110 Dunbar Cave Rd, Clarksville
(931) 919-2555

Recent Reviews

Paige P.

Every time I call the lady who answers is so so nice! The food is really good. I love getting the Thai dishes! I usually orders those, but there egg rolls and dumplings are to die for! Also there General tao's chicken is so good too!

Becca F.

DO NOT ORDER SORA FROM DOOR DASH! The sushi comes hot and gross the menu has no details so you never really know what your going to get. This is our third time ordering and it sucks sucks sucks. I will never order or visit this restaurant again!

Cecil S.

Sorry, this place has some nasty food. All the meals that had a fried component tasted of old burnt oil. Flavor was meh, and just did not seem as fresh overall.

Curtis Anderson

Best Asian Food in Clarksville. Thai Garlic Pork chops with a sushi appetizer was what I needed Great food.

Chad Pellham

I love it here! There is such a wide variety of food, you never run out of things to try. It has the best curry you'll find anywhere around here.

Jeff R.

Sora is a very unassuming Asian place, and minimally decorated. But if you're coming here for the decor, you're here for the wrong reason. The food is very good. While not extensive, the sushi is on point. My partner and I enjoyed the fried dumplings, although he passed on the baby squid salad. Adventurous eater that I am, I ordered it and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I've had squid before, but eating a whole squid was a new experience. The yellowtail jalapeno was excellent, with very generous slices of the fish. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the service, which was excellent. Every member of the team is focused on customer service, and they're very attentive without hovering. Sora is right at the top of our list, and with the quarantine in place, they're very focused on keeping you safe, with curbside service, and the server wears a mask and gloves. We'll keep coming back to Sora because they really seem to care about the customer's experience. Way to go, Sora!

Amber Scott

Great place. Open floor plan, clean, and the food is great. Lots of food options. ♥️

J. Long

Always excellent food and service. Food is always delivered to the table quickly and is always fresh. We’ve probably been here 5-8 times and it’s one of the best Asian restaurants I’ve ever had. Especially one of the best in the area.

Susan Winberg

Wow! Great food!! I loved the pad thai! The sushi was tasty. We tried four different rolls and they were all delicious. And the service was outstanding. Can't wait to come back!

Emily H.

Loved their Naruto roll!! This place is somewhat of a hidden gem that I am glad we found. The food was great and the wait staff was very attentive. I'll definitely be back soon

Quenyetta S.

Ordered Pad Thai with chicken from this place and found a hair in my food! Only had a few bites before seeing the hair cooked in my food! Completely disgusted with this place and won't ever be eating from here again!

Aemilia Hamel

Service is amazing, food is ready fast, options are varied, and it all tastes amazing. Pricess are so reasonable as well. This is the best in town.

Devin Bolden

I came here when I wasn't feeling up to cooking and I'm glad I did. I didn't actually want to eat in, but I was starving from not eating anything all day so I asked for my entree to go and crab rangoons and dumplings to eat in while I waited. I think that is a slightly weird request but they were so accommodating.

Annie B.

Crab Rangoons are delish!! Had the pad Thai, good size portion, not blown away but good! Workers were so friendly and seems like a family run business. Ordered for takeout and order was ready quickly. Will go back.

Taylor B.

I came here when I wasn't feeling up to cooking and I'm glad I did. I didn't actually want to eat in, but I was starving from not eating anything all day so I asked for my entree to go and crab rangoons and dumplings to eat in while I waited. I think that is a slightly weird request but they were so accommodating. Everyone was so nice and friendly. They actually started with my drink to go so it was easier when my food arrived. I definitely love the service here. The food is hit or miss. My entree itself was really good. I got the Northern Thai Curry and it was delicious. My dumplings were good-ish. For it being Clarksville, they were good. I come from Seattle so I have really high expectations on dumplings since Din Tai Fung and Dough Zone are all over, causing even the smaller restaurants to up their dumpling game. My biggest disappointment was the crab rangoons, but that particular dish has taken a decline across the country for some reason. My boyfriend enjoyed his food as well but I didn't taste it so I can't speak on it. Fantastic service and a good main dish keeps this at 5 stars.

Dustin S.

Mrs Wendy is one of the main reasons we always come in. Always a smile on her face. One of the best Thai/Chinese/Sushi places in town. Thai curries are amazing. Lunch specials are a steal. Can't beat em.

Southern Norseman

Most likely will not eat here again. The fried rice that came as a side with my meal was very dry and had an odd flavor. For my main meal, I ordered level 1 spice and there was no spice at all. After eating the food here, I was up most of the night with stomach discomfort. Finally, our drinks were brought to us by a young child who looked to be around 8-10 years old.

Juanne D.

I don't know. I keep coming back to this place because I keep wanting to try it again and give it another chance because it is on my way home from work, but I just don't think the food here is all that great. I think that it's cute and the people are super duper nice and they have absolutely great service (which is why I gave them 3 stars), but the Pad Thai and the other noodle dishes I have had are below par, in my opinion. I have been to plenty of Asian countries and I have had Asian cuisine all over the world and it's just subpar. Maybe they just need a little more seasoning or flavor?


Food was ok and I could see it being a quick take out option. Staff was friendly enough. Sushi and salad were fresh and curry was good but SPICY! Ordered a heat level of 2 but it was more like a 4.

Shelly Reinschmidt

O my gosh!! Best sushi in town! Delicious, and ample portions! Reasonable prices. A lovely family atmosphere. Even the owners children help out! Definitely going again!

Caleb B.

