Winston's Jamaican Restaurant

619 N 7th St, Allentown
(484) 221-9682

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Christina johnson

There was a woman and a guy there in the front and they were very hospitable. The food was excellent so needless to say, I was impressed.

J C Jr

This place is about the food only!! They aren't the friendliest, but they are busy as all get out and I could care less. Their food is very good and fairly priced for the proportions. I've ordered twice from there and will probably order twice again, this time weekly ?Food: 5/5

Ko Mo

It was so good I forgot to take a picture. I got the large curry goat plate and my wife got the stew chicken. I also ordered the beef patties and a slice of pumpkin pie that was really good. Next time I’m back in the area I’ll be ordering again.

Chae D

The chicken was supposed to be stew chicken, but it was burnt and had a rubbery texture. I didn't finish it. They could be better at their food. I hope this was just a one off day!Food: 1/5

Meryland Cuevas

My first time here and we really enjoyed the food. We had oxtail with rice/ peas, sweet plantains and cabbage. It was delicious. The portion was very generous too. From one plate we shared and there was still leftovers to take home.Food: 5/5

Lou Yurasits

Wow! Delicious food in large quantity! I ordered the chicken curry with rice/peas (beans), fried plantains, and mixed vegetables (cooked cabbage, carrots, peas, potatoes). The chicken was fall-off-the-bone soft, the curry was pungent and just spicy-hot enough - it complemented the other spices but did not overpower them - perfectly balanced! Addictive flavor! This meal went well with a cold beer. I am a very good eater, but was only halfway through the heaping portion before I got full. Will save the other half for tomorrow. I can't wait to order again and try another one of their offerings! I highly recommend trying Winston's!

Kevin McQuay

Food is usually very tasty and affordable, only one bad experience that doesn't contribute them on my delivery but grub hub delivered to the wrong address and left the Food outside in cold weather. Delivery service could be more responsible because customers will avoid a good restaurant based on the inconvenience of them utilizing poor judgment on the delivery service.

Dionicia Mitchell

Great service and very busy area one of the best place for Caribbean food. I had the jerk chicken w/ rice and peas side of plantain and steamed cabbage. Everything in my tray was so good.Food: 5/5

Tiffany Kehm

I haven't had Jamaican food in years and this did not disappoint! Ordered the curry goat and oxtail platters. So good! Will be ordering again!

Brazen Brooks

They know how to make oxtail. Idk what that other spot in Allentown be doin, taste like it’s overcooked, put in the microwave and no meat on it. But WINSTONS! It’s a tender, delicacy, and I’m happy I have an addiction to their food. Their cake ALWAYS slaps and their juice and drink selection is on point.

Nani Nkielo

The Plantains are dry and the beef Pattie’s taste like the frozen ones, overall meal didn’t taste like authentic Jamaican cuisine.

Sean L.

Escovitch snapper was amazing, highly recommended for seafood lovers. About $30 a platter, rice & peas steamed cabbage plantains and small Mac and cheese, 100% worth it!!! Support your local business, Winston's is the bomb!

Leah A.

Found a hair in my rice and when asked for a refund the owner told us that he would just take it out and continue eating while still arguing with hypothetical situations further wasting time when the situation can be fixed quick. DISGUSTING

Sofia M.

went to Winston's and ordered 3 plates each including rice and peas. Got home and one of the plates had a long curly hair in the rice. Called the establishment about the incident and at first they offered a replacement dish, but we asked for a full refund because were not going to eat this food that all came from the same batch. It is untouched. After going back and forth with who I presume to be the manager We were told that a hair in the food isn't that serious and he would've just pulled it out and kept eating it. Disgusting. Then gave us the hypothetical that " if you buy a car and one tire is popped would you return the whole car". Soooo unprofessional and not apologetic at all. After continuous arguing he finally agreed to the refund then hung up on me.

Beezo W.

Very disappointed today by the way in which I was treated by the owner of this establishment. I ordered 3 meals on site and brought the food home to eat. As soon as my daughter opened her container of rice and peas she found a long kinky black hair in it. I called the restaurant and spoke with the presumed owner. I let him know the situation and asked to be reimbursed he said he would only give me a different container of rice. I explained to this man that I didn't want to eat rice from a tray that had hair in it. He said it wasn't that serious, that I should just remove the hair and be done with it, that he's seen a lot of things inside the food and never let it bother him. He even went on to ask me if I went to the dealership and bought a car would I bring it back because the tire flattens. This has absolutely nothing to do with this hair in my daughters food. After much back and forth he resigned his negative stand and said I could bring the food back and my daughters money would be returned. He was cordial and apologized when I arrived. However, his attitude from the onset was uncalled for and very unprofessional. It's very serious when someone finds hair in their food! No one wants to eat hair nor find it in their food. And to be told that it's not serious just remove it is quite disgusting and disturbing. I do not recommend this place to anyone. And their food always needs seasoning. It's not even subpar.

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Winston's Jamaican Restaurant

619 N 7th St, Allentown, PA 18102
(484) 221-9682