Pizza Hut

1408 E Broadway Ave, Gladewater
(903) 845-5571

Recent Reviews

Meghan The one who knocks

We had the oven baked pasta bowls .. quick and friendly... the online app was incredibly easy to use . Those pasta bowls hit the spot!!

Tammy Vickery

Very sweet and helpful young lady helped me decide what kind of pizza sounded best to me ??? and brought a hot delicious meal to my table


Another great Pizza Hut buffet and friendly staff. Love it on Sundays!!

Candice Garcia

Server was nice, restaurant was clean and inviting. We ordered 2 pizzas and wings. When the food came it wasn't what we ordered. Waitress kinda just shrugged and walked away.

Chris Smoot

The service is always very good. The pizza is hit and miss.

john pessink

The waitress had to come ask twice what we wanted to drink. Completely forgot our appetizer and got the crust wrong on my pizza. Barley paid any attention to us and brought us the check in the middle of eating. Never checked our drinks for refills. She wasn't rude by any means. Just seems like waiting tables wasn't the job for her

Cheyanna Ramsey

This Pizza Hut really has a special place in our hearts & our small town, we love to dine in and feel the vibe. Also, the waitresses, after Buffet, donate the unused pizzas to other local communities. really have stepped up their game, HIGHLY recommend.

shawn donaldson

I recently placed a order for delivery when it arrived the containers for my wings and apple pies had been damaged and the ranch busted open in the bag. Which was no big deal. But Then I opened my pizza and found that half my toppings where stuck to the roof of the box. In which I thought ok I’ll call the store they will make this right. Maybe a new pizza or a store credit something. But instead the manager makes accusations that I’m lying about the whole situation, in which I explain to him that I did not appreciate it and I would not be using their services anymore!!! “Domino’s I am your number one fan”

Dewey Behrens

Great buffet. Nice salad bar and all is well stocked. Buffet from 11:30 to 1:00 Mon - Fri.

Cody Wells

Maybe the best Pizza Hut I’ve ever been to. The buffet was full, the food was hot, every surface of every part of the restaurant was clean, even the bathrooms were emasculate. Service was extremely fast, polite, and attentive.

Charlotte Lovegrove

We ordered 3 pizzas that all had 3 toppings each, and were all different from one another, even the crusts. They were prepared exactly as we asked. Great job you guys!

Ronda Taylor

Pizza was not hot. Driver didn’t bring condiments. Ask for them to bring if you are getting delivery.

Michael Gasperik

Thursday night dine in, $1 pizzas! The staff was super friendly, and the salad was great too. I'll have to stop in on Thursdays more often.

Michael W. Carr

How are you love Pizza Hut supreme pizzas. I've really enjoyed these deep dish pan supreme pizza and have been hitting them for several years. In fact, 1 year I ate so many pizzas that they invited me to the corporate office in Dallas for a taste-testing sample that they were offering to a limited number of us. So I got to eat lots of pizza and they paid me to eat their Pizza. A nice experience.Anyway, this was my first experience at this Pizza Hut and it's nice that they still have a few dine-in restaurants throughout Texas that I have found. This one offers a all you can eat buffet during lunch hours Sunday through Friday.Staff was a little overworked and overwhelmed with the sheer number of people in the restaurant. Took a little bit longer than normal to get my to-go order prepared and to me I felt but bottom line the taste was fabulous. Ordered one regular Supreme deep dish and another thin crust pepperoni 1/2 and chicken 1/2 and they were devoured between four of us in no time. Prices are pretty good still. Apparently the buffet price is even better if you are able to do the buffet at their lunch hour. Looks like it had a great selection of pizza and large variety of salad options. Did not really have a lot for covid-19 protection but nobody seemed to care. Place was packed. People were happy full.


This place used to be very good, once the pizza was undercooked or something cus it tasted like gummy cheese and dough if that makes sense. The next / last time it tasted cooked alright but like there was barely enough sauce. I dont know whats going on, but i dont think i personally will eat here again unless this issue is fixed or worked on being resolved.

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