El Cubano Restaurant

33 Ranck Ave, Lancaster
(717) 945-5641

Recent Reviews

Maria Schwarz

My roomie and I just got delivery from here for the first time and I was very happy! Everything tasted great and we received so much food for the money! The mushroom empanada was my favorite. So much flavor!

Kara Mundy

The owners were excellent! Very nice and friendly. The Cuban bread was just ok.

Tiffany Trueblood

The food and service is amazing here! And they have delicious vegan options, including one of their desserts!

G R.

I stop today to have breakfast, and order a sandwich cubano and a tamal, and people it was delicious. Food was fresh hot made at order. The food was hot and as ordered. There is parking space and the inside of the place is casual very tropical colors with amazing Cuban photos Cuba. You can pay cash or card, I Recomended this place and will be coming back but to dine and taste the amazing dinner dishes. Another great place to eat at Lancaster, P.A. Great food EL RESTAURANTE CUBAN ....

The Lugo Family

Amazing food. Great people

Linda M.

I had a Cuban sandwich today and it was awful. I can tell you that it was nothing like a traditional Cuban Sandwich. Wrong type of bread, really greasy and way too much mustard! Always seeking out good Cuban restaurants, so when read there was one in Lancaster we were really excited since we were going to be staying there. The people that own/ work at the restaurant were really nice.However, I don't think they are Cuban. I am Cuban, so I do know about Cuban food! I would like to suggest to the owners to take a trip to Porto's in Glendale and see how a real Cuban Sandwich looks like. If that's not possible go on Netflix and watch the movie CHEF. It will show you step by step how to make a traditional Cuban Sandwich !

Courtney W.

MAN! This place is something else. I ordered the ropa vieja, yellow rice, & cassava. It's all SO good! It's garlicky, salty, comforting... all the things a good meal should be. Renee called (he was very sweet might I add) & let me know they didn't have the ropa vieja so I subbed the pork and it did not disappoint. I'm over here in a pork coma as we speak! It's tender, juicy, flavorful, really well done. I've had cassava in the past but never like this. It's like a baked potato and mashed potatoes had a baby, but the garlic sauce really adds something extra. Also, the portion size is HUGE for the price! Definitely my new go-to spot for lunch. Can't wait to try the Cuban sandwich!

William Crespo

Great Cuban sandwiches, tostones and to top it off smoothies. Perfection

Jessica Hernandez

This is one of those places that you can tell reads their reviews and improves. When I first went to this place I (when it first opened) I thought it was good. A couple of months later I went back (just last night) and can see so many changes. The salad used to be blander but now it has a great dressing. The ropa vieja with the black bean rice is my absolute favorite. The Yuca (which if you have had it, doesn't usually have a lot of flavor) is great! it has a great flavor that isn't overbearing and it isn't dry like other places I've been to. This cuban restaurant is unlike other places because it doesn't rely heavily on food coloring or other products you may see in other carribean latin cuisines, but the flavor definitely still back's it up.

Kevin Y

Great food really friendly staff love this place

AServnt4Christ7 JesusCares

The food is delicious. Very flavorful...even though it came late through grubhub

Bradley Wong

Had an awesome Cubano Sandwich and tried several amazing empanadas. Excellent service and a chill atmosphere. Will definitely be dining here again.

Daniel Gonzalez

Great food and if you want a good Cuban coffee this is the place for it.

Jan Wotring

Food is always fresh and good, friendly service, cute interior brightly colored, great place to stop midweek when you dont feel like cooking.

Forrest Black

Awesome service, excellent food. The kitchen, dining areas and bathrooms have been clean Everytime I went in.

Kiersten Sutton

Rice cooked well, meat seasoned well, overall great food. Very clean. Attentive staff.

Trudy Eby

Delicious! Great service and lots of food.

Bryan L.

Great little restaurant that serves what I am led to believe authentic Cuban food. Bright and cheerful inside, my buddy and I were greeted by a charming young woman who helped us pick out our lunch. For me it was a small Cuban sandwich which was delicious and filling for 5.50 and for my friend a pork platter with yucca, plantain, rice and beans, and a small salad. Wow! All that for 10 bucks. Buddy Bill was in a generous mood so he shared his pork, yucca, and plantains with me. What a treat. Clean, affordable, friendly, and delicious, I can't wait to take my wife to El Cuban as she loves Latin food!

Bellmanforu Sam

So my step son worked with the owners of this new venture out in the CentralMarket in Phillwy. It is a Cuban restaurant, and my wife and I went for the famous "Cubano" sandwich. It was worth it. Next time we are going for the rice and beans. I hope as business picks up that they do more decorating. I will make my recommendation after the next visit.

