Chili's Grill & Bar

755 NW Broad St, Murfreesboro
(615) 867-2855

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Robin Lee

You can never get seated anymore. Only ever have two people working, won't take large parties (basically anything more than 3 people). No hosts to help seat people. No point in being a rewards member if you can't ever eat there anyway. Usually only seating in the bar area. I don't understand why Chili's can hire people when every place around them seems to be able to have employees and take care of guests.

Audrea Reaves

The NW Broad location has gone down tremendously. Businesses want to blame COVID for everything but that’s not an excuse for what happened tonight. As I left to go pick up my food, the option to check in was no longer on my phone when I opened the app. Three employees came outside and no one ever asked if I was being helped. Yet, they’re all standing at the counter doing nothing when I finally go in to see what’s going on. My food had been sitting there t whole time and the girl had the nerve to ask me if I had checked in. So, is this what businesses are doing now? You clearly see that someone is outside waiting parked in a To Go spot. The description of their car is on the ticket and you’re waiting for them to check in?? What happens if their phone dies on the way? What if they forgot their phone? I don’t know how the service is on the inside but I will NEVER order from here again. The one on Medical Center doesn’t have the best food but their customer service is WAY better. I’ve had so many experiences at Medical Center where they will bring your food out without you checking in. They see your car, check the ticket, and bring it right out. If they’re outside when you pull up, they’ll ask for your name and bring it right out. The team at NW Broad could learn a few things from the other location.

Mark D

We were seated quickly upon arrival. That was the only positive thing that happened. The restaurant was barely a third full.We had be at our table for 10 minutes before anyone stopped by but they didn't even take our drink order. Another 10 minutes later and no sign of a server. we walked out and noticed a large group or cooks and servers outside smoking. Definitely will never be trying this place again. inexcusable lack of management.

Sophie Kraynak Makeup Artistry

I love Chili's and was looking forward to enjoying it, but I ended up with food poisoning. There were no server to seat me, for about 5 minutes so I just sat myself down. The food tasted good and my server was friendly enough. The bathroom was very gross, I didn't want to touch anything because everything seemed very sticky, floors especially.

Willow Justiss

i worked there for six months and then two of my best friends tragically passed away. thankfully i was able to get off for the next week. but since they believed that was generous enough i was made to come in for my next shift or lose my job, which was after one of their funerals. i had to leave the funeral early and then when i was found crying in the back they told me i had to get back to work. fun experience i guess

Richard Negus

Dont place delivery orders(uber,doordash,etc) at this location. They allow random people to walk in and steal your order! Then support gives you the runaround. So if you ever want free food just walk right on in and take what you'd like from the shelf of orders.

lee cox

When I walked into this place there was maybe five booths that had people in them and the lady at the desk told me I would have about a 30 minute wait. I would also like to say there was plenty of servers walking around doing nothing. I waited for 35 minutes and during that time there was 3 different parties walked in and the lady took them to a table and was waited on right away. While I was waiting to be seated I started noticing just how nasty and dirty the place was so I told them to take my name off the list and I left. A few years ago I use to eat at that place every day but now they couldn’t pay me to eat at that place again


It's good. I mean they have been here for awhile but seems that they are going down hill. Expected just as any other restaurant after the whole covid craziness, they are very low on staff, but that should be all the excuses for not exceeding with your customers that keep coming back. Gotta keep trying and make it better


I just left this location. The host was rude and unprofessional. She seem like she was upset or had an attitude for unknown reason. I step into this location after church with my family of 6. She claim they were ONLY sitting parties of 4 . I specifically ask if she was saying me and my family could not be served. She said yeah and shugged her shoulders. She did not attempt to make accommodations or even give the option to separate the party. Additional there was a party of 5 waiting to be seat. Maybe it's because we are black and the other party was her complexion. I don't know but I do know I would never stop by there again

Angie Roberts

First and likely last visit to Chili's on NW Broad St today. Experience was not bad, just not the best meal ever. Service was good, just slow as they seemed severely understaffed. Did not receive free chips and salsa as advertised. Husband got the Smokehouse Combo. His ribs were good, Chicken Crispers were cold. My fajitas were subpar. Tasted like precooked unseasoned chicken and preseasoned fajita veggies thrown together in a pan, served with dry cheese and brown avocado on the side. Margaritas were 2 for 1 but were watered down so glad I didn't have to pay for both.

Hannah Dixon

Words cannot express how wonderful our server Kayla was. She was so personable and kind! Everyone in the industry should be like her. She is the prime example of amazing customer service. She was so attentive and really went above and beyond for us!!! The food was absolutely amazing. I was sure to tell her to please inform the cooks of how great the food was, and I also thanked them and her for all that they do. They all deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication. Outstanding!

Terry Sheets

Food is good, but when it's winter and your trying to eat with the AC blowing down your neck, it' ruins your dinner.? Not a pleasant experience. And you ask the server to ask the manager, to turn the heat on,and she pretends to . Won't be coming here again if I wanted to freeze I'd of ate outside! And this is why you won't be getting tipped

Greta Stone

Waited for very long time, seated people in front of us and told us was having to have a high chair was the issue. Said waiting on a table seat us at booth for 4 when needed for 5 with high chair. Waitress very nice. Not very family friendly

Luke Powell

The experience was great as always! Even with a short staffed restaurant, they do an exceptional job at serving and taking care of the customers. 10 out 10 experience. Love chili's!

Kris Hettish

Love it. Chilis on Broad, Murfreesboro. Food quality and kitchen time were great. Our server, Skylar wore a big smile and was super friendly and helpful. Long waits everywhere you go these days... Got us in on a Friday night in 35 minutes - not bad.

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