Viva Chicken RedStone

9695 Red Stone Dr #500, Indian Land
(803) 336-2808

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Seth Brown

I’d like to preface that I rarely write reviews like this. I will NEVER eat here again. I’ve gone to multiple VCs in the Charlotte area. None of them are as gross & cheap as this one. I get the soup practically every time I go, but the last few times there’s only about 1oz of chicken in it, when I asked about if I could get more there was immediate backlash by the high schooler “managing” the store as she cordially spoke to her co-workers despite me standing there for a minute or two. All I asked for was a normal (by every other Viva’s standards) sized portion of chicken, is that too much to ask? If that wasn’t enough, nearly every utensil is barely washed & often has previous food particles sticking to them. You literally need to closely inspect every single one you pick up to avoid this. Every time I’ve visited this location about 50% of the tables have leftover food/a mess on them as well. Extremely disappointing to say the least, I love viva chicken, but this particular location is sub-par.

Bob Lee

Me and my buddy go to this place once a week. Food is always fresh and the price is very good. All staffs are very helpful and very nice. especially Emmanuella and Chloe. They have this fantastic customer services with smiles. I thank them that, they are working there. 5 stars for the restaurant and 10 stars for those two ladies.

Benjamin S

Always had great service here. Tonight the place was in shambles. We pre ordered online after a long day of work and kids sports. Arrived and the order was not ready. We were five minutes early so I thought maybe it would take a few minutes.Instead we were told it would be another 15 minutes before getting our food. I ordered between 640 and 645pm. I get things happen but this is just too long. It would put us between 45 min and an hour wait. I had no confidence they could pull off 15 minutes either. Everyone was confused inside.I requested we cancel our order #129191 but was told I wouldn’t get a receipt or an email confirmation my order had been refunded. I just have to wait 4 days and check my account. What if it doesn’t get returned? I was instructed to call the store and speak with management.Viva is better then this! So disappointed.

Jay Fitness

First off, I just want to say that, I love the food here and the service is excellent! I am typically assisted by Emmanuela at the register and she is always super friendly and makes ordering food a pleasure. I will always recommend my friends/family and co-workers to eat here. My personal favorite is the Tacu Bowl and if you are wondering what to try on your first visit, that would definitely be my go to selection for you! You simply can’t go wrong with Viva Chicken!

Matt M

The family style trays from viva are excellent for groups. Fresh non greasy ingredients, great flavor, fresh taste. Chicken quality/grade is great as well.


I had our Office Holiday Party catered by ViVa in Dec 2021 . I was very impressed by the quality of food and the way they packed everything for us . The customer service was very good as well . It was very convenient for me to pick up and set up the table . Infact ,I would love to have them cater again for all our events.Highly recommend !

Sarah McPeek

They ran out of chicken right after we ordered. They told us our order would not be a problem. When we got our food the chicken was so skimpy we were embarrassed as we had out of town guests with which we had done nothing but rave about Viva Chicken. Two pieces in a bowl of chicken soup. Hardly any rice. Mostly broth. Sandwiches were all bread.

Kyvia Crisco

We have been going to this location (frequently) for over a year now. The food has always been great! My issue is the customer service. I have experienced two situations dealing with my order. The first time I let it slide because I understand the state of the food industry right now. Another problem occurred tonight with me receiving my order. I spoke with the manager, but he appeared very nonchalant, and I do not feel my concern was properly addressed. I will not be going back to this location.

Aditya Adi

A smaller menu place with awsome flavors. Definitely a place for those trying to eat a little bit cleaner. If you are someone who likes to explore, this is the restaurant for you. My only issue is thier rather small menu, which I would love to see more options on. The restaurant staff are cheerful and friendly, and the restaurant itself gives off a similar vibe. I got takeout, and it was around 20 dollars for just me. So a little bit more expensive than say a fast food place. However the food is very enjoyable, and you can feel the different flavors and spices. Highly recommend.

Jana Jones

The customer service there was great -- The employees Chloe and Damara were great. When I didn't know exactly what an item was on the menu Chloe went the extra mile to show me a visual of what the item was. I spoke to the manager Gina -- She was also very nice and very polite. These employees are demonstrating what EXCEPTIONAL service is.

Scott Welch

The employees here are great! Courteous and go above and beyond. Sure, I'm glad I checked my order because the new guy didn't add the extra piece of chicken and ordered the wrong sides. Those kinds of things happen, but how they dealt with it was awesome and makes me a repeat customer.

Evgen Gordienko

Great service and very yummy food ?

Matthew Rotondo

One of my favorite places to eat. At least 3 times a week and purchase gift cards for others. When I ordered the Naked Peruvian added white meat, there was almost none and it was shoved full of lettuce. I sent it back and it was full of chicken with little of the other ingredients. It was prepared both times with a lot of “I don’t care.” I’m highly disappointed. No managers. Definitely my last time at the location and maybe all together.

R Wygal

The food flavor is excellent! Great prices. Authentic Peruvian food. Location, Indian land. There's another in Gastonia, NC. Friendly staff.l.

Alex Geyling

We ordered extra Huancaina sauces and only got 1! Also our kids drink was left off. This happens every time we order from them!!

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