The food was excellent. We had the Thai fried rice, salmon salad, and dumplings. Everything was fast and delicious. The staff is attentive and professional. I could not recommend Sora more. Best in Clarksville.

Rebecca V.

We eat here often. Come for lunches, birthdays, celebrations, etc. Food is awesome, service fantastic, and greeted with a smile. Deserts are on point, and make sure to order the Party platter.

Ashley C.

I have been ordering from here since they've opened. I LOVE it here. I have tried almost every sushi place in Clarksville. I normally always order sushi but I've gotten a bunch of other things as well. The egg rolls aren't really my favorite but my grandmother used to make the best and nothing can compare! But, everything else I've tried is amazing. The spring rolls are so great, the bubble teas are good, some of the Thai meals are great. Now there clear soup is my most favorite clear soup in Clarksville which I have tried pretty much everywhere. More importantly than the food though (in my opinion) their customer service!! 5 stars. The owner is wonderful so kind and they always make sure to acknowledge you. I have dined in, ordered pick up, and normally do delivery. It's always great and there's been two times storms were bad and they were running behind and they call you to let you know. This is just one of my orders but definitely my smallest!

Zef Zef

This place becomes a personal experience. The owners are interested about you. Cater to you. Seems to me like it's a life long goal to get 5 stars. They have never failed to go over the top. The food is top notch. If you frequent this place, they will figure out what you like and casually give samples of something else to elevate your experience. Coast to coast, I've never been in an establishment that cared so much about doing whatever it takes to make you want to come back. Meet Wendy. She's the owner. She will move mountains to make sure you are catered to. (I don't commonly give reviews. This establishment deserves it)

Eric Chen

This restaurant is the best in Clarksville. This place is amazing with great service and atmosphere. They have a great and friendly staff and the food was delicious. They have the best Thai food, Chinese food and sushi here.

Helen Taylor

Went for lunch. Ordered the Pad See Ew, with heat level 1. This dish was NOT level 1, I could not eat it. They remade it for me and it was STILL too hot. I will never go there again. Level 1 should have NO heat.

Edwin G.

I thought it was expensive but not great food Thai or Chinese awesome fresh great service


Lomein has been a longtime favorite of mine and they get it RIGHT here! It's very savory and delicious. The lunch special is a really good deal. Loved the egg drop soup, too. The customer service is excellent as well.

Erika Sikorski

I absolutely love them!! The manager always greets me at the front door and welcome me back, the dishes are to die for! I highly recommend coming to this restaurant location! Best egg drop soup ever as well!

Madison Barger

Sora is my absolute favorite in clarksville. If you're looking for a good local restaurant with outstanding flavor in every dish. This is it! As great as it is that they deliver, it is their customer service that continues to draw me back. The owner, Miss Wendy is always welcoming and accommodating. She makes me, and any of my guest's feel like friends and family when we arrive. I simply can't give another praise and stars for this place.

Magdalena Moore

Staff are super accommodating to individual dietary needs and so friendly. The woman that owns this place clearly has put so much love into it. After this last experience, I'll be back more often. Thank you for such a lovely evening.


If you like curry you need to try Sora. The curry is the best you can find in Clarksville. We had the shrimp curry and have been back many times to order again.

Rebecca J.

Child Labor and bad thai food. We went in there last night for dinner and were served by 4 different kids under the age of 14. They got other tables orders wrong and honestly it was really uncomfortable. We ordered fried rice and pad thai. The fried rice was not seasoned and the pad thai was HORRIBLE. When I had to explain to a 12 year old girl that I didnt like my food and would much prefer a different dish, she looked scared. She took my plate back where the adult/owner discussed the situation in another language. They brought back egg drop soup that i asked for and it was gross and gelatinous. When we got the bill it was wrong and they had charged us for the soup twice, and while trying to pay the adult said in short, "if you don't like the pad thai, don't order it next time". No problem, because I will never be going back.


We had a late dinner at Sora Sushi and Thai and loved the food and the service. The portions were huge (we could not finish 2 dishes). The food was excellent and the service was outstanding. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Justin A.

The food here is not great or authentic. I'm not a Thai connoisseur by any means, but I certainly do enjoy some good Chicken Pad Thai. While the serving is large, the quality and flavor are lacking. The chicken was dry and the noodles were somewhat bland. Unfortunately, there aren't any other options for Thai in the Clarksville area. As for service, the wait staff is excellent - attentive and friendly.

Sarah Lawrence

My favorite is definitely the Northern curry. I have a bit of an obsession with curry and recently moved from Columbus, Ga where we had 6+ Thai restaurants and was panicked until I found out about this gem. The owner is so sweet and always on the floor. She put in the wrong dish and told me to keep the first and rushed out the correct order. Boyfriend says it’s his favorite curry place by far and we’ve tried many for sure 😉

Linda Harrington

I have eaten at Sora several times. The food is delicious! Even with 7-8 people in my party all were served in a timely manner. We shall return again and again. Thank you to a lovely establishment.

Alestair T.

Y'all should probably stop sending tech deprived people out to deliver food. Better yet? When that idiot can't find where he should be? He shouldn't be the one asking the customer if they've been drinking. Hey, we can only help y'all so much.

Debbie Lehr

I was happy that I stopped in to try it out

Helen Hoke

This is our new favorite restaurant in town. We came here Sunday after church with some friends. We ordered from the lunch menu. The price is unbelievable, the portion is great, but the best part is the taste. We each ordered difference entries and all of them came out amazing. Wendy the owner and her family are so friendly. We actually went back the next door again. Highly recommend!