Zah Pizzeria

355 Main St, Haileybury
(705) 672-2727

Recent Reviews

Little Miss Cupcake

AMAZING PIZZA! Perfectly cooked, great flavours, thin crust pizza. Their housemade creamy garlic dipping sauce is sooo delicious! Also highly recommend their boneless chicken bites.

Chili Head

Tasteless. Is this pizza dough made in house? Needs a lot of work as does your sauce. C'mon folks it's not rocket science. I want to support local business.


Good pizza. Ty.

Don Breault

Best pizza in Temiskaming Shores. Clean restaurant and friendly staff.

Julie Isaacs

We got a large Greek pizza and it was FABULOUS! We’re from Ottawa and we’re just visiting for the Canada long weekend. We’re used to a thick crust but this was a thin crust, nice and crisp, and if I could get the same at home, I would! Thanks for the great hospitality, Northern Ontario!

Ronie Ringuette

Really enjoy the service great place to dine


Ordered a medium pizza from Zah’s, I was on my third slice when I found a 3 inch long black hair on my slice of pizza. I have long blond dread locks, so I’m pretty sure it’s not my hair. I called Zah’s right away to let them know. I asked the girl that answered the phone if the cook had long black hair, she said yes. I proceeded to tell her I found a black hair on my pizza, she then put me on hold, I was on the phone for 8 minutes, then they hung up on me. To their credit, they did call me right back and apologized for hanging up accidentally. I explained to that person that I had eaten two pieces, and after a few bites of my third slice I found the hair on my pizza. At first they offered to reimburse me for the pizza, or make me another one. Once I explained it was my third slice, they offered to give me $5.00 off my next pizza, or I could just go get $5.00 cash back. I said that I probably would not be ordering another pizza from them. They left me feeling like they weren’t taking responsibility for my complaint. At any rate, I would not recommend eating at Zah’s Pizzeria in Haileybury Ontario. I was not impressed with how they handled my complaint, nor with finding a hair on my pizza.

Barb Brown

Went in and the music was so LOUD I felt like I was in a bar at midnight. The young male asked me a question and I said pardon me and looked at the speakers so he turned it down for me to order. I sat down to wait for my pizza and once again the music got extremely loud so I had to leave the restaurant and I stood outside to wait for my pizza. It was really pathetic that I could hear the music over top the traffic! This is very disrespectful to the customers. Todays younger generation should realize not every customer wants to listen to LOUD music!! Atmosphere creates your experience. Does not matter what I thought about the food my overall experience and being disrespected that way makes me not wanting to return to this establishment.

Brian Walker

Good pizza, nice and clean little sitting area.

Bruce Martin

I enjoyed the pizza but could of had more toppings

Jesse Snider

Great pizza, great price.

Rick W

Reasonable price, fresh ingredients, pizza oven baked, huge selection of toppings, downtown location, website for hours and delivery Clean restaurant and friendly staff.


Zah's Pisseria is a gem. The best pizzeria in Haileybury. The food is excellent. Pizza's have generous toppings and the crust is perfect. A must try if you have never stopped in.


Had the deluxe pizza. The crust was awesome, thin and chewy. Toppings were good and fresh. Their dough machine is impressive and on display through plexiglass. Definitely will be going back for more pizza. Also noticed they have a pasta bar on the weekends, looking forward to trying that too. Staff was friendly and helpful.

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