Papa John's Pizza

2091 C South, US-183, Leander
(512) 515-4444

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Tim Golden

It's pizza, so it can't be too bad. The Shaq crust wasn't thin or crispy as I thought it would be. My kids loves it but they're 3 and 4. If you want to check the box for pizza, it's affordable and decent. Moderate taste and texture expectations however.

Liz Lee

We ordered the Shaq pizza and it wasn't covered in pepperoni like it was supposed to be.

Ryan Rayle

Never had a problem with this locations service. Always on time or early with deliveries.

Carol Elsasser

The Leander Papa John's thin crust pizzas are delicious and they give military members and retirees a Military Discount.

Betty Vanmill

Order a regular pepperoni pizza online when I received it it had bbq sauce instead of marina sauce called store they told me they couldn't do anything because that's supposedly what I ordered. That wasn't what was order that's what their system order for me. Very disappointed will not order from here again

maria wiley

Great pizza but not required to wear a mask while prepping food?

Juaquin Garza

Longest phone call ever due to the fact that the employee working was totally not understandable. I've must of spent 10 minutes just to order a basic pizza or was it? Once getting there, 15 minutes later they told me that my pizza was barely behing made, I had to wait 10 minutes . After those 10 minutes I finally got my pizza just to realize there was ABSOLUTELY no cheese and no suace, just my toppings on a piece of TOAST. After rushing in the store to complain I had to wait 10 more minutes. After more waiting they finally got the order right. At least I got a litter of soda for free.

Nathan Keith

I love this Papa Johns! I order here for my family and we have ordered from them for our Cub Scout meetings. Even if there has been a problem with an order, they were very quick to get it fixed to my satisfaction.

Tammy Jones

Very nice woman tonight. She was Very helpful. However she was the only one working in the store. Also, the bathroom didn't have any toilet seat covers. That's why i took off one star. But, got home, foods is amazing!! Thank you

liana mcqueen

Tonight we ordered a pizza and after waiting over an hour for it, we called to check on it. We were told that they had the wrong address and when they tried calling us the phone number was incorrect also. Our card was already charged. From the sound of it, we would have been waiting all night for that pizza if we wouldn’t have called to check on it. No apology was given.

Suraj Bhide

Service was good and pizza was great as well

Wade Reynolds

The food was delivered fast and was accurate and great. Everyone in the family enjoyed it. No issues, just good food and a great experience.

Patty G.

Love this location. They have had some great delivery drivers the last few months and my food has always been delivered fresh. The manager Wendy has incredible customer service and always helps me when I need a surplus amount of pizzas for my work.

Nicthe Garcia

Wendy has no customer service experience whatsoever! The delivery guy dropped off the pizza to the the wrong house so I called to let the know my order was wrong. The gentleman I spoke to 1st was friendly, apologetic & offered a refund. I was upset because this is not the 1st time this happens. I have 4 hungry kids waiting for their pizza & now my neighbors pizza is cold & I have to wait for him to turn around & deliver the right order to me. Wendy was unapologetic & said the driver barely made it a block from my house so my pizza was not going to be cold therefore there was no need for a refund. She hung up on me when I was not done talking so I called back & asked for her name & she yelled "wendy!" & again we were disconnected. I order from this location at least once per week but rest assure I will no longer order from this location again.

Scott Pitre

No complaints great pizza

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