Tokyo Moon

1600 Garth Brooks Blvd #125, Yukon
(405) 494-7111

Recent Reviews

Michele Means

Creative and delicious sushi offerings, friendly staff. Too bad they were out of our first sake choices.

Michael Enos Sr.

The inside decor was really nice and very atmospheric, not to crowded and my wife enjoyed the asian guy with the grill cooking food, but my opinion in general seemed abit much. Tables were kind of dirty with a tad bit of trash underneath table. The waiter was very polite and took our orders in a very mannered fashion and time but I barely understood the guy. Salad and soup were good, also when I ordered the Mai-Tai it was nice and strong got the job finished so I couldn't complain about that. Food was actually really good. It was just the uncleanness of the place that knocked it down to 4 stars.

penny Thomas

Steak was Tough! Could t eat it at all. Veggies were hard under cooked! Won’t be back!

David Parker

Would have given 4 stars or better but the soup my daughter and I had, had a weird/bad flavor to it. Much different than the last time we dined here.

Ultra S.

I don't normally do reviews but this place rubbed me the wrong way. Very overpriced. Food is mediocre at best. Soup is chicken broth....Really? Where is the miso soup? Service is indifferent at most, kind of dismissive and rude actually. There were about a half a dozen people eating in, and I placed a pick up order. The phone call to place the order was not pleasant. The greeting at the door was not particularly friendly, and I was handed my food and packaged out the door like a commodity. I spent 35 bucks - on myself! I even tipped, which I shouldn't have done. The sushi didn't even have wasabi between the fish and rice. These folks need to visit Los Angeles or other West Coast sushi place that is far busier and see how customers are treated. It's not like this.

Kennedy Mach

We LOVE this place, have been going for years… Sadly our first time post covid we made a reservation for 9 and went in and our reserved table was filthy. We notified staff the floor was so sticky from a spilt drink and she was confused saying no one has sat there in days… so hasn’t been cleaned in days? Food all over the floor. They came and swept and were like yeah we get it and swept it up and walked away. We sat down and the kitchen staff came out and stared and the manager walked over and looked annoyed and said nothing. When i sat at the table my arm stuck to it… also covered in a sugary mess. After having the whole staff stare but ignore us after the nasty experience we decided to leave and sadly won’t be returning. Hope others have better experiences:/

jordan shires

dry chicken, saw a hair in our food. didn't want to eat again after. the atmosphere is nice though, and the food making was cool

Victoria Isaak

Waitress wasn't very good. Food was good.


Great service. Would of been 5 stars...but today...the scallops were small and fishy.please fix this! We are regularly here and would love to give you 5 stars. Bo Lee was our chef notch!!

Mario Ortiz

4/24/21 @ 6 p.m. party of 6 (3 adults, 1 teen, 1 child, and 1 toddler) enjoyed generous partions of delicious Sushi and Hibachi. The Sushi was very appealing to the eyes and the Hibachi Chef was very talented & entertaining while cooking for us. The Waitress was very attentive and prompt in meeting our needs. The atmosphere was peaceful and enjoyable. Stop in and enjoy, you won't regret it.

CK Electric

Incredible experience and fantastic hibachi! Great sushi and sashimi, with good drinks!

Amanda Nolting

Best hibachi in town, no question. All of the food is great. Best filet I've ever had. And the staff is always professional amd friendly. Ask for Kylie.

Jonathan Yarbor

Bland. Fried rice had literally 4 peas. Sushi isn’t bad, but isn’t very flavorful. Good quality meat!

greg kubica

Great food! Enjoy eating there!


The food was good, not great. The experience just so so. They didn’t do the shrimp thing even though it says shrimp is included with the hibachi meal. The food seemed a little pricey in comparison to other Hibachi places we have been which were stellar in comparison.

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