Tiff's Treats Cookie Delivery

755 TX-121 B-150, Lewisville
(214) 702-4960

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Nick Shelby

Ordered cookies to the wrong location with 10 minutes till close. Alec went above and beyond helping us with customer service and even made a fresh batch for us after closing time. Alec is amazing and will be coming back solely due to him.

Rochean Spencer

It really hurts my feelings to leave such a bad review after many yrs of great service.I was very disappointed to get such bad customer service when calling into the Lewisville local number the lady was very short & not helpfulI personally send each of my customers and dozen or even sometimes 2 dozen of tiff treats when they buy a car from meI will no longer be using tiff treats nor advertising their service if im not called regarding the poor service I recieved today

Nat N

I was late to pickup my order and the employee called to make sure I hadn’t forgotten. I thought that was so nice :)

Sonsire Romero

I have been trying to aplie here for weeks and 1 st time didn't get the job then I received A email they still looking for people and I answered immediately and still no answer back ... I looked at the web site and there's a bunch of jobs still but no answer

Sanden Daughhetee

I needed some after hours gratis cookies for the staff at Blue Pearl while picking up my cat's cremains. The gentleman working was both kind and compassionate as I asked for two dozen assorted cookies, then burst into tears. He was also a cat lover, having several of his own. We visited as he boxed ip the cookies and put a pretty bow on top of the box. Highly recommend.

Ashley DeMello

Very disappointed in their delivery. Instead of putting the cookies on the bench that is next to the door, the delivery person put them on the ground which caused ants to get to them. When I called the store, the person on the phone told me that’s their protocol to leave them on the ground. I would think that the person delivering these cookies, that are not cheap by the way, would have enough common sense to not leave them on the ground where ants can get to them.

Ariel Flood

I was feeling a little down, had a bad week and really wanted a little pick me up so I participated in their promo for the day after receiving an email. Delivery was on time and the box was really big, hot and smelling good, but to my surprise when I opened the box the cookies were really brown, overcooked, and a bit off tasting. I accepted my unfortunate fate and chalked it up to the bad luck I had been having. A few hours later I talked to my mom and told her about the situation and she told me to reach out to them about a refund. I took her advice and reached out via email and politely asked for a refund not expecting to get a response for days. Shockingly, within minutes I get a response from someone by the name of Robert from customer service who went above and beyond to rectify the situation and bring a little light to this dreadful week I had been having. I've had Tiff Treats before and have never had a bad experience so this was a one off situation so I will definitely be back. Thank you Robert for your kindness and understanding ?

Velma Reed (Velma Michelle)

Warm, delicious cookies, delivered to you late at night. Perfect for movie nights on the couch!

Jennifer Mainali

Super yummy cookies. I walked in and ordered a dozen assorted. In and out within a few minutes. He warmed them and they were still gooey and fresh when we got home to eat them. The packaging is cute as well. Would make a nice gift for coworkers, etc.


I love the cookies here. Warm and gooey and reasonably priced. I'm only giving 4 stars because we got some ice cream sandwiches here and had to take them home because there was no seating. By the time we got home they had all melted :( Fortunately the store owner made it up to us, but I don't think they should offer this option without either telling you they will melt or provide you somewhere to sit so you can eat them right away.

Di Bourque

These were sent to me by a friend and they were AMAZING and so warmtoo. Loved them.

Reva D

Had a pickup order and cookies were not freshly baked. Cookies were hard as a rock. I will not be returning to this location.

Lily F.

This is my guilty pleasure. Warm cookies with Blue bell ice cream. Plain and simple. The shop is small and offers a selection of different cookies and different ways of eating said cookies. You want an ice cream sandwich? Or do you just want a box of cookies and some milk shipped to your house? Pro tip: If you do order the ice cream sandwich, make sure to eat it there or soon. These suckers melt fast and will make your hands all sticky if you're driving.

Latanya Kennedy

These cookies to be so high,are well worth it! They have now turned me into a Tiif Treats fan…smh and then they have the nerve to place it between some cold ice cream and call it a Tif’wich sooooo good ?

Vamsi Rompicharla

Always love the freshness and quality.

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