Peet's Coffee

345 1st St Suite #111, Lake Oswego
(971) 236-9140

Recent Reviews

Julia Montoya

Great little coffee shop that has a big selection of different drinks both coffees and not coffees. Lots of seating inside and the staff is super nice and accommodating.

Stan Blake

Love the coffee. I wish there were locations in Seattle area.Food: 5/5

OregonNative SecretShopper

I love Peets Coffee for there chai.Wish I had one located closer to mePeople who work there were nice & helpful. It was clean.My first time there but would return

Isabell Zhu

They closed earlier than hours listed on my Tue 9/14/2022 trip. I arrived at 5:52pm hoping to get a quick treat then head out but the doors were fully shut. knocked on the door as there were still 2 employees inside but the employees didn't even bother to respond or look or gesture. Come on, honor your own opening time and stay open till 6! The other bakery around the corner honors their opening time and closes at 6, not earlier!

Todd Duncan

Just had Peet's Brown Sugar Iced latte but with real milk and not milk squeezed out of an oat flake. It was delicious!

Craig Mathew

Just not a fan of this coffee. Probably due to it not being bold enough for my tastes.

Sean B.

Peets left Starbucks in the dust with their premiere Coffee quality. Peets serves dark and medium roast coffee and sometimes coffee mixed different origin.

Chip Larouche

Great coffee and a nice place to meet.

Geoff Madeiros

The staff is so friendly. They remembered my name on the second visit.


Favorite place to stop on our walks with our lab. Quick and friendly service. Coffee is always a hit!

A P.

Incredibly friendly service and patience while asking questions about the menu. The place was clean and good food. I usually get people who clearly don't want to be at their jobs so to be welcomed and greeted by two folks within seconds of walking in is a pleasant surprise. A lot of folks can learn from the people here about customer service.

Osmedy Vazquez Moreno

Positive: excellent "Havana Cappuccino" -(the name remind me my home town).Negative: a last minute email from the administration made the store close immediately around 3:00 pm (hours of operation on google: 5:30 am - 6:00 pm), they never mentioned that in advance. For me, not respecting the hours of operation is proportional to not considering the customer.

Taylor Baker

Good coffee, atmosphere, and service.

Meaghan L.

I have tried to embraced this coffee and location. It has a prime location and I know very loyal peets customers. For me, the coffee is always off the mark. Yesterday, I had the driest piece of gingerbread pastry. Choking it down with the bitter coffee was a tad gross and both ended in trash. This may have been the tipping point but remain optimistic. Folks, thank do stay clear of the bread. A good thing it is seasonal!


When I can’t get my good beans from Bend, I have to come here to get decaf because nobody else has organic Swiss water process nearby. They only have one type that is organic decaf -mocha Java. The beans are always burned and broken or pest ridden? I dread my morning cup. Decaf doesn’t have to be terrible. Please don’t burn the cheap beans just to create flavor. It’s not a good flavor. First time I came in the girl was so sweet, I think her name is Emily. After that it’s hit or miss. Half the time they don’t know what I want after I explain and the other half the time they tell me they can’t do less than a pound of beans even though I’ve gotten as little as 4 ounces in the past. They always forget to ask me if I’d like a free cup of coffee with my purchase. I ask myself and let them know if I do. It’s a lot of work having to come here just for some beans that are awful.

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