Alfredo's Pizza & Pasta

2305 S State Hwy 121, Lewisville
(972) 315-0090

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Ethan Britt

This has been my go to for several months. Recently we had some sub par food from here and decided to try again and it was just as bad. We called and found out they changed management and redid most of their recipes and started using a "home-made" pizza stone which gives the entire pizza a crispy texture and have started making them much thinner/less substantial. The baked ziti has a gritty texture, lacks any substantial tomato sauce flavor, and the person on the phone confirmed they stopped using some spices including garlic powder because "they can cause issues for some people". If you're interested in bland food with a hand wavy "it's better for you", then I guess this is the place for you now. Rest in peace original Alfredo's--EDITI talked with the new management and see they are switching to a more Mediterranean style while keeping the branding, which explains a lot. I personally don't agree with this since the existing customers are expecting Italian style food when ordering, though added a star since I'm judging it as an Italian restaurant when isn't one anymore.

Ming Qiu

We were in town for swimming meet. Follow the reviews and came to this restaurant. Swimmers need to eat carb, Italian food is definitely popular. Multiple families tried this place and we all agreed it was probably THE worst Italian food we ever had.Thank you for correcting my spelling. If the local enjoys your food that is great for your business. We travel a lot for swim meets and depends heavily on reviews for restaurant choices. Coming from Austin that offers a lot of great food, your restaurant is just not up to part with our expectation of 4.5 stars. That is all.

Maria Bemont

We went due to the great reviews, sat down and ordered, but once we starred looking around, we could not believe how dirty everything was. I thought maybe what we were looking at was an honest oversight, but I took a stroll around the restaurant, and visited the bathroom. It was awful and super dirty everywhere. I couldn't fathom eating there. We excused ourselves, and told the waitress our reasoning for leaving. I hope the owner has been told, but really, perhaps he or she hasn't been able to come in to see the state of the store. I hope it's been addressed, but if not, it's in need of a cleaning crew!


Waited 5 minutes to be seated even though the place was empty. Food slow to come out and when it arrived it was nothing special. Surprisingly the ratings were so favorable…. Not worth a stop in Dallas. Plenty of good food elsewhere.


Eggplant was burned had to call the server back and ask for salad that was suppose to come as part of the entree. Chicken Murphy was mediocre. Spaghetti had so little sauce it was dry . The only palatable item was the meatball. Service was extremely slow and you had to ask for everything We order garlic cheese bread and the server brought out plain garlic bread. So we had to wait again for the server to correct this error. We still had no silverware and had to ask for same. We should have left then but we kept hoping for improvement that never happened How this place got a 4.5 rating Is will never know but it certainly does not deserve it. I understand it has changed hands recently so I would not recommend wasting your money and time until they figure out how to run a business. We were there on a Saturday and there was 1 server for the entire restaurant and the service was pitiful.

Lori Anderson

Not busy, but Very slow service, others came in after us and got their food well before we did. Mom ordered spaghetti with meat sauce and it was a good 45 min after we came in 3 of us finally got our food and Moms spaghetti still was not served ! She took it to go, but rather would have been served when the rest of the table was served ! May be our last visit to an old favorite restaurant! So sad!

César Quintero

Sadly the experience wasn’t good at all. We got there at noon that is when they open. Mozzarella fingers tasted like oil was old and burned. My wife ordered chicken fettuccine and the chicken was tasteless, precooked and added to the pasta ?? and lasagna taste was nowhere near to be found.Even bread wasn’t good at all, the excuse the gentle young man gave us was that we got there to early and they where just starting!!! Really?

Maribel Villarreal

I'm giving it a one star only because I can't give it zero stars. We've been customers of Alfredo's for over 20 years. I'm really disappointed of the treatment received by 2 ignorant and rude girls that work there, Rosa and Kensi. We ordered 2 pizzas, one with light sauce. We received both pizza's with NO SAUCE. They said they would not replace the one pizza and kept hanging up on me. Freda took pride in her restaurant and treated her customers with respect. This place is definitely not the same since Freda sold it. This restaurant should not bare the Alfredo's name, not even close to the same restaurant and same customer service. As for me and my family, they have lost our business and I will definitely let all family and friends know not to waste their time going to this place.

Mario Ruiz

The salad house dressing is delicious.

Sheila Sanchez

Cute cozy place with friendly staff! Rating it 4/5 because the chicken on my pasta lacked some seasoning but the sauce was amazing. Their pizza is also pretty good :)

Tyler C.

The pizza was amazing. Great amount of cheese and perfectly baked. The atmosphere wasn't anything special, but when I look for a place I look at the food. Great pizza, would get again.

Ron Viens

I first came here for pizza about a year ago, and I wasn't impressed with it. But now, a year later, my son suggested that we try it again, so we came in for lunch, and WOW! ...what a difference! The pizza is much improved. My waitress said that it might be due to new ownership. The pizza was juicy and delicious. I did request a side bowl of pizza sauce, which I received, since I personally like lots of sauce on my pizza. If they stay consistent, I will definitely make this my regular pizza stop.

Kassandra Juarez

I’ve ordered this place on doordash, which was pretty good so my friend and I decided to come into the restaurant for dinner. At 6pm as soon as you walk in, there’s a homeless man passed out at the table close to the door, grunting in his sleep, then I went to the restroom which was not in good condition. So we decided to leave and Find another authentic Italian restaurant.

Lemm 7.

Terrible. We have been coming for over a decade here. The min they sold it to new people it went downhill. The food quality is just not the same. The waitress and front don't make you feel welcoming. It's terrible they are takin on a amazing restaurant and turning it into trash

Viewtiful Chaos (Michael Funk)

The food here is delicious! I tried the chicken alfredo pasta and the sauce was on point with chunks of real chicken in it. It also was a lot less salty than Olive Garden, which is a good thing! I would come back again for more local dishes to try.

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