Tao Cha

1600 Garth Brooks Blvd Ste 135, Yukon
(405) 494-7005

Recent Reviews

Gabi Cole

So good. Boba are always fresh and tea is very flavorful! Can’t wait to try the food.

Amber McMahan

My daughter's favorite place to spend her allowance on some Boba treats for herself and her friends. Delicious drinks, quick and friendly service.

Andria Bryson

One of the best! We have been searching for a place like this! Everything was very delicious!

Leigh Anne Saldaña

My daughter and I gave this place a shot tonight and we are so happy we did! Best Chinese food I’ve had in years!

Susan Brown

They are quick and delicious. One of my favorite Boba shops!

Tony R.

This place is GREAT. First foremost, the staff here is awesome. They are always so nice, patient and pleasant. The bubble teas are right on point and flavors are consistent no matter who makes it. The space is pretty big and will be great for hanging with friends or studying once things fully open back up.

eri n

First time having it today. Did an online pickup order. We had the pineapple Boba green tea, coconut milk black tea with coffee jelly, and the twist with salted cream, all iced, for our drinks. Then for food we had shrimp lo mein, fried pork dumplings, general tso chicken, and chicken nuggets. All so delicious! Couldn't pick a favorite. Can't go wrong based on your personal tastes! Will be back soon. Service was lovely as well.

Summer Simeroth

LOVE LOVE LOVE TAO CHA!! The portions you get are amazing for the price, the boba tea is always yummy no matter what you try, and the staff is lovely. I will continue supporting Tao Cha as long as I live in Yukon. My personal favorite are the flat noodles - so good!

Faith Daniel

Love this place! Always good hot food and the dumplings are fantastic!

Jackie Bell

This place is SO GOOD. I always get their boba tea (peach tea with boba is amazing). Their food is also delicious, and they always give a pretty big serving.


Food was great. I really feel like they understand Thai Cuisine well.

Jennifer Mathis

Unique interpretation of Sechuan food. Ma Po Tofu was a soupy delicately flavored brown gravy with peas and carrots. The Kung Pao shrimp was a sweet syrup mix of breaded deep fried shrimp with peanuts, zucchini and bell peppers. Not what I was expecting, and no actual Sechuan flavors of chili or numbing peppercorns. Food was made to order, staff is friendly. This establishment appears to mainly focus on their desert drinks.

La Tasha LaGrange

Loved their smoothies!! Will return!

Gloria Maciak

Awesome place. Great teas, food fresh and service was great.

J-EM Stone

We will be back! The chicken pho was yummy!!

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