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Pizzaria Topaso Rua de Santa Marta n.º 1199, 4720-666, Portugal Pizza • $
Rua de Santa Marta n.º 1199, 4720-666, Portugal

Customers` Favorites

Pizza Rural

“(Translated by Google) Very good food and the service was very good. The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor area. The interior has a shared bathroom and several tables. The outside has a large plastic roof with lights, several tables and several game machines. There is a wide range of choices for both dessert and main course.(Original)Comida muito boa e o serviço foi muito bom. O restaurante tem parte de interior e parte exterior. A parte interior conta com casa de banho dividida do gênero e com várias mesas. Já a parte exterior conta com um grande tejadilho de plástico com luzes, bastantes mesas e tem várias máquinas de jogos. Existe uma grande possibilidade de escolhas tanto de sobremesa como de prato principal.Wheelchair accessibility: A entrada conta com uma rampa em vez de escadas.”

4.6 Superb43 Reviews
Caseiro Minho Largo Dom Gualdim Pais 32 Sushi • $$$$
Largo Dom Gualdim Pais 32

Customers` Favorites

Bolo de Bolacha Recheado Com Amendoim E Doce Caramelo

“In a very pretty setting made of stone and glass, the restaurant welcomes you with qualified and always attentive staff.Traditional but quality Portuguese cuisine”

4.4 Superb61 Reviews
Restaurante Quinta do Côvo R. do Côvo 118 Portuguese • $
R. do Côvo 118

Customers` Favorites

Entrada de Fritos

“Cheap dishes, very well prepared and excellent quantityKid-friendliness: Fried potatoes are served instead of roasted if we ask for them, the children prefer them.Parking: Shaded parking lot.”

4.5 Superb22 Reviews
Doce Delírio Rua J. Alves Leite 19 Cafe
Rua J. Alves Leite 19

“(Translated by Google) Excellent service, wide variety of cakes and bread.Great place to have a snack or breakfast, or just go eat some cream.????(Original)Excelente atendimento, grande variedade de bolos e pão.Óptimo local para lanchar ou tomar o pequeno almoço, ou apenas ir comer uma nata.????”

4.4 Superb9 Reviews
Café Nossa Senhora da Paz R. Dr. Aristides Marques Vilela 14 Cafe
R. Dr. Aristides Marques Vilela 14

4.4 Superb5 Reviews
Bom Sabor (Pastelaria Café Bar Pub Bom Sabor) N205, Rua Dr. Adolfo Vilela N23 Bar
N205, Rua Dr. Adolfo Vilela N23

“(Translated by Google) Fun...a space for smokers with excellent conditions for watching football.(Original)Diversão..espaço para fumadores com condições excelente para ver futebol.”

4.3 Superb9 Reviews
Deep Café Largo Dom Gualdim Pais 25 Cafe
Largo Dom Gualdim Pais 25

“(Translated by Google) Bread always warm, every 15 minutes. Good atmosphere, clean and friendly and welcoming service. In winter they have fantastic hot chocolate and in summer fresh juice. Sweets are the specialty of the house. The bakery is 10 km from my house, even so, that's where we go to get our bread. Top!(Original)Pão sempre quentinho, a cada 15 minutos. Ambiente bom, limpo e atendimento simpático e acolhedor. No inverno tem um chocolate quente fantástico e no verão o sumo fresquinho. Os doces são a especialidade da casa. A padaria está a 10 km da minha casa, ainda assim, é lá que vamos buscar nosso pãozinho. Top!”

4.2 Good28 Reviews
Live Club Avenida entre o Cávado e o Homem, 1664 Bar
Avenida entre o Cávado e o Homem, 1664

“Liked the atmosphere and the music played inside the club. It's amazing to see all the people dancing salsa, Bachata and kizomba, the music is great for that. They have very few options available for snacks, despite the fact of having a quite extensive list of food for a club.”

