Peter's Chicken, Burger, Wings, & Seafood

1823 E Abram St, Arlington
(817) 459-2662

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Lorenzo Young

Great take-out joint. It's got anything you may be craving. Burgers, wings or even fried rice.Food: 5/5

Jeanet Richardson (Jay)

The service was amazing. The food was fresh and definitely worth the priceFood: 5/5

Eghosa Aghimien

3rd time ordering through Grubhub. Food is always fresh. Price point is extremely reasonable!No complaints!

n park

Great service and food. Fish and chicken wings were seasoned and goood. Came back the next day for 2 double burgers!! Big and full of flavor. Definitely try them

Rosaria Ambriz

Just ordered from here, fries were seasoned really well! Fairly fast, food tastes great

LaLa Bear

Catfish as big as my foot and can't be compared to my hand. You can tell they put a lot of love into what they serve even small items like fried okra which has some sort of delicious seasoning sprinkled on top and the toast is not only buttered but has garlic seasoning on it as well. I'm not just impressed with their food but also their customer service is top notch and I highly recommend this place ?


Food is great but start using aluminum foil in plastic togo boxes because this is what you gave me.

Diane Gutierrez

Most places advertise photos of their food and nine times out of 10 they're very deceiving. Peter's food looks better then the pictures and tastes 10 times better than it looks! I recommend this small restaurant with a big menu with lots of flavor to everyone!Kid-friendliness: They have a great kids menu

Agent 8

Prompt service, friendly staff, fresh and delicious food. Skip the mac and cheese tho, it doesnt taste like anything.GREAT chicken tenders.Thank you!Food: 5/5


Burgers are pretty good and big for the price, but their chicken is mid in all forms. Wings, fried, just stick to the burgers.

seth pompe

Fresh made to order food. Fires were awesome. Fried chicken was slammmmin. So fire. And that burger was so big I needed three hands to hold and eat it. That double cheeseburger was so dang good. That burger weighted more then my newborn lol. So full man. Well worth the money. Do ur self a favor and don't eat all day or week and come here. U will be hooked up.

Susan Santoyo

The burgers are delicious ? worth the wait . Ha

Tru Royalty

Waiting outside for 30min finally went inside and they had my food under the light like a call in order. Definitely won't be back!

J Andrews

Super disappointing experience; fried oysters and fish were overpriced for what was received. Ordered catfish and got tilapia (overwhelming phosphate solution taste) ....the fried oysters were the size of nickels (with the batter coating) and apparently deep fried in the same oil as some corn tortillas which was a little concerning as I didn't see any menu items that had corn tortillas. This visit was early on a Friday morning ( 11:30 AM and only one other customer ) and using the drive thru, my my order took 26 minutes to make after having paid and being asked to wait in the parking spaces at front. I really didn't expect too much from this converted dairy queen, but for $ 26.58 I didn't expect to be so shorted on edible food.07-13-22 response to owner ; A reasonable person after investing as much time as I already had, shouldn't have to waste more time for what y'all should have got right the first time.

lisa brown

Bought three cheeseburgers and 3 orders of fries, didn't take the drinks because I thought they were individual cups. It was 2 liter bottle. I could ki k myself!24 plus cents. It was worth the wait. Old fashion burgers with substantial beef pattie, tomatoes ,ect...Hot when I got them and hot when I got home 20 minutes later. Worth the wait!!!.Photos are half eaten...LOL.

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Peter's Chicken, Burger, Wings, & Seafood

1823 E Abram St, Arlington, TX 76010
(817) 459-2662