Pizza Hut

1645 W Main St, Lebanon
(615) 449-3875

Recent Reviews

Marty McCarter

Everyone was nice and helpful; supervisor took care of the mishaps on my order. They were pretty obviously slammed so it's time for corporate to get some help hired. Order was incorrect on a couple points but, they're hanging on to the workload so, I get it. We'll be back :)

Brad Luckinbill

Food was almost room temperature, they forgot an order of wings and the app and website for online ordering were terrible.


Good Pizza, App isnt always accurate with order completion time

Tim Brown

Don’t know what happened but the place is going down hill. Don’t answer phones, can not hit a pickup time. Very disappointing.Quality has fallen off too.


My order is ALWAYS ready on time and the food is always perfect. Service is fantastic. Thank you!

Luis Molina Sandoz

I ordered the curbside delivery. The Detroit Style pizza is pretty good and the order was on time.

Doug M.

This store was not well run 3-4 years ago, it's GREAT now. I get carry out from this location about 3 times a month. They have never been late and have never disappointed. The staff is polite, the pizza is hot and priced right. Use the app, it's easy and fast and your order is always right.

Scarlet Gregory

Actually this was better than I thought. I haven't had pizza hut in a long time. I got the pasta and it was delicious

Gage Dean

Great staff. Had an issue with toppind and online ordering, but they helped get it fixed ASAP. Also really helpful when called before asking about deals.


Needed Pizza for a hungry bunch and they provided what was needed and even offered advice on the local area.

Scott S.

Had a craving for some Hut and it was awesome, delivery service was great - Thanks Patrick for being so professional.. when was the last time you had a delivery driver call you to say we are out of 20oz so can I bring you a 2 liter???? Great customer service!


Savanna was awesome! Fast on the delivery a very professional!

Jonathan Richerson

This location of Pizza is the best one I have ever done business with. Make sure you ask for Steve! He and his team always have my order ready, hot and correct!

Josh K.

Customer service was awesome call me back when they couldn't find place and everyone was nice I recommend this place to anybody that's one good food and great customer service and thanks to the delivery driver and the person I talk to on the phone

daniel miller

I was house/puppy sitting for my sister and needed an easy quick meal she reminded me the pizza hut was close by and they ate it alot. Glad to say friendly customer service and damn good pick up time for just out the oven

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