Bell Buoy of Seaside

1800 S Roosevelt Dr, Seaside
(503) 738-2722

Recent Reviews

Julia Govan

Best fresh seafood!!!! Absolutely the very best smoked oysters & pickled herring I have ever had!! Fresh food, friendly professional staff, and just a short drive from Portland. They do ship as well.

Kay S.

We went on a fish & chips expedition during a recent stay in Seaside, trying several options in the town. We tried Bell Buoy based on the good reviews on Yelp. We tried the 3 piece fish & chips and ordered to-go. The fish was very good. The breading could have been a little better, it was a little wet and goopy - not crispy goodness. The freshness of the fish was definitely a winner here as we pulled some of the worst part of the breading off. Tartar sauce was really yummy! Fries also needed more time in the fryer. A little under-cooked. We will definitely be trying this place next time we visit Seaside.

Brittney G.

Crabtastic! The food, rice, and service are all top notch here. While visiting Oregon my dad had one goal, eating whole dungeness crab. Bells Buoy had a dinner with one while many other local places were charging well over $50! The restaurant is right next to their seafood market so it's good for lunch of grabbing fresh seafood fo dinner. My dad got the whole crab dinner and my husband and I got the captain platter andsmall crab cocktail. The crab was cooked perfectly and the cheesy bread that came with is was ooey gooey cheesy heaven! The captains platter gave us a taste our first taste of razor clam which was juicy and good, but I prefer fish or shrimp. Everything in the combo was crispy and fresh. It had razor clam, salmon, Cod, and shrimp with fries and Cole slaw. The crab cocktail was a bowl of fresh sweet crab meat and it definitely hit the spot! I would definitely recommend this restaurant. Rating from F to A+++ I give it an A+++ for a low key, delicious meal for a reasonable price.

Sarah Frances Schrader

We had wonderful service from two nice ladies. We purchased some crab, shrimp, cod, and some Clam Juice to take home to make a Seafood Chowder. The seafood from Buoy was so fresh and delicious- the chowder we made turned out amazing!

Shirley I.

Always fresh, always delicious, the razor clams were absolutely delicious. The selection and quick menu are perfect for a seafood market.

Paul C.

Cute little crab shack with beautiful seating on a stream in the heart of Seaside. They didn't have clam chowder, but the salmon chowder was good. It should've been a bit hotter, but we were hungry and didn't complain. Very close to the cove if you're going surfing!!

Kristy M.

What an awesome little spot this is. We sat outside overlooking the River and enjoyed the smoked salmon chowder, halibut & chips, crab cakes, and oyster shooters and took home leftovers, too. Super friendly helpful service, too! We will definitely go back.

Steve M.

Halibut was some of the best I've ever had. We've had other favorite fish and chips places along the coast but this is our new "must" stop.

Suzi M.

BEST FISH & CHIPS IN SEASIDE! The small restaurant "Buoy's Best Fish house" cooks up the best seafood in town. The fish is SO fresh! Everything from the homemade coleslaw to their tarter sauce is delicious. And a couple of the nicest guys you'll meet running things! Thanks Suzi

Ashley O'Hara

Fresh seafood from the market next door, excellent. Would be wary of ordering takeout. Fries and fried fish don’t hold up, became soggy quickly. Their online platform for takeout orders is not correct. They do not do grilled fish, only fried (we were just given fried - no one asked). Also, 2 of our meals were not even made. Didn’t realize until after we got home, and they closed. Apparently they are short-staffed with a new owner. Would recommend eating in for the freshest meal.

Stu Poston

Terrific fresh seafood and a fine fish 'n' chip shop with outdoor deck seating and picnic tables overlooking the lazy river flowing across the west side of the store. A long standing, local favorite and with good reason!

M D.

Convenient place to order delicious food while on the go. We ordered through their online system twice, and the food was hot and made fresh. Cod fish & chips are adequately seasoned, crunchy breading complements the flaky fish. The coleslaw had a nuanced sweetness, thanks to pineapple bits. The salmon chowder was a great addition to our meal. Will definitely mark this place as a favorite when we visit Seaside again.

Marjorie P

The crab cakes were large and filled with crab. I would order them again. The battered cod was fresh and delicious. They only offer smoked salmon chowder and it was cold and the coleslaw did not taste fresh. Due to Covid restrictions we had to sit outside. Luckily we had beach towels we could sit on since the seats were wet. Countertop had bird poop. I doubt I would go back.

Meghan J.

We wanted to make sure we got some good seafood on the way home from the camping. Ordered a oyster basket, chicken strips & 2 crab cocktails to-go (oh and 4 bottles of water) Sign at the register stated there would be an automatic 15% gratuity to orders over $50. This is ridiculous...My total was $67 and the cashier informed each of the 15% would be added as well. Our crab cocktails were sitting in a refrigerator ready to go which was the majority of our ticket. I let her know, I'm sorry but I don't agree with an automatic gratuity on a small to go order. Was told other restaurants do it for tables of 6 or more, and that was management's rules. That it takes a lot of prep work to get things ready in the morning. Sorry...not actually how tipping works. I did tip $5 and she was irritated and told me 15% would have only been $8 and walked away. Here's the kicker...I've grown up in the restaurant business and spent many years working in them. I'm a great tipper. If I had not been ordered to leave a tip...they would of gotten a larger tip than 15%. To top it off the food was ehh. The oysters were tiny and had no flavor in the breading. French fries were soggy, same for the chicken strip basket. My family did not eat either. Crab cocktails were great though. We will not be going back.

Arden Hill

Light crispy batter on fresh halibut fried to perfection. Excellent. Also had the chowder which was very good, lots of clams, a bit of bacon flavor with the right Amy of potatoes. It gets its fresh fish from the mother seafood market next door.

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