Fortune Star Chinese & Thai Cuisine

27379 E University Dr Suite 800, Aubrey
(972) 433-1056

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Tammy Kelly

My mother pulled this from her mouth. I washed it off and discovered it was a sharp hunk of wood. I had to insist eight times for the manager to get on the phone, he said he was too busy. He expressed no concern that his food could send someone to ER. The immediate response is they don’t use wood Cooking utensils, no concern for my family or the possibility other persons food may have sharp hunks of wood. Patrick’s response was only defensive. He refunded my money and expressed he hopes I return. Why would I want to eat hazardous food? Especially after seeing another review pic who pulled a screw from their food. What the heck are they doing in that kitchen to get building scraps in their food? I no longer care, because I’m never eating from there again.

Al Mooshy

We wanted for this place to be our go to Chinese restaurant. Our1st. Time trying fortune star it was great they Delivered to our area. We ordered egg rolls, spring rolls, shrimp fried rice, vegetable beef and sesame chicken. As I started to eat my wife told me to stop! There was a clump up hair hanging form my mouth! It was Gross!!! We called they did offer to give us a refund on the sesame chicken. I guess we have to keep searching for decent Chinese food.

George W.

A new Chinese Restaurant near Little Elm. We were surprised to find it and glad we visited.The Fortune Star dining room was clean. Ordering was easy, and the counter person was courteous and helpful.The portions are generous at Fortune Star and the food was very good. Both tasty and flavorful. Enough leftovers for a meal the next day.I highly recommend Fortune Star Chinese Restaurant!

Lou Martorano

Food was OK. Clean and friendly staff. Sauce was a bit to sweet on pad thai.

Nicole Creal

Love this place!I was looking for Chinese delivery in my area who doesn't use Door Dash or Uber. This place popped up as an option. I ordered and was super impressed. Delivery was received within 30 mins., price was reasonable, food was hot, flavor was spot on, and portion sizes were very good. This place reminds me of old school Chinese food I used to have back home. I've been looking for a place like this since I moved here 11 years ago. Will definitely order from here again, matter of fact, I'm about to order right now.

James Wilson

Finally a Chinese restaurant that does not hide the flavor of the food with salt and MSG. Wanton soup has light colored broth, again no heavy salt. Very clean. Will definitely come back. I ordered snow pea beef with carrots and watercress. Large portions...too much to eat at one sitting.

Liz B

First off, the restaurant is VERY clean. The young man who took my order was extremely polite. I ordered to go in person and my order was prepared in under 10 minutes. I was offered something to drink while I waited which was nice. I got the small egg drop soup and the Mongolian chicken. The small egg drop soup is a really good serving and the fried wonton nice and crispy. The soup isn't too salty, but next time I'll ask them to add green onions. The Mongolian chicken has a lot of chicken and is mixed with a good sauce, onions, green onions and the dried peppers. Serving size is good. I got the steamed rice and again serving size is good. I have enough for leftovers and everything was still piping hot when I got it home. It was about $16 total with tax, but of course I added a tip. Maybe a tad on the pricey side, but I should get at least 2 meals from it so maybe not. I would order from here again as it is close to my house. Overall, I was very pleased.

ann marie

$45 for “Bamboo Steamed” Canned mushrooms ? and Mongolian Beef “sauce on the side”My second try and just laughable they can’t do instructions, or fresh ingredients.

Rhianna Mclaurian

Really good food! We haven’t had everything on the menu but the shrimp rolls, while a little pricey, are delicious! The hot and sour soup, lettuce wraps, fried rice, chicken with broccoli, sweet and sour chicken—all delicious! For a small “fast food” restaurant, they serve top notch food. So glad they opened nearby!

Travis Haak

Great portion size, food was great. Egg Drop soup was lacking a little flavor but good. Plus the staff was really friendly. Will be back.

Rick Rogers

Online ordering was very good, delivery was quick and the General Tso Chicken was pretty good.The rice was terrible, under cooked, flavorless.The hot and sour soup needed more heat and was missing the Sour.The pan fried dumplings were doughy.The worst part was the sauces. I asked for duck, hot mustard, sweet and sour and dumpling sauces. The hot mustard was watered down and was not something I have tasted before or want to taste again. Same for the others.Just not worth the money. Just my opinion.I will not order again.


The food is just plain ole good. The portions are enough for two meals which is awesome for me b/c I love leftovers !We are already been twice and for sure will be back. No more driving all the way to Dallas for good Chinese food. Try it and decide for yourself, but you will not be disappointed.

Lisa Craig

I ordered Mongolian chicken, it had NO Veggies in it just a ton of Onions and very very Greasy. I Ordered a bag of (Crispy noodles) which they Charged me a dollar for them. Well, I have bought them at other Chinese restaurants for 50 cents a bag, the bag was not even full and the noodles were So Stale. My Stomach begin TO hurt immediately after just eating a small amount. I threw the rest away, I pray that My Garbage disposal will work tomorrow! I won't be eating there ever again, trust that.

Kevin Halter

I just became aware of this newly opened restaurant and decided to give it a try. It turned out to be a fabulous experience and I wanted to share it with all who seek quality Chinese cuisine, like some of the finest established restaurants provide.I ordered Orange chicken and my wife ordered beef broccoli. The first thing I noticed with my orange chicken was the exquisite sauce which contained some small bits of orange peels that gave it the perfect flavor like one would expect from top echelon restaurants. The beef broccoli was made with nice and tender beef and the sauce was exceptional. Lastly, I want to mention my unexpected surprise tasting my steamed rice. It was nothing like the ordinary rice that one gets from so many of the fast food restaurants, whose rice simply sticks together. Frankly, I never had better!The menu choices are extensive and also contain a few of Thai dishes.

Lisseth Campos

Tried this place for the first time today! I am so glad we finally have a great Chinese food place. The egg rolls and orange chicken are so tasty!

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