Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

724 Memorial Blvd, Murfreesboro
(615) 895-3008

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Lisa Beach-Yates

I got the 10 piece family pac. Had to wait for Chicken Breast and Biscuits. Once at home with food, the Biscuits were SO HARD, couldn't eat.

Ronald Mcclure (Ronald)

Family showed up unexpectedly, so I needed something quick because they were hungry from their travel to get here, so I thought ? of Popeyes because I love the quality and taste of not only their Famous chicken but also their awesome side dishes ?Food: 5/5

Tiffaney Hobbs

We had the worst meal we've ever had. The spicy chicken tenders were tiny, dry and tasteless. Fries were cold and undercooked. The restaurant itself was dirty and the staff very unbothered by anything, especially doing their jobs. We will never go back.Food: 1/5

Matthew Melton

The food was excellent. This was our first time eating at a Popeyes. I ordered the surf and turf box, my wife ordered the fish sandwich. The chicken tenders were nice and juicy, and the fish sandwich was flakey. The cajun spiced fries were fantastic. The atmosphere loses a star because their front door was not attached to its pneumatic hinge so the door would slam every time someone went through that side. If you're not a fan of Cajun seasoning, it may limit what you would like on the menu.Parking: Plenty of parking near the restaurant.

Pamela Stacey

Worse ever I arrived 20 minutes before they closed and they wouldn't let me order hardly anything off the menu they said I was to late and upon arrival they said they were already closed but because I brought it to their attention what time it was they only allowed me to purchase items that were old and about to be thrown out and I paid over 35 dollars. I also recorded a video while sitting at the drivethru dealing with all of this. And on top of it all it was the 2nd time in a row that service was like that. I will not ever eat there again and I will never suggest anyone to eat there until they decide to make some desperately needed changes.. this place is going downhill fast js.. oh and also when I was going thru all of this it seemed as if all of the employees had to come gather up at the window and several of them were speaking to me as if there was a problem and I never raised my voice or disrespected any of them I was politely asking legitimate questions because I didn't understand why and everything I asked i got an immediate NO with an attitude and eyes rolling.. I would never take the time to accuse people of something that weren't true and it happened just like I said if not worse

Amanda perry

I really don't know what Popeyes Chicken y'all eat but do not eat the one on Memorial it smells like a dead chicken in there the red beans and rice and cajun chicken taste like it's 14 days old that's that on that and they have no problem refunding your money so you know that's a problem when they ask no questions to refund your money it burnt me on Popeye's Chicken

Sherry Smith

My trip to the newest Popeyes on church Street in Murfreesboro TNthe drive Thru person was very unpersonalble and rather rudeWe ordered an 8 PC family meal and it was 35$ while the 10 PC is on sale for 19.99 does that make sense to you? also my dinner came with only 1 side. The sales person didn't try to suggest another meal when my husband asked about the sides.. my slaw container was only half full for 35$ shouldn't it be full ?? the biscuts were hard as rocks . The chicken was good though but were old and 35$ is too much for bad service and skimpy food

Morgan Garrett

Second time my order was wrong when ordering blackened chicken & then when I tried to call the phone was off the hook all night! So I couldn’t even tell them it was wrong I would have had to drive all the way back.

Greg Barton

Ordered spicy breast, got a thigh. Went back, got 2 thighs stuck together, no breast. Got a breast on 3rd try. My partner ordered red beans and rice, got mashed potatoes. Quay, who waited on us gave us more attitude than service.

m wright

Rude employees. I am a dasher and the lady's food I was picking up was picked up from another dasher. The other dasher canceled the order midway and stole the lady's food. Doordash reached out to have them make the ladys food and nobody answered the phone.Trying to talk to the employees and figure this out were awful as well.

Ben DeFoor

Service was good. But it seems popeyes cuts a lot of corners. Highest priced chicken ive ever see. Plus a little biscuit and you dont even get a whole chicken tender. Its thinner than normal chicken.Food: 1/5

Latasha Wilkerson

The food was good, customer service was outstandingThe only problem I witnessed lady working drive thru was eating, drinking and licking her fingers not once did she go wash her handsFood: 5/5

Jazmine Webb

The people taking orders need to start repeating orders when people are in drive thru!! I couldn’t tell you how many times this popeyes has over charged me. The food is never fresh, I don’t see how places like this even stay in the food industry! This is ridiculous! Do better!

Deborah Parks

I've been a loyal customer of Popeyes for 21+ yrs all over in different states. I thought I'd give this one another try. The register was down. The spicy at this location isn't the same recipe. Some of the sides seem "watered down" too. Different owners/management?Food: 3/5

Mark Ross

Great food. Drive thru lines usually long. Inside store often a madhouse. I recommend waiting In vehicle at the drive thru. App has some good specials and a rewards club.Food: 5/5

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