Eric Kazda

Fantastic customer service in both Spanish and English. Food is delicious, authentic and well priced. This is a great lunch spot if you are in a hurry or want to sit down for a meal. Outdoor seating is available.

Leeanna Krushinski

I ordered the bistec de res and i got one small piece of meat smaller then my hand and thinner than a nickel with barely any flavor. So i would say there portions are very small. I would try it again just won’t get the same thing.

alison Carzola

The food was great the service very slow.

David S.

Great restaurant. We loved loved loved the lime-aid. We got the special with salad, choice of meat, side and rice. We got the Cuban rice and yellow rice. Both were great! Shredded pork was awesome. My wife had the chicken which was also great. Nice music, friendly service, quick and a great deal. Thanks

Piper M.

Simple Boxes Hold Secrets Too As if in Cuba, a plain place. Simple interior. clean, open space with well-placed tables, clean bathrooms, pleasant colored wall, good music background...but wait for it...servers D (owner's daughters) and K are ready. Typical Cuban food...wholesome, well presented great flavors with pork and chicken with 3 types of rice and beans. The combo will be for two meals...be prepared for full potions...yummy. The pork has rich warm flavor, and the chicken has the perfect flavor. Yum the sweet fried plantains, but watch out for the wonderfully sweet coconut crisp. This is a BYO adult beverage. Ice is offered, and utensils are plastic, but work! So, get there, you will return as we have.

Paul H

nice people, good pork, rice and beans. didn't care for the yuca but the sweet plantains were great. I wish them success

monique tidwell

Seriously the food is good. The staff is friendly. A plus for me is the staff speaks English. I hope this place is around for awhile.

Kenn Shank

This place is great ! Right on Rank ave . Friendly staff , daily meal deals , and are open 8 to 8 !!

Richard M.

All the time we travel to Lancaster, PA we stop at the Lancaster market for a authentic Cuban sandwich and coffee, now we have a restaurant where we can have traditional Cuban food. The food was great, we had a plate of ropa vieja (shredded beef) with arroz con moro and yuca which was hot and well flavored and on top of all that they added yellow plantains and a side salad. Service is simple but good and very friendly.

Ameedah P

Decor is simple and bright, with a hint of Cuba. The food is tasty and prompt. The staff has a friendly family feel, without lacking professionalism. I hope this place does well. I recommend the smoothies.

Jonathan A.

In my opinion this place has good food, I ate pernil with white rice and beans. But aluminum dish or container and plastic utensils to serve your guest surprised me.

Deeznutzboi ..

Extremely underwhelming.... nice portion sizes and great service but the food lacks flavor. Instead of soul food we got soul less food. The bbq chicken was just taken out of the package and thrown in the over. I doubt it was even cleaned first. It was the most flavorless chicken I have ever consumed. However it was baked to perfection. The Mac and cheese was just plan weird. It reminded me of the aunt who can't cook but insists on bringing something to the pot luck. All in all I am disappointed and will not be returning to waste money.

Elliot L.

Today I tried La Taste "Buds", a restaurant that opened earlier this year serving Puerto Rican and American food. This location rides city limits and was previously occupied by a Soul Food restaurant. The restaurant has a small private parking lot, steeet parking is not available. Take out, dining room and catering options are all available. Service was friendly, prompt and accomodating. I ordered a ground beef and cheese empanada as well as the "Cubano" sandwich. The empanada was large and filled nicely. The beef was seasoned well and the melted cheese incorporated nicely throughout the meat. The empandas here are cooked to order so they are hot, fresh and crispy when you receive them. They do not have a countertop warmer filled with fried appetizers as many other Puerto Rican/Dominican establishments in this area often do. Frying to order is appreciated. The Cuban sandwich I ordered was customizable. Swiss cheese was not abailable as is traditional but I was happy to have provolone instead. I was also offered to have an egg added to the sandwich, which I agreed to. I noted that I had never had egg on past Cubans I've however I was informed that this practice is common in Puerto Rico. I appreciated the suggestion for two reasons. First, because the owner, Luis, is promoting culture and tradition but also because egg is delicious and added a silky creaminess to the sandwich. It was filling and satisfying. The menu advertises the sandwich as grilled, and maybe it was slightly, but I definitely prefer my Cubans pressed so it holds everything together a little better. The was a slight discrepancy at checkout with the amount due but the owner corrected the issue promptly. It's always nice having other options of places to go to for any particular cuisine because it affords the diner an opportunity to try something else. After all, each restaurant does things a little different from each other. La Taste "Buds" is worth checking out if you are in the area or if you want a new place to eat that serves Puerto Rican food. Most likely I will stick with Puerto Rican choices but I will certainly return to try something new.