David's Brawny Burger

2175 S 6th St, Klamath Falls
(541) 884-8300

Recent Reviews

Xandra Harmon

Came and got a hot dog and it was delish! My man got the patty melt and he was quite happy himself. It’d been a while since we came back because last time our burgers were cold but we were much more pleased this time.

Debra Beasley

There's just something about an authentic American burger Cafe. The toasted bun, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, crispy sweet pickles and perfectly seared burgers and crunchy bacon = total deliciousness ?Food: 5/5

Tj Beyer

I'm from out of town - never been here before, but it was delicious comfort food served up with relative speed and friendliness. Sad that I can't come here more often, but will definitely come by when I'm in the area.Food: 5/5

Matthew Gauthier

moved from hillsboro in August and have been looking for a hometown, locally owned joint. I came across the Brawny Burger and said yep, gotta try it. bacon double cheeseburgers, fries and drinks. owner was amaxing.. so friendly and genuine. very clean restaurant to boot. order took about 10 mins abd I must say: perfection. simple done right. all condiments were fresh, fries are crispy outside and soft inside with just the perfect amount if salt. now, add fry sauce and thisntajes you back to when you grew up with honest good food. the burgers are huge and absolutely delicious. I have not tried a shake yet, next trip. I have found my hometown burger and I am one happy local!

Jim Melvin

Dave's isn't a fancy eating establishment but the staff were great and the food was excellent. We don't eat out very often and stopped by for lunch on an impulse. I had a pulled pork sandwich and my wife had the brawny burger. If you go there bring your appetite because the portions are generous. Everything was delicious.Food: 5/5

Theresa S.

If you want a burger joint that serves the best hamburgers than go here. They were great! There was a nice variety of menu items. The deep fried mushrooms were yummy. They appear to be very popular. Now the inside of the cafe could use a lot of upgrading and the ceiling obviously had water damage and a bucket on the floor to catch any water dripping. No signs out warning of slipping on their potential wet floor. Tables were dirty and floors needed swept and mopped. Makes me wonder what kind of condition the kitchen is in. Yikes. I may go back one more time but it doubtful.

Virginia Hughes

What happened? Are you different ownership? I called in and order like usual, it has been a while however I found out your fries are not the same I asked you if it was a large you told me yes in the brawny burger special. Different fries very little fries I should say. And the hamburger tastes different so I don't know what's going on there?

Jean Dan

Their corned beef is so good I’ve never tried their burgers. They make their own corned beef! So the only decision for me is the corned beef sandwich or the Reuben. My fiancé loves their beef dip.

Trisha Clark

Lunch was great! Restraunt was very clean. Dominique was our server and he was very pleasant.Food: 5/5

dan bluhm

Have loved this place for 28 years,from the moment my wife took me to it to share in her favorite burger place since the mid 1980s!????

Anita Brown

Have loved it here since it was Arctic Circle. The people of David's Brawny Burger know a good thing when they have it. Delicious food, excellent shakes and fry sauce I eat in my dreams! Love them and every time I return to Klamath to visit, I stop by there!

jason walence

Burger is OK. Not bad but kind of just, a burger. I had the bacon double cheese burger, it isnt a bad flavor there just isnt mich body to the burger patty itself. The crinkle cut fries are very good, the shakes are very good too. Overall it is still one of the top 5 burger spots in Klamath.

Gloria P.

Great burger. Fast and friendly service. Was pretty busy when I visited around 1pm on a Friday.

Brad L.

Every thing I have tried here is good. Generous purporting od fries better than burger joint menu. Great shakes great staff. BUT if your like me and like a good Ruben this is the BEST. When I go to new places I use the Ruben to set the bar and no one has ever surpassed David's. Lots of corned beef great bread cooked to order. Believe the fat man it is GOOD

Jenny P.

Pulled pork was delicious!!. I can't have bread so they accommodated me by putting the pulled pork on top of french fries and put some shredded cheese on top and let me tell you it was absolutely delicious and I will be back

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