Sesame House

2195 W Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington
(817) 446-1119

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Adrienne Morrow

Prices are fair. Lunch portion is grand. Food tasted fantastic. We were very pleased and will order again!We had our food delivered from the restaurant. On time and packaged well.Food: 5/5


I had have been getting American style Chinese food from here for almost 30 yrs . The food has always been consistently good. Highlights include, spring rolls (shrimp and lightly pickled cabbage and carrots). But not the egg rolls. Both wonton(filled with ground pork and seasoning), and the hot and sour soup. Moo goo Gai pan. Tender pieces of chicken breast,tossed in a light sauce with celery, carrots, garlic, and water chestnuts. Try it with some fresh lemon juice. Also any version of mu shu. 5 Chinese "tortillas, and a generous amount of mu shu meat with lots of mushrooms, carrots, onions, and celery. Honestly nothing bad on the menu. Food and ingredients are always fresh, and generous. Also their delivery staff are top notch. Occasionally your order may take a bit longer than you expect. But that is because this place is so popular for delivery, and they only have a limited kitchen and delivery staff. With that said, the wait is worth it.

Roderick Smith

Food is trash i had orange chicken once and recently just had the chicken fried rice and both was disgusting and i believe the chicken was under cooked both times. Sont waste hr time or money..Food: 1/5

Andrea Todd

Have never dined in and it's certainly nothing fancy, but the food is SOOOOOOOO good! We love it so much, especially the lo mein and the dumplings. Oh, the dumplings!Food: 5/5


Love sesame house for take out in Arlington. Portions are always good and I have leftovers for a couple days as my lunches. 3% fee for card transactions but they do the card at the door and I like that feature. They are timely and always get my order correct. Thank you sesame house

Stacy Callaghan

Specify "special" or they'll give you the main menu pricing for exactly the same food. 2 orders of orange chicken. Instead of 8 bucks, I was charged 12 bucks. Also will add more, specified 2 egg rolls, charged for 4 egg rolls (2 per order). Egg rolls are an over priced extra. Food is good, but you have to watch out or they'll overcharge.

Ron Cope

So we ordered the Mei Fun dish. Also had some orange chicken. The serving sizes are very very large.Food: 5/5

Gary Norman

Excellent food, always nice and hot. Nice portions, always have leftovers for the next day ? Never had an issue with my order for takeout not being correct.

John Doubledee

We've ordered from here several times and have always enjoyed our selections. The portions are huge which allows for sharing. There is a daily special menu with lower prices but the portions seem the same as the regular priced items.

James Bruns

Fair warning to the unsuspecting. They now charge a 3% fee for using credit cards. The food has always been good over the years but sadly, I won't go back due to the credit card surcharge.

Nerdbama Rich

Been coming here for years. Family owned place with very good food and huge portions.

Shawn Jones

Not sure what this meat is but it's not chicken. Had a beef flavor but what ever it is had a gray color. Didn't taste right at all. Rice was good. But I have no idea what this is. It was not goodFood: 1/5

Jillian Ysac

Delicious! Veggies are large chunks, doesn’t look like something out of a package. Lot of food for good price too.

Elizabeth Wayman

Not sure how this place has a 4 star rating. My second time ordering in a span of 2 years and it still was not good. All I ordered were egg rolls today and they were not very good.

Constance Kennedy

I don't know how this place earned 4 1/2 stars. The food was flavorless, and some of it was undercooked. Add to that, the sweet n sour sauce tasted more like medicine.No need to visit ever again.

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