Dairy Queen

370 Hill St, Tatum
(903) 947-2255

Recent Reviews

Clarissa Taylor

They are great and never mess up our orders. I will say that they do not fill up your ice cream order like they should. The biggest issue are the blizzards and for the price you pay for ice cream they should fill that cup to the top. Here lately they have been at least a quarter of the way below the rim.Food: 4/5

Aaron Blanton

Our cashier was very attentive. She was friendly also.Food: 5/5

Darlene Wheeler

This is how I was served a chicken taco salad..not even half full. No chicken and other veggies very slim. I called and no answer then wrote Dairy Queen and no response.

dolores morris

Took forever to get food and when we did the tacos were soggy cuz they sat in the window along with fries while they made the burger asked for fresh fries and they tried to argue that they were hot cuz under the light I'm over it. Hard to get good service these days

Laura pace

Wonderful place to eat. Nice people a wonderful kid name Johnathan waited on us.a very polite person.great personality. Great food

LaBugg H

They are SLOW. Especially if you’re non-Mexican.

Michelle Colditz Murphy

Since this is the one of very few fast food places in a small town they are usually very busy. A little overpriced but who isn’t now days! Lol

Michael Terry

It's the DQ always love me a large ice cream cone, they have the best in town.

Amber Perry

Food was fresh but took forever to make. Not a bad stop but not stellar as far as DQ goes. They pretty much operate like they're the only people in town because... they are the only people in town

Danny Hocutt

Not only was the drive through lady awful she was yelling at other employees and throwing things. Seemed very unprofessional. Now to the food… I order two salads and had to wait 40 minutes for them. And the lady didn’t say a word to me just chunked my change at me. Keep in mind we have been even spoken before. The only reason I’m giving it a 2 and not a 1 is the young man was working hard to keep up

Amber P.

S. L. O. W. But... The food was fresh so there is that. The grilled chicken sandwich was not great but the steak finger basket was. Nice folks behind the counter.

minnette betts

The best Tea around. The lady at the drive thru window is so nice. She makes my day when I drive tru. And Patrick is so nice. I have placed my order and someone is in front of me. They come out and personally deliver my order . it's nice to feel like you as a customer are appreciated and that the employees like what they do.

Cris Hudson

Good Experience, friendly folks. Tacos, Burrito. Nachos were Delicious Tea was fresh.Very Clean place, can't ask for any better.

April Dawson

Hot food, friendly service! They need to add.a wall behind the menu display where you order. The road noise there is so loud

Mark Larson

Horrible experience....cook smoking cigarettes while cooking!!!.. inside smells rancid and the absolute worst management staff on God's green planet....they really should just close this place

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