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We went had reservations for my husband's birthday, and we showed up at the time of the reservations and they were actually closed. They never informed us that they were going to be closed and it was the day that they are normally open very dissatisfying and unprofessional.


They are closing for renovations but we were not aware before we made our reservation. Most of the menu was unavailable, everything we requested was unavailable. Most of the tables were not in the dining room and we were shoved in a corner. It was an absolute horrible birthday dinner. I'm still upset. They should have told us ahead of time or they should just be closed until the renovation is complete.

Brandon Paul Myers

Well, we came for happy hour and our server was noticeably overwhelmed. From a group of folks who all work in the service, her lack of professionalism was outright disrespectful. Our table was initially reserved for 4 people but two people joined and she treated us as we did something personal to her. We put our order in but ended up cancelling because of the attitude displayed by Emily D the general manager. I was really excited to try Ludlow and Prime but this was about as bad of a first impression as they could have put forward. The hostess was the bright spot as she was very nice and seemed like she empathized with us. 10/10 would not recommend.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1


What a disappointing experience! We booked Ludlow and Prime for our son's 16th birthday. The menu online and the one presented were different; with a couple entrees not available. They sat another large party earlier than their reservation time so food delivery slow. The food was just okay. Rushed cooking had a few of the streak frites coming out just about raw. When we have booked other places for special occasions there is always some sort of acknowledgment. There was none here. We left thinking we would have had better food and experience at a popular chain steak house. We booked here wanting to support a local restaurant. Unfortunately, We will not be back.


Where to start? We showed up on a Saturday and were seating immediately. Then it went downhill. Took forever to get greeted by our server. First cocktail we ordered they were out of the ingredients to make it. Then we ordered shrimp cocktail, monkey bread, lobster roll, and their grouper dish. Monkey bread and shrimp cocktail were great. The bread was the highlight of the evening. Next came out entrees. The lobster roll was a joke especially compared to the photo they posted on instagram and Facebook. It wasn't anything like that. French fries were terrible for the price we paid. The grouper was seasoned good and came with shrimp and crab. Overall it was a good dish. The lobster roll is the reason we probably won't be back. Such a disappointment. It wasn't even claw meat like your photo. Seemed like it was maybe tail meal cut up in little chunks. $130 for two people and left disappointed.

Revas Barwari

I ignored the reviews and went ahead and went but was disappointed! Let me say the management must be the problem because the workers were rude, and not friendly. After reading through comments it makes sense, they are hiring different people everyday and then letting them go without paying. Treat your workers right so they will treat customers right! Food was overrated as well!

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1


We enjoyed our dinner. Food was excellent Best Caesar salad I've had. Enjoyed the variety of cuisine. Service was a tad slow, but given that you had you two groups of 10 or more for a prom weekend I'm more than willing to cut you some slack on that. However the women's bathroom was trashed. I'm blaming that on prom crowd too as it seemed totally out of place with the otherwise pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant. We'll definitely come again.


I should've known, when I walked in on a Friday night at 8pm to an empty restaurant, this was going to not be good. Every other restaurant in the complex and in the area are hopping at this time. Service was polite, but after placing our order we were left to wait for nearly 40 minutes for our fish and pasta plates to arrive. I have no idea why it could possibly have taken so long, but when the food finally came, my fish was room temp and the pasta was steaming hot. I'm so glad they let my fish rest in favor of the pasta! During the 40 min wait, I watched the chef eating with his bare hands and using his pinky finger to clean his ear between bites. Open concept kitchens usually lend itself to an air of self consciousness where one might practice a bit more decorum, knowing the potential for spectators. I suppose he felt safe in the nearly empty restaurant. Quite unappetizing. There were at least 4 workers in the kitchen, and only one other table that had already eaten, so not sure why we couldn't get our food sooner and hotter! My son's pasta carbonara ($19) was ok, a bit watery in the sauce but he enjoyed it. I thought the added chicken (+$7) was meager in portion. My fish dish ($37) was to have had some sort of crab/shrimp/seafood topping (scant) along with a sauce (tasty but not enough) and I had substituted under seasoned green beans for the starch component. The fish itself was tasty, if not also a meager portion (maybe 4 oz for $37) and I would have enjoyed it if it were hot and had ample sauce. I might've mentioned these things to our waiter, but he never came back to check on us and there were no other waitstaff in sight. Once we were all done, he did return to announce that our food was delicious, since my plate was empty, and took our plates. Odd. We opted out of dessert, paid our bill and said farewell forever to L&P. Sad really,the place has potential and in this area it would be packed most evenings if they got it together!

shorashvan galnasky

Ice machine is broken with chemicals next to it , I asked the owner he said it’s too expensive to fix and food is left outside when a group come with back doors wide open all the dirt coming in from outside and I never got paid for the 2 days I worked , bunch of expensive high class scammers they are , you Tim should be ashamed of yourself for hiring employees for a few days and not paying them it’s been four weeks I’ve came in 4 times called 8-9 times for my paycheck and you have trained your employees to say the same thing every time !! You Tim are a scam and should be ashamed of yourself for doing that .. I don’t need your money anymore you can have that 2 day work , you have done that to plenty of workers , your employe told me everything you do to new employees!! You are a scam!!!

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Avand Barwari

Food was terrible and cold for that overpriced steak. Service was terrible. Don’t waste your time with this imbecile run company. This is not a troll. Don’t take the owner serious!

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1


The restaurant had several large parties and the wait staff and kitchen struggled to keep up. Food was very slow coming out & our salads were served with the entree. The lobster roll, which is on the menu as an entree, was tasty but small. It's definitely not enough for dinner unless you order appetizers or several sides. Overall, the experience wasn't worth the price.

Susan James

They didn’t send the order I placed and wouldn’t reimburse me for what I didn’t receive!!! They are in DEEP trouble!

Kristin Weber

I love going to Ludlow & Prime. The happy hour is the best around, hands down! I always get the deviled eggs and enjoy the wine selection. Also love the seafood Cobb salad. They have a great private rooms for small or larger parties.

Big daddy

Steak was so cold worker gave me attitude just because i was a younger man trying to buy a expensive steak the food was horrible do not at all go here i’m begging yall

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Emily Hensley

The service and food was amazing!! They have a fantastic happy hour!! My daughter loved their Cesar salad!! I loved their deviled eggs!! I highly highly recommend!!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

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