2.8 Average39 Reviews
O Rei do Pão de Queijo Av. São Miguel O Anjo 23 Brazilian
Av. São Miguel O Anjo 23 - 7.1 miles

Customers` Favorites

Esfirra de Carne Coxinha de Camarão Com Catupiry E Quibe Recheado de Queijo
Pão de Queijo E Coxinha de Frango Com Catupiry
Pão de Calabresa Com Catupiry Empada E Açaí
Coxinha de Churros de Doce de Leite
Cozinha de Camarão
Empanada de Frango
Kibe Recheado
Esfiha Aberta

“The food was delicious, we ordered coxinha de frango with catupiry and palm heart empada. The service was quick and we ate on the small esplanade, it was pleasant.”

5 Superb139 Reviews


Omakase R. do Raio 6 Japanese • $$$$
R. do Raio 6 - 6.7 miles

Customers` Favorites

Sushi to Sashimi Premium
Sopa de Miso

“If you are looking for an experience this is the place to go, explanation of every piece what are they composed of and where their origin, this gives you a extra joy to try and taste something that is totally diferent of what current sushi or Japanese places do.I will return and I will bring friends for sure”

4.9 Superb128 Reviews
Pappa’Lab R. de São João 28 Ice Cream Shop • $$$
R. de São João 28 - 6.98 miles

“This is hands down the best Ice cream I ever had in my life! All flavours are incredible and that makes it hard to decide which one is my favourite. Perfect texture, very balanced in terms of sweetness and you can really tell they use natural ingredients.”

5 Superb54 Reviews
Restaurante Vegetariano Gosto Superior Praça Mouzinho de Albuquerque 29 Vegetarian • $
Praça Mouzinho de Albuquerque 29 - 6.63 miles

Customers` Favorites

Apple Crumble
Albóndigas Con Arroz Integral Y Acompañamiento
Crumble de Manzana
Tarte de Soja
Quiche Veggie
Veggie Burger
Manjar de Coco
Pastel Vegetal
Tarte de Maçã
Lasanha de Soja

“With each visit we are surprised by the flavor, service and quality. It's so worth it!!! It has definitely become our favorite restaurant ? (There is never enough time for photos, everything ends first)Vegetarian options: Everything is vegetarian, with vegan options!Dietary restrictions: Right at the entrance there is information for people with allergies. The restaurant is well suited to people with allergies!Kid-friendliness: We always take our two children with them and they are even more attentive to themWheelchair accessibility: There are no steps”

4.9 Superb78 Reviews
The Big Guy-Burger Bar Praceta do Vilar 4 Hamburger
Praceta do Vilar 4 - 5.75 miles

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Wings
Double Bacon Cheese Burger
Cheese Fried Chicken Burger
Warrior Go Smash
The Big Guy
Chicken Fried Burger Com Batatas
Double Bacon Cheese Burguer
Hamburguer da Semana
Hamburguer Criança

“Simply delicious, hamburger with great flavor and juicy, delicious potatoes with a very good quantity, and what can we say about the attention and service, widely ”

4.9 Superb71 Reviews
Pizzaria em Vila Verde - Pá Pizza R. dos Bombeiros 111 Pizza
R. dos Bombeiros 111 - 4.58 miles

“Perfect! The attendant (I think she's the manager/owner) was very friendly to everyone, including taking orders over the phone. Our pizzas were super delicious and we waited almost nothing. I recommend it 100%.Vegetarian options: Various vegetarian pizzas”

5 Superb36 Reviews
Don Grano R. Gil Eanes 39 Pizza • $$
R. Gil Eanes 39 - 7.44 miles

Customers` Favorites

Cheesecake Topping Frutos Vermelhos
Pão D'alho Com Mozzarella
Pão de Queijo E Bacon
Ravioli à Bolonhesa
Lasanha Vegetariana
Pizza Michelangelo
Cheesecake Ferrero
Pizza Pepperoni
Penne Al Forno
Pizza Milano

“Spectacular experience. From the atmosphere, to the service and at the top of the list, wonderful dishes. With attention from the Chef. Coming back often. Highly recommended!Dietary restrictions: Option for lactose intolerants that has nothing to do with the flavor.”

4.9 Superb49 Reviews
Pizzaria The Woodstock PC dos Arsenalistas 9 Pizza
PC dos Arsenalistas 9 - 7.19 miles

Customers` Favorites

Pizza de Calabresa

“Lovely family with a delicious food and atmosphere. They made my brother's birthday incredible! Such nice people. I'm coming back next time we are in town!”

