Sultan Ahmet Turkish Cuisine

5055 Plantation Pl, Mississauga
(289) 805-7003

Recent Reviews

Olga Ivanova

Amazing place, delicious food and great service. Layla was very nice and very welcoming. Definitely will be back again.

Jose Juan Saso

Layla and GRV were our servers and they were very accommodating and so friendly. Excellent customer service from all the staff from the moment we entered. Highly recommend a visit to Sultan Ahmet Turkish Cusine.

Sameer R

We got there at around 7pm on a Saturday night, and more than half the restaurant was empty. They said there would be a 30-45 min wait because of reservations, which we didn't mind. However, no customers were coming with reservations so I made a reservation online for 7:20pm and told them. We still didn't get a table under 7:35pm. They initially wanted to seat the two of us on a 6 seat table with a napkin box to divide us from another couple. We said no and waited for another 15 minutes. Ordered a dinner for 2 meal and it came at room temperature. At this point the service was so bad and we were fed up so we asked for the bill. When leaving they ask you to give a review on Google and hover around you with the QR code which explains why they have so many reviews.

S Anwaar

Thankyou so much Team Sultan Ahmet @ Lamet and Garv.We reached around 7:15 and Resturant was fully packed we thought it would take us forever to order food when kids are hungry but was happy they took great care of us… keep it upFood was really yummy❤️

Shahla Siddiqui

The waiter Gaurav was very friendly and knowledgeable. He was polite and kind. Definitely recommend the place for the food quality and choices.

Faith DS

Ordered the Kofte BBQ at the restaurant and took the Beef doner dinner home. I loved the vibe and open space, but at the same time I also loved that the restaurant was packed with people (it wasn’t lunch time, either). The quality of the food was consistent, and the portion was fair. Our server, Serhat, was likeable and had a sense of humour. Most notably, however, was the owner serving us bread and coming to our table several times, asking us how we were doing; it was a unique and pleasant surprise. It’s not every day we get to experience something like that at a restaurant. It gave this place a lot heart (and bonus points, in my book). On top of the Kofte BBQ, I ordered the Mix Meze Plate and enjoyed every taste offering.At the restaurant I was on the fence to give Sultan a full 5-stars review. I was a little underwhelmed with the flavours of the Kofte, and I was expecting a little more after reading all the rave reviews about the place. But maybe I also didn’t have the biggest appetite yesterday. As I write this review, I am eating the beef doner dinner I took to-go, and I’m just closing my eyes in euphoria. The flavours are amazing. Sultan Ahmet? Definitely deserves a repeat stop.P.S. As of this moment, the restaurant has about 11k+ reviews and the owner(s) have been dedicated to replying to most reviews with elaborate and non-generic responses, too. That’s a true testament to the amount of care they have for their customers and restaurant. Respect.

Nalan Zehra

It was my first time here and the atmosphere was amazing. I had iskender and lentil soup which were tasty. Our service was done by Serhat, he was honestly sincere and attentive. They had a place to pray as well which was a huge plus point for me.

Ronald Thomas

Weekend night it was really crowded, we had a booking even though had to wait for 20 min. The staff were really cordial, order plenty of foods and enjoyed till the end. I would highly recommend this place for middle eastern food. The complementary Birthday greetings for my son was amazing.Parking: Plenty of parkings available

Jason Lee Pack

Food was delicious. The baba ganoush is epic. The meats were juicy and cooked to perfection. Unfortunately, they don’t offer tap water and try to make you buy plastic water bottles. Not great for the environment…


The food here is very delicious. I especially love the service. They are very friendly and kind hearted. The atmosphere and decoration is really nice. My entire experience reminds me of my time in Turkey, only surprisingly this restaurant food was more delicious than what I ate in Turkey. I am very impressed, and I believe this place definitely deserves a five.

May Dagsi

We were driving in the area and looking for a place to eat. The ambience is lovely and the food was delicious. We tried the mix meze plate, a platter and one of the pide. The kunefe and cold baklava pistachio was a highlight for me. Overall we enjoyed our first time here and would certainly come back again. We were surprised to hear it's only a few months old too as the place was packed! If you are bringing a large group, recommend making a reservation. Serhat (sp?) Was our server and was friendly and attentive despite how busy they were.

S Hameed

Amazing food and experience. The interior is very nice and clean and the baklava was so fresh and delicious! The owner had met us at the end and his customer service was great! Would definitely recommend.

Iz M.

Came here to have a nice dinner with my family and was highly disappointed with the RUDE service. Half our party was seated while the other half was expected to be seated across the restaurant. Our family was rudely yelled at by the manager (Yosef) for asking if we could be seated together. This restaurant needs to be taught a lesson on customer service. NEVER EAT HERE.

Mona Ayyoub

Food was delicious, great quality price was good too. One of the servers sham was great. He was attentive and quick to respond. The chef came out of the kitchen and greeted us as well. Really friendly.


Our waitress Ecem had great recommendations and we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch. Probably the best Turkish restaurant I’ve been to in Mississauga with fresh breads and wonderful desserts. Highly recommend coming in for the coffee and baklava if you aren’t feeling a kebab.

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