Hachiya Express

2735 Beaver Run Blvd, Surfside Beach
(843) 668-4575

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Alex Thornton

The food here us really great! Love the options, it's made fresh in front of you and the sauces are also really great. Plus the restaurant is really cute!Food: 5/5

Allison St. Clair

Teriyaki sauce used to be sweeter. They left broccoli out of my order but unfortunately, I didn’t realize it until I got home. Sushi I order was like micro sushi - it was really really small. I almost laughed when I took it out of the bag. The food I did get was good, just disappointed.

Bob Ma

The food is amazing. Best hibachi I’ve ever had. But the prices are going up and up. I know with the way the economy is that’s to be expected. But it used to be 12.50 for a steak bowl when it was Miyabi Jr. Now it’s like $19!

Abbigale Butler

Walking in, the cashier greeted me immediately. She took my order, and I waited not even 10 minutes for my food. It was perfectly cooked, the portion is HUGE, and the Togo bag had my plastic ware, napkins, and extra sauce. It was sooooo good. Will go back all the time

Courtney Thompson

This is my 2nd time visiting this restaurant. It just keeps getting better and better. The 1st time I came I ordered chicken and shrimp combo entree. It was delicious it was and the portions are huge. This time I ordered hibachi chicken and steak. The quality of the steak was amazing. It was super tender and seasoned. This steak was better than high end hibachi restaurant. It was cooked perfectly medium as I ordered. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for fresh quality ingredients, large portions, a clean restaurant and excellent customer service.

Jeremy Keesee

I’m from VA and was recently in town visiting family. This is my second time eating at Hachiya…back in 2019 it was under a different name but the product/interior setup is exactly as I remember it.The hibachi is great, in my top tier compared to other restaurants in my rotation. Great quality of meat and veggies. I like their style because you can get either teriyaki (with sauce) or hibachi (no sauce) and add your own from the heated dispenser. It’s great because you can tailor the sauce level to your own liking. Staff was friendly and although they were busy they were prompt and efficient.

Lisa Kirtright

My friend loves Hibachi style so I will go here with him. I LOVE the rice the best. I am not much of a meat eater but a Jr bowl of rice and veggies or rice and filet fills this lady right up. Portions are big here, imo. Staff has always been friendly...

Kirsti Sims

Food is good , but ever since it switched from miyabi service has gone down the crapper. Asked for extra of the white sauce cashier told me she can only give me 2 Extra and that would equal 6 total. That’s fine I said. Picked up order only 4 in bag, asked lady for more she proceeded to be rude and said that’s already extra even tho the other lady told me 6 was extra NOT 4 . Than proceeded to CHARGE me for the extra the already told me was INCLUDED . They told me 6 and charged me to actually have 6. Ridiculous. Terrible service .

Barry titsworth

My family loves this place. The name changed, but you will still get the same experience as when it was Miyabi Jr.The food tastes great and is very filling.I recommend the Hibachi Filet Jr. Bowl!Vegetarian options: They have rice and vegetables optionsKid-friendliness: They have beginner chop stick devicesParking: Large parking lot attached to WalmartWheelchair accessibility: Wheelchair access at entry and plenty of tables that a Wheelchair can replace a normal chair.

Susan Hefner

Oh I just love hibachi. And Hachyia doesn't disappoint. Food was terrific and service great too. Restaurant was immaculate. I'll be back.

Adrian Williams

Hands down the BEST hibachi I've had in the US. Forget the show, the food is cooked PERFECT every single time with generous portions. I visited Hachiya 5 years ago and it was the golden star of the vacation. I had to go again, and again, and again. I could literally eat this everyday. Please open a location in the 757 area of Virginia! Thanks.

Bailee Lewis

Awesome food! Really love how they cook their filet mignon

Kevin McGrath

Went there yesterday food was amazing, Love the mustard sauce. Thanks for not charging to use a credit card as some businesses have started.Tastes is as good as a sit down restaurant but fast and less expensive. So if you want the quality of a full service Hibachi restaurant but not all the fuss this is the place.

Sean Hershelman

Spicy tuna roll tasty along with the chicken bowl. Rice could of used a little more flavor though. Always enjoy meal here.

Anthony Hughes

Top of the line Hibachi chicken that they could charge more for easily!! Very clean establishment.

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