4.9 Superb48 Reviews
A Hamburgueria do Club Av. Dom João II 23 Hamburger • $$
Av. Dom João II 23 - 5.96 miles

Customers` Favorites

O Preferido da Daniela - Chicken
O Preferido do Chef - Premium
Francesinha de Hambúrguer
O Preferido do Cristiano
O Preferido do Nuno - XL
O Preferido do Guerreiro
O Preferido da Inês
O Preferido da Maria
O Preferido do Gomes
O Preferido de Braga

“We've been here a few times and it's always impeccable, both the food and the service! Extremely sweet people and the best burgers I've ever eaten (and I eat a lot ??), really! We will come back whenever the opportunity arises ”

4.8 Superb77 Reviews

Customers` Favorites

Panqueca de Banana Vegan E Gluten Free
Hummus and Mushroom Sandwich
Pancakes Vegan E Gluten Free
Damn Good Cookie
Brunch Vegan
Toast Cheese
Soul Bowl

“Tucked away off the street you will find this little gem waiting for you. Look for the sign out front and venture inside down the hall. Once there grab a seat on the couch, at a table or sit down at the trestle table with your group. The friendly staff will greet you and hand you their menu. By the way, all the food here is plant based, gluten and egg free. You know, vegan. I suggest the plate and soup of the day, but they have several options. I ordered both and found each tasty and decently seasoned. Good portions meant I didn't leave hungry and there was nothing left to take away.If you don't get to have pancakes often, definitely order a plate. I suggest the apple ones. They are not huge, maybe not even big, but they *are* absolutely delicious. The walnut cake with caramel icing was great too.Coffee and tea were ordered and enjoyed as well. It's totally worth stopping by just to grab coffee and a cup cake. The cup cakes can be regular or big. Pictured is the regular.Dietary restrictions: Gluten and egg free allergies with no reaction! ?”

4.8 Superb75 Reviews
Bracara Degusta R. Dom Frei Caetano Brandão 161 Gastropubs • $$
R. Dom Frei Caetano Brandão 161 - 7.13 miles

Customers` Favorites

Bruscheta de Queijo de Cabra
Tabua de Enchidos

“Impeccable pizzas, made not in an oven but in frying pans!, and they come with crispy dough and quality products! The only "sin" for being small and having 2 outdoor tables, but the quality of the food and service are well worth it! We will be back!”

4.9 Superb44 Reviews
Churrasqueira Cabana do Leão Tv. do Carmo 24 Bar • $
Tv. do Carmo 24 - 6.77 miles

Customers` Favorites

Bife A Casa
Churrasco Misto
Frango No Churrasco

“Simple, comfortable and tidy place.The food is some of the best I've ever eaten in my life. I'm sure that God has greatly blessed the cooks at this restaurant, because one bite leads to another. I ordered the menu of the day: soup, kebabs with fried potatoes, bread, drink and a coffee. The potatoes melt in your mouth, they have a lot of flavor. All of this - amazing! for 8 euros. Excellent and fair.The service is as good as the food. Good Portuguese hospitality from the North. The waiters are very friendly and playful and the lady is equally friendly and attentive.If you are in the North region, even if you are not in Braga, you should visit. And, even if you're in the South, it's worth going just to eat at this restaurant.It really deserves all the praise it received in the other nominations.Highly recommended. And if you think I'm exaggerating: go and see.Congratulations to the owners and waiters: you make the restaurant, which is already good, even better.”

4.9 Superb43 Reviews
Nórdico Coffee Shop • Specialty Coffee R. do Anjo 90A Coffee Shops • $$
R. do Anjo 90A - 7.05 miles

Customers` Favorites

French Toast
Turkish Eggs
Avocado Toast with Poached Egg and Salmon
Tosta Com Bacon E Ovos Bennedict
Panquecas Nórdica Com Galão
Strawberry Pancakes
Greek Yogurt Bowl
Flat White Coffee
Double Cappuccino
Eggs Benedict

“Best specialty coffee in Braga, really impressive quality! The toasts are incredible and my favorite was the Shakshuka on bread, really good. The pancakes are homemade and very fluffy, my favorite was Carmen Miranda! The place is cozy and perfect for an afternoon of study or work. I really liked!Vegetarian options: They have an option called Tosta Libano, which is very good!”

