Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

1210 Hwy 9 Bypass W, Lancaster
(803) 289-6131

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I went through the drive through order my families food and found one of my items wasn’t correct. Not a great big deal I went through the drive through so I didn’t have to go in but I understand things happen. I go inside to get the food I ordered instead of what I got I go in and for 25 minutes I’m told that the food is on the way. Then I’m told as I have watched 4-5 other customers get their meals and leave that they haven’t even made an attempt to get my order fixed. Then I say ok I’ve been here for 30 plus minutes at this point I just want a refund and don’t worry about it. Then I am told that the manager is in a job interview and I will have to wait on him to get finished to get a refund so I ask can you go get him I mean I’ve been here for a good while to be at a fast food restaurant she makes no attempt to get his attention so I have to go get him in the middle of his interview and get my refund this is pathetic for a place that’s a fast food place that only does chicken. I will not be returning to this establishment.


I can't rate on the food or service, because this is the second time I've been there and they are closed or in process of closing hours before listed time. I don't usually want to eat here but tonight I wanted a salad. I'll think of other restaurants first next time.

Lorie Yow

It has been almost a year that I have tried to get a salad at this location and are constantly told they are sold out. If you are sold out or just not offering it at this time make the menu as not available until this item becomes available again!

justin moseley

Rude forgetful and just all around in my opinion its not a place of work its a place for people to play around. Everytime i have went grown adults actting like 2 year oldsUpdate everytime we have went they mess up the order have serious Attitude problems and management is a joke oh we will talk to our staff well it aint working so how about start firing then maybe that will help

Christina Zambrano

Saw a few roaches there, crew talking rudely and uses foul language. Managers are outside all the time

Lisa Hatcher

This is the worst place to eat. Ordered a House Salad because they removed the Caesar salad and replaced it with a Cobb salad, first mistake. The salad I got today OMG, it's supposed to have Texas Toast nope this was regular bread and it wasn't toasted it was plain with a piece of butter on it and the smell was horrible. Salad had rotten lettuce on it. Here lately their food has hit rock bottom. And the service is just as bad. Kid's working in there and you can hear them talk about the customers and laugh at them. My daughter wanted some fries well they were not fully cooked. If didn't work out of town oh trust me I would have went back. But instead I'm emailing the Corporate office. This is totally unacceptable. Horrible

That 2k Guy

I love Zaxbys and go there quite often but this experience was absolutely horrible. There was only 3 cars in front of me and it took 40 minutes to go through the line. Let that sink in 40 minutes absolutely ridiculous! Then I get the food and didn’t get my extra frys instead of slaw (they gave me the nasty slaw) and also didn’t receive my Zaxbys sauce…how in the world do you forgot your own sauce!?!?!? My food was also almost ice dang cold! The employees all stood around and talked and also extremely extremely rude. Get it together Zaxbys smh will not be back!

Jessica Sowell

Be prepared to wait in line! I love the food, it's always hot and fresh and well put together but the drive through always takes so long. I'll wait because it's worth that wait lol

Michael Rawlings

For starters I could barely hear the girl taking my order I get to the window she has the mike boom behind her head-My wife got wings I got fingers to go-on our way she open hers and the fries were hot the wings were cold we get home I open mine one finger is buried in the cole slaw there’s no spork for the slaw and no zax sauce-I should have expected all this when the one working the window can’t put the head set on right to begin with

Christopher Wilson

I stood at the register for 5 minutes before the staff even asked if I'd been helped. Yes, if you're asking, they walked past me multiple times in the five minutes I waited, but their conversation was too important. I could go on, but suffice it to say that the ladies working there need lessons on manners and customer service.

Amanda tucker

They messed my order up and I had to pay more to get it right. I could hardly hear the cashier and she completely messed up both of my orders.

Doug E

Long wait and the quality of the service and food didn't compare to other Zaxby's. The cashier was great, but other workers acted like they didn't want to be there

chris zump

Lunch order for 4 people during the rush was received quickly, and hot and fresh. Restaurant was clean, as were the bathrooms.

Jolottie Stepp

Talking over me in the drive thru to the point of missing several meals I ordered. Waiting on my order, saw they got the car in front of us' order wrong as well. They had to pass it back to them and wait even longer to get theirs. Got to the window, had my order completely wrong. Worker got an attitude saying that the items on the screen is what I ordered and I repeated several times what I had initially ordered and she argued with me until the manager got involved. Manager walked over, proceeded to continue to argue with me about order being wrong. It wasn't until my partner stepped in and said something that they even considered doing anything. Worst drive thru experience ever. I have never, ever had to do this and neither has my partner.

Jack Rice

Food is old at 12:45 during a busy lunch. They should quit precooking so much. A fast line doesn't mean much when you get old gross food quickly.

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Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

1210 Hwy 9 Bypass W, Lancaster, SC 29720
(803) 289-6131