Star Buffet & Grill

2232 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster
(717) 393-4866

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Zapp Rowsdower

Ive always had a good experience here, sometimes they aren't om their game but all around ive been quite happy eating here

Darren Martelli

Amazing food! Great selection...cooked wonderfully. And the staff though foreign are very well practiced in American culture and leave you alone. High booths make privacy easily attainable

Danice Gewiss

The price is great! They have Hershey's hand dipped ice cream! As a Pennsylvania resident, you know I love me some Hershey's ice cream. I also appreciate the fact that they offer a lot of seafood on their buffet. There is plenty of parking and real Asian people wait on you... no white kids in costume. Tea is still free along with water. Some Asian restaurants charge for the tea. Everything is on the buffet. No need to order off the menu, other than beverages, but you can get takeout.

Lisa Grubb

Food was fresh lots of choices priced right also

Autumn Janel

Food was great. Everyone working is really nice


Food was old and left out in the buffet. We got there at 8pm and they dont close till 10:00pm and not a single fresh food item was brought out the entire time.


Always a great place to eat. Been coming here on and off for years.

Johnnette Hill

Great place to eat smaller than usual but very kid friendly and inexpensive

Sheila Winters

I did not hate this place i've video the restaurant before.

William Crespo

The food was great, I especially liked their coconut chicken. The bathroom could use some TLC. Tha staff was very nice

Dylan T.

Forget the other reviews... I've probably been here more times than the people commenting on this place. Listen, my first time I was really creeped out. The booths are older and most of them are ripped and tattered. The lighting is dim throughout the place and that adds a weird vibe. But, let's get to the food. That's what you're here for... Here's my ratings: Sushi: 7/10 there's not a whole lot of selection, but they do their best to keep it somewhat fresh. Hot food: 8/10 there's wide variety ranging from sweet and sour chicken to broiled salmon. Steam is always coming off the food and the staff rotates fresh food throughout. Salad/Fruit bar: 10/10 fresh vegan/vegetarian selections. Deserts: 8/10 your typical "Chinese buffet" deserts. Their staff are very friendly and take great care of you while you're there. They will clear your table from dirty dishes and refill your drink without you needing to request it. Their pricing is super cheap for lunch buffet during the week! How can you beat $6.99/person for unlimited options? My encouragement is to look past the seating, the dim lighting, and atmosphere. Go and enjoy their food. That's what you're paying for. It's a buffet, not a gourmet restaurant. They will always get my business.

Debbie Loyer

This place used to be great several years ago. But now, all the booth seats need to be replaced since the vinyl is ripped. The carpets are filthy, the floor is slippery. There's a limited choice of dried out food. They don't even use the grill anymore. Our waitress told is that's because not enough people ordered grilled food. We have no idea how they are still open. Someone needs to call Robert Irvine if they want to continue to stay open. We will not be back.

Joanne Lebo

Out waitress was really kind and patient. My sister and I appreciated that we were able to eat vegan meals while my father enjoyed his favorite dishes as well.

Debbee T

We thought the place was abandoned until we started seeing other cars pull in.


Service is rude, seats r braking apart and the food isn’t that good. Is a waste of money wouldn’t eat their ever again

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