El Grullense Taqueria

1951 Fort Campbell Blvd, Clarksville
(931) 378-4089

Recent Reviews

Victoria C.

My son and I tried this place yesterday, I ordered the fried pork tacos and my son ordered the steak tacos. Awesome tacos, we will definitely be back!

Anita Andrews

The tacos are amazing. I never had radishes and carrots on a taco, but the combination was delightful. My daughter and I absolutely love this place.

Tony Fleming

My wife and I ordered take out the other night and I must say the food was amazing.

Paige P.

BEST SPICY PORK TACOS! I've driven by this place so many times and never thought anything of it until someone at work mentioned it. Stopped by here for lunch, and the drive thru was packed like usual but now I know why. There tacos are so good! I got the 8 spicy pork and 8 steak. There tortillas are delicious and the meat is seasoned so well. Very friendly worker at the drive thru. Highly recommend coming here for lunch or whenever you have a craving for tacos. Everything else on the menu looks great too! Also. This place is Drive Thru ONLY. Don't expect to come here and sit down. But they have a little area to sit outside next to the place.

Doree Peden

Meat was dry and crunchy and I ordered a carnitas dinner platter and I get home and no tortillas and I feel that the prices have gone up because the platter and 4 tacos came to 18.00 and some change..

Jay Steeds

Service was fast and food was outstanding. Definitely worth the drive

True Milagros

Tasty as the last time.FOOD IS MADE TO ORDER!! Yes, there is a line, but if you're like me. I go on weekdays to get in and out. However, that's not always guaranteed. I usually get the Chicken Mulitas and Pastor Tacos (cilantro y onion). I should try other items on the menu, but my Usual is too delicious to switch. Its fresh, marinated perfectly and served with complimentary sauces and veggies. I haven'r tried their drinks.

Carlos P.

This place is awesome and genuine Mexican food. Takes care of all your cravings. Waiting for them to open a dine in place so I can go periodically. I love this place oh and their prices are very good.

Cory Duft

The pork carnitas was absolutely mind blowing. It is a small little drive thru with an abundance of flavor. Great spot with great prices!

Zachary K

The tacos are a great choice. They are cheap but they fill them up. The options for meat is also excellent. I also ordered the burrito macho with steak and that in itself was delicious. The process for ordering and picking up is efficient. You don't spend a lot of time waiting and the food comes out hot and ready to eat.

Sapphire A.

These tacos were pretty delicious. The only reason I give 4 stars is cause the meat was a litttteeee dry and I wish they had seating inside. Also, they don't do any taco Tuesday specials, they're $1.50 every day. I found that a bit odd, I thought most places have specials. Still cheap tho! The sauces were delicious, I am not used to spicy food but I'm trying to work up there, these were very spicy to me but also enjoyable. I also got an horchata and was very pleased. The ingredients tasted fresh, you could even see the cinnamon in the drink! Yum. Very much enjoyed the food, will be going back to try more food items! Wish I could give them a 4.5 if I could.

Joc3lyn J

The wait is so worth it..the food is bangin

Chris Cooley

Great place to eat they may be busy but worth the wait highly recommended!!

Nathan E.

The tacos were pretty on par with what you will get at an authentic Mexican taco truck or mom and pop shop! One thing I would say is the salsa wasn't very impressive! It didn't have much flavor and was basically just tomatoes and onion without the fresh cilantro, jalapeños, or citrus flavor! Service was fast and the tacos were delicious! Could have used a touch more cilantro on the tacos though! Overall very tasty and good bang for your buck!

Chris P.

Alright so I've heard a lot about this place and it definitely lives up to the hype. One of the best tacos I've had in a long time. Quick and easy drive thru and a fast turn around time from order to hand off. Lengua wasnt my favorite but the carne asada tacos were on point. Wife had chicken quesadilla and it was a mammoth of a plate for her too. Definitely my new favorite spot

Joiedevivre 72

We keep coming back and haven't had anything we didn't love. Very good tacos and the sauces are great!

Brittany F.

Wooow. This place is amazing. Stopped here the other day for a quick bite, line wasn't long, nor did it take long to get through and out. I got asada and pastor tacos and man, blew my mind with how good and flavorful they were! And the sauces... so stinkin' good! They come in tiny cups, so now I know to ask for more next time. I literally can't wait to go back!

Nadine Moore

THE BEST STREET TACOS I HAVE EVER HAD! I moved here from Chicago and fell in love with the al pastor here. The meats are extremely flavorful. So far I have had the carnitas, burrito, chimichanga, and tacos. Everything has been delicious and I really enjoy their rice. Don’t pass this place up if you want authentic (not Tex-mex) street tacos.