4.8 Superb61 Reviews
Gotham Pastelaria & Restaurante R. do Alferes Alfredo Ferreira Portuguese
R. do Alferes Alfredo Ferreira - 6.85 miles

Customers` Favorites


“I ordered bacalhau with salty rice and fried sweet potato, excellent dish, everything in good order, spectacular flavors and without missing the very good attention from Samara, I invite you to taste since everything is good and pleasant atmosphere, thank ”

4.8 Superb60 Reviews
Retrokitchen R. do Anjo 96 Portuguese • $$
R. do Anjo 96 - 7.06 miles

Customers` Favorites

Cheesecake with Caramel

“Low light which I think is great, service a little slow.High price for the quantities.What I liked most: Mushrooms ?What I liked least: Chicken wingsA few simple fries shouldn't cost €4”

4.8 Superb52 Reviews
Cafe Fura (Fura Cervejaria) Av. da República 9 Cafeteria
Av. da República 9 - 5.53 miles

“Excellent service and excellent dishes.Active air conditioning and comfortable environment.Accompanied by António Vilela Areias Wine as the drink of choice on site.”

4.9 Superb35 Reviews
Coretto Café e Tortaria R. Dom Diogo de Sousa 57 Cafe • $
R. Dom Diogo de Sousa 57 - 7.04 miles

Customers` Favorites

Charcuterie Board
Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Fatia de Torta Salgada Salada
Leek Quiche

“The owners, two Brazilians, are a wealth of kindness and attention. The food is wonderful! We ate the best cod cake ever and a delicious mushroom pie.The place is great, anyway, everything is good!”

4.8 Superb46 Reviews
Mal Amado R. Dom Paio Mendes 87 Bar • $$
R. Dom Paio Mendes 87 - 7.04 miles

“THE place to go in Braga for craft beers. A constantly rotating selection of delicious brews to tempt your palate and satisfy your craving for great beer.Parking: It's hard to find parking.Wheelchair accessibility: Outdoor dining is available.”

4.9 Superb30 Reviews
Pizza D'Artista - Braga Largo da Soutinha 15 Pizza • $$
Largo da Soutinha 15 - 6.9 miles

Customers` Favorites

Pizza Capricciosa

“Best pizza of my life but yeah i come from turkey so not experienced. My italian friends gave 8/10 to this place so i guess its pretty good. Its been our erasmus birthday celebration place and i think the workers now recognize our 15 people huge friend group.”

4.7 Superb73 Reviews
CAFÉ RESTAURANTE MARCO Tv. de São Bento N.º 63 N.º 63 Cafe
Tv. de São Bento N.º 63 N.º 63 - 7.73 miles

“Love this restaurant. The food was top! The service as well! Love the atmosphere, kind of old gentleman’s club with jazz playing in the background. It has those old school classy bibes and you are made do welcome. From when we arrived until we left we were made to feel special. Definitely a place to go!”

4.8 Superb41 Reviews
TABERNA SHAKAI Praça Conde de Agrolongo 177 Japanese • $$
Praça Conde de Agrolongo 177 - 6.85 miles

“We were on holiday in Braga and honestly this is the place everyone has to go if they want good quality, flavor and great service. To this day, we haven't found a Japanese restaurant like it, it's simply a pleasure to be able to go to the restaurant. Congratulations and we will come back whenever we are there and I recommend it to anyone because I would eat there every single day if I could!! 10/10”

4.8 Superb39 Reviews
Ristorante Francois (Ristorante François) Av. Senhor do areal n 1380 Italian • $$
Av. Senhor do areal n 1380 - 1.25 miles

Customers` Favorites

Petit Gateau
Panna Cotta de Maracujá
Tarte Desconstruida
Lasanha Bolonhesa
Pasta Caju

“Spectacular dinner, a great culinary experience tasting several dishes, many thanks to the chef for his friendliness and explanation of the dishes we prepared.It's worth the detour.”

4.7 Superb63 Reviews
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