9955 Woodlands Pkwy, The Woodlands
(281) 419-0329

Recent Reviews

Grover S.

No toilet paper in either bathroom, both of which have holders for two rolls. This did not happen in the few hours between what should be regular checks. No one is supervising the children working today. Stupid way to operate. Stupid. .

Joshua Roper

Best Starbucks in the area. Always a little bit quieter in the shop. But, they are also always very fast in the drive thru line.Plus, they make the best caramel macchiato I've ever had.

Jerry Cruz

Every Saturday morning, there is a line. Forget! I repeat “FORGET” to make my order. They don’t get your name… just make it and either don’t say anything or forget.

Ashley Thomas

Hands down the best Starbucks in The Woodlands. Always nice, smiling, and willing to offer recommendations. Even when they are busy they take the time to get to know their customers. Drinks just taste better at this location.

Rich C.

Came here for the second time. This is the second time I've received the wrong drink and had to go back inside to get it replaced. That's also the second time I didn't get an apology, just a drink put on the counter. Useless. Perfect example of a big chain loosing its way.

Amber Allen

This is my favorite Starbucks that I've ever visited. Everytime I go the baristas are so friendly and genuinely nice!

Patricia Bloise

This location is my favorite... always friendly staff and they always make my order exactly how I want it!

Carly Swann-Kim

Great service, lovely people and accurate ordering. Love!

Lezlie Lockett

Coffee always done right and super friendly staff ?

Virtuous Woman Janice M

Fast and very attentive! Do not be alarmed by the long lines as the wait is very different

Joseph Royer

Good coffee and comfortable atmosphere.

Pandi Angel

Morning crew is on point. Evening crew is so so but expect your drinks made wrong or to have a problem if the girl with blue hair is working the drinks. She messes up 100% of the time. ??Update: been a few months went back think she's gone. Lots of new friendly, and happy employees. Coffee also tastes way better. Maybe cleaning machines better now.

Moni S.

Amazing service and friendly atmosphere. I'll always love this Starbucks. And if it takes long, just know they are making it with LOVE!!

Luisa Fernandez

This was a pretty busy Starbucks, however they were very fast and helpful. The staff was friendly and knew everyone by name would engage every customer that came in.

Amy Pierce

This is to 2 people Avery and Jenn, they give me the best service everytime I come and the rest don't. These 2 people deserve a raise and appreciation in a time where customer service lacks

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