Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

9612 Red Stone Dr, Indian Land
(803) 802-3024

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Kelly M.

Not sure about everyone else's experiences, but I went there today for lunch. Everything was hot and fresh. It's nice when you have to wait for the fries to cool down to even eat them. The customer service was spot on and I don't think she could've asked for much more.

Anthony Tony

Horrible service


The service was good but the food was not. About 10pm on a Friday. My first time. Burger looked as it it was thrown together and fries were not hot. I would like to give it another try sometime.

Sunshine Mau

Great burgers and shakes. Staff is friendly

Max Lauer

The food is okay. It's a mix between Wendy's and Culver's - I'd say that's the best way to describe it. Pricing is "meh".What I would think most people come to Freddy's for is the Custard - which doesn't disappoint. While it isn't as good or as cheap as Culver's (it is actually a little pricier) it is definitely worth a visit.I can also say that this location is fast, and it's clean. The same cannot be said for the Rock Hill location. It's a good joint and one of the only places in Indian Land with good Ice Cream, so that's a win in my book.

Bekah Lee

Never disappointed. Always friendly service and always delicious food. The burger, fries and shakes are good at every location I've been to.

Tammy Pepper

Lines are long long long in drive thru, slow AF customer service and food is always cold

John Knotts

inside seating is never open anymore and sitting in a drive through with 10 + car's is out of the question. open inside seating!

Keturah Crockett

Service was good. Prices are not too bad. Food was hot on arrival. I will probably visit again.

Sarah M.

We got to Freddy's for custard at 7:30. Apparently they close at 8. Fine. We ordered at 7:45 and they are no longer making ice cream. I am extremely upset. It is cheat day and I am devastated.

Asa Holloway

Great double bacon ? burgerOne of the best Chicago style hot dogs I've tried here in the CarolinasCan't wait to get back here and try what else they have to offer.

Jeremy Proffitt

Ice cream is always good but staff has fulfillment issues from ti.e totime getting orders righy

Susie Baker

Long wait, terrible service. First and last time here. Maybe short staffed but they could at least be nice.

Kathleen W.

Tried Freddie's for the first time and was not disappointed! Love love loved the flat cheese burgers! I ordered a double chand even though I was stuffed I wanted to keep eating. Loved the shoe string fries too. To top it off we had a chocolate frozen custard cone, so delicious! My husband loved it all too! Probably not so good for my waistline but I'm sure we'll be going back! The service was very good too!

Elena D.

If i could i would give this zero stars, i have come here twice and the online website said it was open until 11. showed up waited and it was closed please get it together and put up a sign

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Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

9612 Red Stone Dr, Indian Land, SC 29707
(803) 802-3024