651 N U.S. Hwy 183 Suite 245, Leander
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Amber Veness

We ordered from Uber eats, and while I wasn’t expecting great...I was hoping for ok. First, my sons order never made it. My daughters order had very small amount of meat and her veggies were pretty in not fresh at all. Mine had almost no meat, no cheese at all and basically ended up eating bread with my son for our lunch. To top it daughter ended up with some stomach issues about 20 mins after eating. I have no intention of returning here.

Cheryl Foster

I ordered on-line, when I got home with my order the sandwiches were smashed, they did have what I ordered to go on them, one was suppose to have just a little mayo, it was saturated. The tomatoes were mostly just the end pieces mostly skin not tomatoes to speak of and the lettuce was brown . My husband's sandwich wasn't any better. Sad excuse for a Subway. VERY disappointed.

Mike Boga

No wonder this location has a 3.3 rating. They don't answer the phone! There're not getting my business!!

Alex Hassell

They are never open they open when they want to why would you shut down on a Saturday?

s w.

I ordered online and marked the sandwhiches to be toasted. Ate some and realized it hadnt been toasted. I call to ask about it and the man said he watched the tapes and it was toasted....ive had these sandwhiches both ways and if they did put it in the toaster it wasnt in near long enough. He says I can come in and they can toast it. I say its already been made though and and I didnt have the time right now. "Well Im sorry" click. He hangs up on me before I can try to work out something. I call answer so I keep calling till he picks up. Was rude as can be, raising his voice at me, when I asked for his manager he said he was and the owner. I tell him his customer service skills are horrific and he says my human being skills are horrific and to "f*** off lady"

Jake Louis

I went in with some friends and both the people working were not by the counter and when they finally came out they looked were rude and whispered about us to each other. They also looked very unpresentable and like they had just woken up. Often the workers are flirting more than being helpful.

ingrid jones

I am literally leaving the store right now. It's 9:07pm and the stores signs says that it closes at 10:00 p.m. The open sign is already off there are 6 teenagers in the store. So I thought the store was closed, until I read the sign. All of them are in street clothes but one. Two of them, in street clothes, were behind the counter and they're already breaking down to clean to close at 10. I asked What time they closed and the guy told me about 9:45. I said, well the sign says 10:00 p.m. and he just looked at me. What is that about?

Maryruth Dilling

Ordered through Favor. Took an hour and ten minutes to get my order. Then the order had cheese in it, which I am allergic to. Cannot eat the salad. Not worth the drive back to get the refund.

marty butler

If I could give 0 stars I would. Not only did this Subway make my entire family's sandwiches wrong the Manager Romone constantly belittled his employees and stormed around the place yelling at a veterinarian who complained about his sandwich. Romone yelled at the couple to the point where half of the costmers left including the couple. After they left he then continued to complain to the costmers that where still eating about the couple behind there back until he left for the day. This was disturbing to watch and listen to this Manager have a temper tantrum though Subway. We felt bad for the employees for having to deal with such a child. I've gone to this subway for 11 years and I do not plan to continue to support a place that disrespects are U.S heros.

christopher burnett

Man i came in for lunch and the lady infront of me had no clue what she wanted was very difficult to watch her struggle through her sandwich making experience but the nice woman behind the counter Amy helped her promptly and politely while matt was assisting me with my tuna sandwhich..... One of the better subways ive been to in awhile


Went there to get sandwiches for dinner and they were out of nearly everything we asked for. Regardless of not being able to help being out of things there is obviously something not being done right..whoever is in charge of ordering isn’t doing their job Correctly. I never go to fast food places much anymore and this is why. Will not return to subway ever again.

Manuel Gonzales

Pretty fast service and corteous here on lunch so time is of the essence

Herbert Jauregui

I love coming to subway, need more specials

Sergio Q.

Went here about 730pm with my kids and the girl behind the counter, I asked her for name and she said Liz! She started to make my sons sandwich and as she was heating it up another girl who was sweeping the floor and slamming tables and chairs like a crazy person comes over behind the counter and says what else, mind you she did wash her hands, she put gloves on but again did not wash her hands! I tell her I'm good and I will have Liz finish our sandwiches! The black girl rolls her eyes and just stands there like a idiot blocking the Liz from the condiments! The owner needs to teach her some customer service skills and some hygiene! I'm going to be reporting this to the Leander Health Department! Totally ruined my dinner and the sandwich was not very good, bread was hard a rock because it just sat there while they tried to figure out how to add my loyalty points! Then they ring me up and take money before the food was done! I will never eat at this dump! Again if you don't like your job, go get one you like!

Julie Fix

Went in later on a Sunday. Noticed the workers were younger but decent service.

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