Donuts Express

3541 W Pioneer Pkwy, Pantego
(817) 277-2333

Recent Reviews

Chalise Dixon

Best doughnuts, the taste is delicious, the texture is crunchy but soft in the middle and the flavors are unique.Parking: The shop itself is easily accessible from the side street and the main street and my favorite part is there is a drive-thru.If you're not sure what you want there are plenty of parking spots available to park and go inside.Kid-friendliness: The family that works there are so kind and patient they are willing to wait for my son to choose and answer all of his questions.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Apple Fritter, Cinnamon Roll, Doughnut, Blueberry

Pita Bass

Best donuts with the best owners. Ben and Young are SO kind and seriously make the best donuts with an amazing texture and flavor!! 10/10 always. Love them.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

LeeAnn Dries

Always awesome ?

Hajo J

Best donuts I've ever had. I grew up a die-hard Shipley's fan, but even on their best day, they can't beat Chef Lin. The man knows exactly what he's doing. The pastry-- fluffy, but not yeasty!-- melts in your mouth; the chocolate icing is both generous and just sweet enough without being tooth-rotting; the fillings are gloriously fruity; and the service is fast and friendly. The nice little old lady who works there (possibly his wife?) doesn't speak much english, but she'll always give you a smile, the correct order, and, if you're lucky, an extra mini cinnamon roll or two. If you don't come here for your donut fix, you're missing out.

Viola Mauricio Gonzales

They hood donut’s that’s for sure!!

Larry Kelley

Great tasting donuts!Owners are very friendly.

Charles Baclawski

Best donuts in Arlington tx

chris hinton

Always fast service and good quality donuts and jalapeno sausage rolls.


Amazing donuts made with love!!!!! Wonderful place!!

Nicole McCue

Best donuts I have found so far while living in Texas

Simply Happy

Absolutely ? the best place had a raspberry filled..omg only one word. HEAVEN...

Steven New

Simple donut stop run by amazing people.

Kevin H.

I'm no confectionist, but I believe that the first test of any donut shop is to make a fantastic glazed donut. The perfect glazed donut is the seed for all the other donuts, be it buttermilk, or cake, or jelly filled, etc. Chef Li makes the best glazed donut you'll find in this area. Light and airy and not too sweet. I like the blueberry and chocolate buttermilk, and crème filled with chocolate. They fill each jelly donut once you pick the flavor so it's always spot-on fresh. Their breakfast croissants are great too, but that glazed donut is what keeps me coming back!

Regina Drysdale

Love the Service and the Donuts.Keep it up.

DiVicenti Khepri

This little nook has the best doughnuts hands down. Made fresh every single day. I literally will go as soon as they open at 5am to get the freshest ones! They have amazing croissant ham, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches! Love their service and Amazingly priced! I don't know the owners, but they are doing it all right!

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