Lucky panda cafe

1511 Justin Rd, Lewisville
(972) 317-9878

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Muralidhara Subbaraya

Mediocre food. Asked them chicken fried rice to go as an extra after lunch. It only had 5 piece of chicken. What we ordered to eat there, chicken portion were ok. Never buy to go order.

Jeff F.

Great food, great prices, This is my go to Chinese food restaurant. I have eaten at the location and have delivery done and have never had a complaint. Not once.

Amanda Rush

I picked up an online order and when I got home I called to let them know they had forgotten to include my egg drop soup. 5 minutes later someone delivered the soup to my front door. They came in the middle of a tornado warning! Best customer service I have received. Their food is always amazing and they really go the extra mile.

Joel R.

One of the best Chinese restaurants in the area. Warm, friendly family that owns and runs it. Generous portions, hot and ready to go in a short time.

Kevin B.

First time visit to Lucky Panda Cafe today March 25 2022. I ordered #60 Beef Szechuan with fried rice and crab rangoons. Once I got home with my order I realized they gave me Szechuan chicken instead of beef. Not a big deal only few dollars different. It tasted really good would have liked actual whole red peppers in the Szechuan like the authentic dish normally would have,but it was still spicy and flavourful. The fried rice that came with it seemed to be brown rice which I am not a huge fan of. The crab rangoons were very good and nit a bad price. The restaurant has several areas to sit if you would like to dine in and the restaurant is very clean and kept up with. The employees are very nice and patient. I look forward to another visit and try a different plant.

Marquita Kimbrough

Wanted to give them a try and was highly disappointed!! The fried rice tastes like it was a week old no flavor at all, couldn't even eat it completely disgusting!!! The lomein was greasy and tasteless! Will not be spending my hard earned money there again

Adam Jones

I highly recommend the black pepper chicken here! Great prices with lunch and dinner specials!

Hillary H.

Stopped here for lunch and was not disappointed! Wonton soup was great with some crispy noodles and I ordered green tea for this cold morning. They gave me a whole pot! To myself! Very attentive owners/ cashiers. I wish they opened earlier at 10:30 as stated on the door but sadly they open at 11 like every other place! I would definitely come back for the crab rangoons.

Lily F.

I'm always on the hunt for a good Chinese take out restaurant near the house. It's not very often but every once in awhile I'll crave the hell out of crab rangoons and those spare ribs that you can always find at these kinds of restaurants. While 5 full size spare ribs are consider an appetizer is beyond me, but it's always a must get. And Lucky Panda does theirs very well. I've been here a few times and I will say the best things are their appetizers, which amazingly still stay crunchy and warm on the drive back home. The spare ribs were great, perfectly sweet and sticky from the sauce and meat that is surprisingly tender. The crab rangoons and fried spring rolls are always delicious as well. As far as main entrees go, it's usually hit or miss. I made the mistake of ordering mapo tofu even though I knew it was not going to have that authentic taste. I've also ordered the walnut shrimp and honestly did not like it because it just straight up tasted like warm mayonnaise and soggy shrimp. The decent items were the broccoli and beef, chicken and vegetables and the Singapore mei fun. I would stick to the basics here.

Brian Moore

I just tried this place for the first time and wasn’t disappointed. We ordered delivery and got the crab puffs, fried dumplings, shrimp egg foo young, and crispy shrimp with walnuts. The entire order was packaged and bagged very well.Everything tasted very good and the portions were large. My egg foo young alone was enough for 2-3 meals. It’s better than several other Chinese food places around here, so I’ll be happy to order again.

Kenzie Whitten

the chicken fried rice tasted really really plain, had no flavor whats so ever, it was only good when i put soy sauce on it

Trinh H.

For $6.75 during lunch time, you can't beat the portion size! The meal hit every spot for me whenever I crave Chinese-American food and I'm so glad my coworkers introduced it to me! I got the L1 (I believe it's the Lo Mein) and it comes with an egg roll, choice of rice (white or fried), and choice of soup (egg drop, hot and sour, wonton). The egg roll and Lo Mein I definitely enjoyed. Aside from that, I wish their wonton soup was richer as it just tasted like water + chicken bouillon was 2 skimpy wontons, and their rice was very bland (even though I ordered the fried rice). Otherwise, for the value of it all, I'm pretty content! Also, if you order over the phone, make sure you have them confirm your order! We ordered for 4 people this past week and they messed up on my order (I ordered shrimp and got chicken instead - no biggie since I didn't pay extra for it but you still want what you paid for!).

Mary Naugle

Taste is good but paid $24 for broccoli beef and Mongolian beef, neither dish had decent amount of meet. 4 small slices then 14 broccoli florets and 4 small slices and half pound of onions. What a rip off. I called and told them I was disappointed and would not be back, and they said "fine".

Roberto Carrera

Excellent place to grab a quick lunch (entree plus rice, egg roll and your choice of soup), all for under $9.00 including tax and tip! (from 11:30am to 3:00pm, Wednesday thru Sunday).

Deborah M.

The food is always delicious and hot! I love the sweet and sour chicken with lo Mein noodles, always hits the spot!

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