Costa Flame Grilled Chicken

9950 Woodlands Pkwy Suite 450, The Woodlands
(281) 651-4575

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Waste of time. The employees just leave so you might not even be able to get food during the work day.

Victor Pinheiro

I bought 1.5 chicken with straw fries. I asked them for the chicken to be well done. When I got home, the chicken was raw, red blood stains, all over so it went into the trash. I called and the young lady said she was very sorry. I was even sorrier because 50 dollars went into the trash. Fries were good though

Les. (Cubanwizard)

This is a complete disappointment, burn, hard, dry, the day before chicken. I can only hope they will get their act together before it is too late, great idea bad execution

Narcisa P.

Very disappointed. The chicken was not fully cooked. If you are looking for charcoal grilled chicken with flavor look somewhere else. We reached out to the restaurant to let them know what happened so they wouldn't serve raw chicken to another family and they told my husband that all their chicken comes out that way.

Hannah Schneider

The service is amazing and their lemon sugar crepes are perfect!

Andrew Lopez

I went in and was greeted in the most courteous way and the service here is exemplary. Also the chicken salad here is amazing!! I highly recommend this place!

Phil Thy

We just ordered for the first time and WHOLY SMOKE (pun intended) was everything amazing!! We got one and a half chickens and fries and were blown away! The chicken is so moist and the seasoning and smoke flavors pair perfectly. I wasn't hungry until I tried a piece, then I ate half a chicken! There's more on the menu than pictures posted previously, but that's all I could get a picture of because the wife, 3 kids and I tore all the food up!

Ryan Bates

Incredible service and amazing food. We'll definitely be back.


It was or first time at Costa and OMG the chicken was so delicious, moist and tender, I can’t remember when was the last time I had a chicken like this! We’ll definitely be back.

Michael M.

Amazing chicken! Sweet potato fries are great also. But that chicken was some of the best chicken I've ever had!! No joke! Crispy skin and fall off the bone moist meat with a nice smoke flavor.

Robert D.

Drove 25 minutes only to find out that it takes 40 min to prepare your meal. Would have been nice if they let you know somewhere on their Facebook page that this is the case.

Susan Townsend

We saw the "Houston Food Finder" review and decided to give it a try. Their Portuguese roasted chicken was **AMAZING**... tender, juicy and with a delicious mild smoky flavor. It doesn't need any sauce... But their peri peri and Thai coconut sauces were very flavorful. We will definitely be back! (Sorry, no photos... The chicken disappeared too fast!)

Frank Martinez

The loaded fries were amazing ?. Definitely enough for two people to share. The grilled chicken with crema and spicy Mayo combined with crispy fries was delicious. Also, try the Hot Perri-perri sauce. It has a good kick to it!

Peyton B.

It dosnt look like much but it is so so so good.The shop was super clean and efficient. They cook everything fresh so you wait for a second and then they bring it iut to you. We tried this place for the first time and we absolutely love it. Will definitely be coming back!

Jonathan Alexie

I tried Costa’s Portuguese chicken the first opening day and it is smokey flavored, juicy, and delicious. I like the option of switching up between 4 different flavored sauces they have. The bread is freshly baked from scratch and their truffle Parmesan fries are amazing too!! Check them out!

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