Melissa Brown

I come here all the time and love it, today I asked for no guacamole , they put guacamole, I asked for jalapeños and was told they cannot put jalapeños so gave them to me on the side whole. Worst service I’ve gotten here

carrie carlos

Service is fast and always cordial. The food is always delicious and flavorful

Ashton B.

If I had known this place was soo good I would have gone here a lot sooner. The carnitas tacos were delicious. They were tender with the delightfully crispy bits. I am from California and only know one other place in town with street style tacos as good as this. I had a bite of my husband's asada chimichanga and it was crispy, covered in queso, lettuce and sour cream. The salsa that came on the side was spicy, spicy enough to hurt but not so spicy that I couldn't stand it.

Christine A.

This is my go to Mexican spot. 4 stars cause I wish it wasn't just a drive thru. The tacos can get soggy on the drive home since the food is fresh & hot & I hate a soggy tortilla. We've had the tacos in al pastor, carne asada, lengua, tripas, carne asada, barbacoa and buche. ALL GOOD. Burritos are big and cheap. Sopes are perfectly cooked. The quesadillas and mulitas come with lettuce and onion in it so if it isn't your thing, ask for it without. Their menudo is good and their carne asada plate is decent, a little dry but still flavorful. The rice can be a little hard sometimes but we do come pretty late so I understand. The only thing I've ordered and wasn't huge on was the camarones a la Diabla but that's because I have a certain taste preference for that dish. Theirs wasn't bad, just not like my fave place in California. Their agua frescas are so good, not like the packet stuff a lot of the restaurants in the area use!

Bryan Taylor

Passing through town the other night and was looking for good Mexican food. We noted the long line out front and knew this was our stop, we were not disappointed. Muy Rico! Highly recommended for great food and awesome prices.

Norma Schwindt

Better than all the other places in town, I'm Mexican and from California so it's hard finding good Mexican food around here.

Eye Scapes

This was an excellent experience! Great tasting food. Everything tasted amazing. I particularly like the green salsa. Wish it came with more. We ordered the pollo asada, pork carnitas, and a variety of tacos. The lady at the window was very friendly and helpful. They will be seeing more of us!

DawnMarie Simons

Has the best street tocos in town! I seriously l love the authentic tacos and burritos, reminds me of Los Angels Street tacos!

Bruna Tanelus

One of the best authentic mexican food trucks I've eaten from in the city! Can't wait for them to expand!

Luke 2954

I ordered my food in advance and essentially skipped the line, friendly staff and quick service was very nice

Ashley Rose

Id give them 10 stars if i could. Can you say fireeee. I think they put crack in the food. Im obssesed!!

nobody D

I have a very hard time comprehending how anyone could rate less than 5 stars...they must be rivals

Elda Y Land

This place is good, specially their burritos. Everything is fresh and they are super friendly.

Mandy Miller

Best real Mexican food I've found in a long time! Friendly service too

Chalita J.

One of my friends recommended me this place. And tbh, I've become a regular since that day. I've tried all their meat tacos. And my favorite so far has got to be the beef tongue. It's so tender and flavorful. I also tried their menudo. And it's so goooodddd. I'd recommend this place if you like street tacos or Mexican street food in general. Just a tip though, try to go there when they first open (10am) so you'll get fresh food plus less traffic. I was there today around 11 and only had 3 cars in front of me. I went during dinner rush before (5-6pm) and there were like 8-9 cars in-front of me and about the same amount behind. And try not to go after 7ish because thats when they start running out of food.

Emmit F.

Great, high quality food. Fast and friendly. Their cheese is high quality and delicious. Their steak is high quality and delicious. They are authentic and it shows. The staff are extremely friendly and the prices are great. I recommend the steak burrito and and steak quesadilla.

Adam Montavon

Absolutely amazing tacos!!!! Got some steak and some chicken. Highly recommend!!! Will be regulars from here on out!!!

Chris Guerra

Good authentic food ...nice staff....worth the time in drive thru....get on the side cause there are 🔥.......4.0

J. Kathleen

Was my favorite spot in Clarksville but quality changes as frequently as the employees. Sometimes its the best tho!

Ryan L.

By far some of the best mexican fast food spots in town. I usually get the cabeza burrito/tacos or shrimp burrito/taco. I give this place my west coast stamp of approval.

Cameron C.

Tacos are fantastic!!!! Beans and rice are exceptional!!! Definitely not like those hot plate Mexican restaurants. This is the real deal!!!

Cheyenne R.

If you want authentic Mexican you will love this place. Food is fresh and delicious! It's drive thru only.