Golden Buffet

4720 Little Rd, Arlington
(817) 478-8880

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Tony Simonson

For the price, you get a lot of choices and the buffet was good. Just like anywhere you go, some dishes were better than others and some could have been better. The shrimp was good but I can tell the crab meat was imitation. I grew up on seafood so I know the difference.

Kelly Hill

This is horrible. They only put out small amounts of food. Spent $70.00 on nothing. Don't go. The cook looked so dirty and had a bad attitude. The restaurant had old boxes and food containers pilled up. The Souchi looked like it had been out under a heat lamp for hours. If you like dirty restaurant's with food you can buy in the freezer section of any store and pay top price for it then this is the place for you. Hello health inspectors do your job and shut this place down and maybe someone can get the cook to go to rehab or A.A. and introduce that guy to a shower and soap.

Sherri M.

This has been my parents' go-to for lunch after Sunday church services, all birthdays, and special occasions for the past 11+ years. We were saddened very much to find a letter dated March 22, 2022 from their building management taped on their window (from the inside) this past Thursday night stating that the restaurant is closed until their rent is paid. The amount is very high, like $402,000+. We had no idea they were behind in rent. The staff had always been very friendly and had watched my twins grow up over the years. We had gone this past Thursday to celebrate their 11th birthday and my twins were looking forward to receiving their special birthday treat with grapes carved to look like rabbits since their Chinese zodiac sign is the rabbit.

Kenny Neyhart

Love the food,we go so often if there is something we want fresh all we have to do is ask. Love the ladies(waitresses) so nice and fun with us.

Veronica Johnson-Carter

Very good food. They reopened and it's as good as before! My Grandkids love it also! Everyone's got to try it

Jose Gutierrez

Some Food was cold and some warm I like my food hot.and we end up waiting for some dishes this place need to put more attention on this matter.

Grisel Blanco-Garcia

My family and I were quite impressed with this place. I will start out with the most important aspect of a restaurant: cleanliness. He bathrooms and the dining area were impeccably clean! The food was delicious! Everything looked fresh and the food is of very good quality. There’s variety in foods and variety in the desert section! I couldn’t believe their ice cream selection! There were about 6 or 8 different flavors and it’s not the nasty quality soft serve, it’s actual ice cream! That’s besides the cakes, puddings, cookies, etc. we will definitely continue to visit this place and can’t recommend it enough!!! Five stars all around!!!

JD Blanco

We came here on Christmas night because nothing was open elsewhere in our area. I’m so GLAD we did. I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED by the food, and also their ice cream selection. I’ve been to many other Chinese/Asian buffets and wasn’t all that great, but this spot has great price and good food, and amazing service as well! Definitely recommend them!

april L

Food was not good and there was a roach on one of the buffets by the rice. When we showed an employee he just said sorry and squished it with his bare hand. Our waitress was nice tho

BJ Cooper

Super clean. Always hot and delicious!

Kurt Thompson

Food was good but not the biggest selection

Mainaz Staggs

Hardly any meat in their in the food. I have been too many Chinese buffets this is the worse I have ever been too. It’s supposed to be rush hour it’s 1.15 pm when we arrived hardly anything no shrimp ? on the buffet let n we show you the pictures

Korey Williams

I usually have a good experience but not this time. They told me my 10 yr old was an adult. The food was not fresh, and the selections seemed fewer. I paid $90 for that?

Martha Stark

This was the first time that my husband and I had been there. I think it was the 2nd time for our son and daughter in law to be there.They have concerns for the health of the public.They have safety measures in place.They have hand sanitizer to use and gloves for the patrons to wear before handling the spoons for self service .The food was awesome and the staff was kind and friendly. The restaurant was clean enough. The restroom needed to be cleaned up a bit. But it was adequate.All in all it was a nice place to eat and the food WAS awesome as earlier stated.And we plan to visit there again.It gets 5 stars for the staff and the food.

Gabriela P.

My husband and I came across this place super last minute. The service was great and the food was fantastic! Definitely worth a try!

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