Taco Bell

5304 River Oaks Blvd, River Oaks
(817) 763-5072

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Ynes Studio Arts

The 5 layers baby .... something you die for .... great job

Jessie Taylor

They got rid of the Chipotle Chicken loaded griller, and the steak power bowl burrito... Won't be back until those are put back on the menu (this location). When those are added back, will give 5 stars

Cody Flinn

Frito Burrito and everything else! Damn good fattening food..

John Hultin

Speedy service Excellent Food Friendly employees

Sam Reynolds

Always excellent service! Sweet people, food is fresh, hot and good!

Victoria Todd

Manager seemed nice, food took forever and the drive through woman was terrible and incredibly rude and was yelling curse words seeing that they have children in their facility. They have new kiosks to order from inside, make sure you get a reciept because when they screw up your food they don't have anyway to fix and you don't have a way to show they didn't not give it to you correctly. Avoid this location as much as possible if you want even decent service and the food you paid for.

Misty Martel

Specifically asked for an extra crispy chalupa at drive thru mic... Said "exxtra crispy?" at the window. She said "yes". Got home, it might as well be a gordita. Thanks for ruining my dinner.

Curtis Taylor

Half of the drinks in the fountain were empty and they couldn't be bothered to put a sign up. Seems like work wasn't in their vocabulary.

Elva B.

The food at this location is always disgusting and they take FORVER at drive thru. Idk how they are still open....

Samuel C.

This location is complete garbage and has been for years. Slow service, even with a full staff in the kitchen. Took five-ten minutes for them to even take my order. For some reason the cashier was stacking receipts instead of giving them to paying customers. When I asked for my receipt she had to print another one, even though I could clearly see my original in the stack she had. Are these people hoarding customer information? Instead of calling out numbers they just yelled out whatever the food was that they just made. This resulted in a lot of hesitancy since you know, maybe more than one person ordered the same thing. When I asked for a bag for me to go order they looked at me as if I was from another planet. I will not be returning to this location ever again.

Bobby Young

They employees not the night shift are extremely indenctly rude. They completely ignore you while there being asked to replace an order Again. Due to a mess up they continuously doing. I'm not impressed and not happy how these girls treat people. At to top it off they are not at all friendly not nice. Like who ever hired them must have been seriously desperate for workers.

V C.

This place deserves 0 stars. I went here with a co worker around 10am because this was probably the only place that's open for breakfast/ lunch this early. Anyways, the customer service is horrible. I literally was eyed out by the black woman at the drive thru. She was also rude while taking our orders. I will not return to this location ever again.

Pamela Winters

They were very nice to me and my support dog. They never tried to tell me that she could not be in the store.

Amy G.

Every time we have come here it's been horrible service and they are soooo slow!!! Inside the dining area is always so dirty..came in and not one clean table and food all over the floor ..wasn't busy either

Sarah Lockhart

Good food. Nice people. Just to cold inside to enjoy yourself and eat.

courtney bell

It's not bad. Customer service is usually great, food is ok.

Shane Michel-cochran

Wow the service was horrible. I found a half of a water bug in my chulupa and the manger said I'll get you another one... no thank you. I just want my money back to leave. Then he couldn't even figure out how to refund it... don't eat here unless you like bugs in your food

AilaDean Attaharwi

Great food and all, however there is a rude lady that works there. She will yell at you in front of the customers. Beware. I will definitely take my business elsewhere , Whataburger.

James Farrell

Don’t bother with this horrible location.

James Loveless

Kool to eat there for lunch. Love the Taco Supreme! Great place to eat between shows.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

5304 River Oaks Blvd, River Oaks, TX 76114