I pulled into the parking lot and your staff was sitting in the side room with their feet propped up on the table conversating. After I got out of my car and went into the store it was last months issue all over again. Maybe 6-7 items in the refrigerators. When I asked about Keto meals (you have 10 on your website) the associate informed me that you do not put Keto meals in the fridge but that I can remove the rice from the meals and that makes it Keto. So, she basically told me to buy the whole meal and pay for the whole meal but remove some food and I should be good. I guess now I just ask what is going on with your store? Are you lacking in food items? You are definitely lacking in customer service. After years of going here and being satisfied I will now look for somewhere else farther away with the items actually listed on their menu and better customer service.

Jayme Preston

Goodness Prep’d is a lifesaver for me while traveling for work! No more guilt and side effects of unhealthy options on the run. When I’m home it cuts out the “ I don’t know, what do you want for dinner” nonsense! Haha even my granddaughter eats them!I love the salmon/rice/broccoli and the breakfast hash and you can’t go wrong with the protein pancakes but super filling! I typically order 5-7 meals a week for me and there is more than enough food even in the small portions!Jason has exceptional customer service and an obvious passion for helping his customers in their goals and lifestyles! I had a couple of hiccups in the order processing but he was quick to fix it and make things right. He even delivered meals as I was heading out of town.Prep’d will be a staple in my Arsenal from here on out!

Jayme Preston

Goodness Prep’d is a lifesaver for me while traveling for work! No more guilt and side effects of unhealthy options on the run. When I’m home it cuts out the “ I don’t know, what do you want for dinner” nonsense! Haha even my granddaughter eats them!

Jani C

I walked into the store to look and purchased a meal to try it out. I bought the Asian Lean Pork, Slaw and Jasmine rice. It was well seasoned and tasted great!!

Ariel Schwarz

Greatest thing since sliced bread!! Perfect portions! Excellent flavor! Pretty sure I just found my new FAVORITE place!!!

Chris Hickman

The meals are really good ? l will be back!

Nermen Ahmed

Good please

Alex W.

I just picked up my first online order and I have to say I'm very pleased. The food tastes fresh, not some frozen microwaveable meal for the super market or something. The meal packages show the amount of protein, carbs, fat and Calories that you are consuming making it very easy to track your intake. I will be returning for many more meals.

Melanie Harding

Someone at my office also works out at the same gym & we have the same trainer. He told me this week that he has prepped meals delivered to his house.After church today i drove to Yukon (I live in nw Okc) to check it out for myself. I got 5 meals for $47.00. I really like seafood so I got one of the Salmon meals.I just had the salmon for dinner. I am a big foodie and I can say that is one of the top 3 best salmon dinners I have ever had.This is such a wonderful place and such a great opportunity for those of us who want healthy meals but have a very full schedule.I cannot say enough great things about this business and the people who imagined it and then created it to become a reality for all of us.God Bless all if you. Thank you.Melanie

Crystal Kahles

so far so good! we picked up 10 meals yesterday for this week. our first meals were delicious! we were impressed and honestly surprised lol. as long as our other meals do not disappoint, we will keep buying from here! love the convenience of the store.

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