The Chicken Hut

426 E Lamar Blvd Ste 110, Arlington
(682) 270-0004

Recent Reviews

Clayton Ervin

Nice sized burger, juicy and flavorful definitely coming back.

Tom T.

Yep 5 ***** they go up and beyond food preperaration and service. The ownership will make sure they always have something new and different for you to try. I went in thinking I wanted chicken tenders, but NO Chicken Marsala (special Item) was the winner and it was Spectacular, and enough for two meals. I will be back to try everything because you can tell the creativity from the chef, he will add his special touches to every dish.

Scotty V.

The menu has variety.Creamy Chicken Tikka was delicious, very juicy.I ordered the chicken wings, but unfortunately the wings were uncooked near the bone. I was unable to eat it.

Joshua Fetsch

I had the chicken 65, and it was delicious! The food is reasonably priced and the owners are friendly. I'll definitely be coming back.

Faizan Memon

Foodelicious Hot wings, Grilled Chicken, Shrimps, Fish and Burgers, Must go again

Texzilla Z.

I inadvertently found this on yelp and decided to give it a shot. Glad I did! Theyve been open only two weeks and are still getting their sea legs running a restaurant. It's a tough location on Lamar as visibility from street sucks so I hope they can drive a strong social media game.The place is very different menu wise from the name. It's an Indian inspired mashup of different things and they're doing breakfast lunch and dinner. For now the food is a solid four, what little I've had, but the service is over the top so it's a 5. I really like this place's potential.The two gentlemen running the place are friendly and welcoming. I got there at an odd time so I was alone. I sat down and had some questions about the wide ranging menu and specials. I asked about the Chilli Chicken special and the chef brought me a sample plate of it with some basmati rice. It was wonderful with big chunks of chicken and a spicy sauce. I asked about the chicken 65 and again a sample plate came out. Nice chunks of chicken fried with a spicy tight sauce, like an Indian General Tso chicken. They have a hamburger as a special, which they said was charbroiled and I want to try it. Be sure to read the menu as some items come with fries or a side and others don't. They have fried chicken but also a Portuguese peri peri chicken with olives and tomatoes. The creamy chicken tikka is a kebob, not a masala, and it looked great. I selected the chilli chicken with basmati, and the a split order of 1/2 fried shrimp 1/2 grilled shrimp. The fried shrimp were good though I prefer a lighter batter than this heavy breading. The grilled shrimp though are perfection, and next time I'll just get these. I'd prefer they do a standard version of a cocktail sauce and tartar sauce for the shrimp. The red sauce provided wasn't flavorful. Both shrimp dishes should come with a choice of fries or rice. They should also make that chilli chicken with shrimp. The breakfast side is a bit confusing as they don't use standard American terms for eggs. Half fried eggs are sunny side up, full fried eggs are over easy, The staff is so friendly and accomodating I will support them. Check them out and give them a shot. I really enjoyed my meal.

Entrepreneur Memon

Very Delicious Food, Need to go there again especially for the Spicy fish, Burger, Hot wings and Chicken 65

Ahmedullah Syed

Wonderful Burgers, Hot wings, Spicy Fish, and Grilled Chicken. Must go again ASAP

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