Chili's Grill & Bar

755 NW Broad St, Murfreesboro
(615) 867-2855

Recent Reviews

Rachael Anderson

Staff was absolutely phenomenal! They treated my friends and I so well. We will be back again very soon!Food: 5/5

Susan T.

Just not good. Got the Smoke House combo. Mexican corn was made from frozen and was mushy. Ribs were dried out like pork jerky. Was never offered a refill for my coke and I was at the bar. Giving 2 stars only because hubby said his ribeye was ok. So sad because Chili's used to be good.

Adrian F.

Overall the food quality is good for the price my favorite thing to order from then is the triple dipper

Trezette Barnes

I paid extra money for the street corn and it was burnt not grilled but burnt on all. Also I have curbside delivery and I'm recovering from a broken leg and the lady would not bring me my food because it was raining and she didn't have I was made to get out of my car and go in to get my food that is not curved side deliveryFood: 1/5

Josh Melton

My wife and I chose our date night at this particular location for tonight (1/28/23) and it ended up being ridiculous. We first got there and were told it would be a 40 minute wait even though there were tons of empty tables. But not a problem. Then we sit down and order our food (had to repeat it to the waiter a couple times) and waited about 30 minutes. He came and told us that our order didn't get put in so we'd have to wait again for our food. This is including our appetizer. Other people who got there after us were already getting their appetizers. So another 30-35 minutes pass and people behind us who got there after us and ordered after we were told that our order didn't get put in actually got their food before us. At this point, we were extremely upset. But once we got our food and everything, it was good. We were actually giving it a few more minutes until we just paid for our drinks and went somewhere else. This was our first time at this location and probably the last. Highly doubt we'll come back after that experience.

Lynne Jones

Food was great but the waitress was horrible. We were ignored and she had a bad attitude from the moment she came over to us.Food: 5/5

Felo Lee Tee

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Aaron Harb

When arriving at this location we were quickly seated and greeted by our server who also was working the bar. He was a very kind fellow that was tentative to our table. This review is not about him, rather a helping hand that works in the kitchen with horrendous health and communication standards. We were sat in a booth with a view of the door to the kitchen in which we could see the prep station and other parts of the kitchen. I was astonished to see one female workers drop food off a plate that had been ordered and sat in the prep station. She quickly picked it up and put it BACK ON THE PLATE. I was mortified but happy it wasn’t my plate. As she left the kitchen to deliver the food she began moving closer and closer to our table. Then I realized it WAS my plate. When I confronted her about the issue, she gave me a dirty look and continually refused her actions. It was clear anything that came out of the kitchen I could not trust. It does not end there, after she left our table she walked directly over to the bar(where our server was working) and began talking about us both behind our back and in front of us. It is pathetic to see an employee stoop so low. I hope that no one else that goes to this location should have to deal with this un called for behavior. I hope management finds this post and gets this issue fixed, other wise I do not see this location being successful in the future.

Precious Kagawa-Brown

My Family and I had an amazing experience dining here. The service was fast , everyone was very respectful and welcoming. The food was well prepared and delicious. Thank you for all you guys do, everything was amazing !

Sharyl R.

Don't bother ordering online for curbside pick up! They will never bring your food out. I waited for a total of over 20 minutes in my car and at the To-Go counter before I was able to get my food. By that time, someone had already helped themselves to the drink that was supposedly waiting with the rest of my order, so I had to wait for that to be remade. Check your own order before you leave, because they won't notice. By the time I got home, my food was ice cold. Giving two stars because even cold, the food was decently prepared. It's a shame the front service isn't as good as the kitchen.

Dale B.

I wonder if this location is closing. The only tables open were in the bar area, very noisy, my had the loaded potato soup and it was okay she said. It would have been better if there were more, only average in quality. Not as good as the other places in town.I had the shrimp tacos, way too much junk on them, the shrimp was flavorless. Don't like the bar area to be seated in, I don't care to have the TV's and drunks.

Jay Harris

The service was great. The food not so much. When they brought out our appetizer it was still cold in the middle. My food tasted like leftover chicken tenders. I took 1 bite and couldn't eat the rest except the corn that was amazing.

Camora J.

I would give it a zero if that was a choice!!! the manager sarah was so agressive! she grabbed my hair and made me (a vegetarian) eat the chicken fajitas! i wont be coming here ever again!

Simon Kilpatrick

Mostly a great experience, but made the mistake of going on a night college football was on. We waited a while for food and longer for drinks, which we got AFTER our food. Definitely would recommend eating here, but make sure to check any college and professional sports schedules before doing so.Food: 5/5

Zéca Afonso

First and last time at this place. 12$ for a 1/4 inch quesadilla, steak was like rubber and very small portion and brocolli was half raw. Server was good, manager was meh.

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