The Mill Steakhouse and Wine Bar

83 Huron St, Sault Ste. Marie
(705) 942-3051

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We came over from the US with a reservation and it was not worth it. Totally understaffed, bar was inadequate , no bar tender, just 2 servers! No busing staff, as tables emptied they were left dirty the entire time we were there. Extended wait time for when we were seated to ordering drinks and appetizers. Then we wanted Prime Rib and it was six o’clock so the server said she’d need to check and see if we could get medium rare but we had to keep reminding her before we placed our order. Food quality was substandard; over done and overpriced. We felt bad for our server because she was so overworked, trying to be bar tender, buser and sever. Overall experience was so horrible we would not recommend this restaurant to anyone and we will not be returning! When you spend over $500 for dinner you expect more!


Absolutely amazing food! The quality of the lamb is superb and cooked to perfection! My wife ordered a filet, she also sent compliments to the chef. She said it was the best steak she has ever tasted. Our server was great, believe her name was Kristy. We will for sure return for this amazing experience again! Thanks to the Mill Staff for our great date night!

frida wawuda

Had dinner with my friend and step-daughter. The atmosphere is good and the staff were friendly and pleasant. The young woman who served us was friendly and jovial. The food was excellent, with the only complaint was the steaks were a little saltier than we like--and we do like salty. Portions are large. If you're hungry you won't be disappointed. Our only complaint is, if you're going to be paying what you pay for a steak, it should be grass-fed, grass-finished, not corn fed!

Brandy Beecroft

Went to The Mill for the first time to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. The wine was great, and our server was very friendly.We both ordered the prime rib, Medium, and unfortunately they both came out WELL DONE! It looked just like the image on the table that they give to you in a booklet to show what the different wellnesses of meat look like. One of our pieces was the end piece of the roast.We sent our meals back asking for them to be cooked to how we ordered and apparently the kitchen staff failed to mention to our server that they were at the end of the Prime Rib roast.This obviously shows the disconnect between kitchen and servers because this should have been brought up when our order was placed.The manager, Horatio, said don’t worry, I will take the meal off your bill. Well, yes, obviously we aren’t going to pay for it. He said the chef pulled this same stunt a couple of weeks ago. He said tonight he will write the chef up for it. Well if the name of this restaurant has STEAKHOUSE in it why does the cook keep getting a pass when he can’t cook steak properly? I just read the other reviews and see more than a few people have shared similar experiences with how their steak was not cooked correctly.By this time it was getting late so we paid for our wine and went home to share the last two slices of 4 day old Aurora’s pizza together. It was sooooo good! Glad we ended our night on a tasty note.


Six adults in my family went to this restaurant for a special ocassion dinner prior to a social event. We made reservations specifically asking them if we would have enough time to dine and get to the event which was immediately adjacent to their location, was 2.5 hours enough time for dinner? Yes they said. It wasn't. We spent over $500 and had to take six expensive dinners "to go" in boxes because they couldnt get the food to us fast enough. This "top rated" "fine dining" establishment had no bar tender and no bussing staff. Dirty tables sat untouched for more than an hour because there was no bussing staff and serving staff couldn't get to them. Our server was pleasant, skilled and doing her best given the circumstances. We had unreasonably extensive waits between beverages and our meal as server time was spent making drinks for multiple large tables. A bartender would have made our experience much better and we probably would have had purchased additional drinks, appetizers and dessert if there had been time. Our server should have been able to focus on serving customers. Shame on the owner/management of this restaurant for understaffing on a busy evening, and generating an unfavorable atmosphere for customers expecting a good experience. This is not a restaurant I would return to nor recommend to others.


The portions were good and the selection varied. Taste was really nice. Unfortunately, as we did not have reservations, we used their menu in the adjacent location. Prices were like other restaurants. Not out of line.


The food was so amazing. We had the salmon and the steak was fabulous and lots of food with salad and corn bread. Our waiter was a joy. He was very friendly and helpful.

Tina Yu

We had dinner here after train tour. Dishes are good. The 16oz tenderloin I have to share with my son to finish up.


Restaurant is housed in part of the old paper mill. We were squeezed in as a reservation was a no-show. Food was super fresh and delicious. Service was excellent. A bit pricey for 3 of us at $150, but that included drinks, appetizers, entrées, and dessert. Will visit again the next time we’re in the area!


The Mill Steakhouse and Wine Bar should be a must stop spot to eat when in Sault Ste Marie! From the moment we entered the restaurant until we left the service was exceptional. The ambiance was perfect! Our meals were excellent! My husband ordered the prime rib with a Caesar salad and I had the Chicken Florentine with a house salad. Salads and corn bread were very tasty and the portions were very large. Loved the dressing on the house salad. When my husband’s Prime Rib came it was topped with Yorkshire pudding that made it look like a mountain of food. The prime rib was cooked to perfection! The Chicken Florentine was delicious. We both chose the garlic cheese mashed potatoes. Excellent! The veggies…excellent! Presentation was a 10/10! Nothing to complain about only loads to rave about! Thank you April for the excellent service tonight. It made celebrating our anniversary extra special. A special thank you to Horacio, an amazing host, who went out of his way to make our dining experience at the Mill perfect. The pumpkin maple crème brûlée for dessert was a great finishing touch! So delicious! Thank you! Highly recommend you dine at The Mill. Reservations are a good idea as it was very busy although any overflow can be seated at their restaurant next door.

Cher Trueman

We came in 20 mins to closing and asked what time they closed . Horacio said shortly but come on in and not to worry he would take care of us. His service was impeccable! He was very attentive and conversational even tho it was closing time . The food was the best we have had in years. My spouses steak was cooked perfectly and portions were generous . Best steak ever!! We are from out of town but hope to find another location in our travels .

laurie harris

So we went out to dinner Friday at the mill steakhouse.. took my daughter there for her first time while she was in town... the waiter/door greeter was not welcoming or attentive.. he took a terribly long time to tend to our table and when he would come it was brief and he would leave dirty dishes at the table when we put them to the side for him to take.. he never asked about new drinks or how things were it took like 20 minutes or more for him to take our entree order after finishing our apps.. however he did pay better attention to the other patrons and shared some laughs..a few examples of the poor service.,, the food... not good... salad had slimy pieces like you get in a bag or box of mix from the grocery store like it wasn't checked not washed.. and steak was grey, wet and raw.., he took it back to bring it back black and burnt! You call yourself a steakhouse? Embarrassing..The cornbread I did like!The atmosphere was horrible as well... the women across from our table continued to stare and whisper at us our entire time there and the gentlemen right beside me wouldn't stop coughing snorting n clearing his throat which was incredible disgusting! I will never recommend nor step foot back at this restaurant! We are completely disappointed and frustrated with the entire situation!GO TO ARTUROS INSTEAD!!!

Darci Dixon

Absolutely delicious the waitress was so sweet and knew exactly what celiac disease was and what I could and could not have. The cooks were amazing when it came to my order they knew to wash their hands in between make sure there was no cross contamination and even when they accidentally messed up my order and contaminated it they didn’t even let it out of the kitchen they remade completely and made a gluten free cake because they felt horrible about it. Will definitely be back again.

Millie Reyes

I order the brie with maple syrup and walnut, they gave us stale bread. The barley soup looks like vomit and taste like burnt beef. I did not eat it at all. The server did not do anything at all about the stale bread. Very poor service. I will not recommend this restaurant. With their price you could find better restaurants in the area.

Enduro Skills

Great atmosphere, delicious food with great presentation and the servers are well trained and highly knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend for anyone visiting the area.

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