Joe's Pasta & Pizza

1115 Fort Worth Hwy, Weatherford
(817) 341-2200

Recent Reviews

Mark O.

Excellent food very cost-effective I usually get a Joe's supreme xL pizza,$22 Good food and cost effective will feed four people

Ty Cope

OMG, this place is amazing. The food is authentic and the service is fast and friendly. The bread is heavenly. The owner is so personable. We left a really great Italian restaurant in College Station and didn't think we would find another like it...well, here they are. Y'all try this place. You won't regret it.Food: 5/5

Jan B

Food is usually good. Service when owner isn't there is poor. I only take out now because service is terrible inside. Have to wave someone over if you need anything or a refillFood: 4/5

Brandon Wallace

Pretty good place overall. Go here at least three four times a month, especially after church. But their prices have gone up recently. Inflation is a killer. Hopefully they go back down or we may not be able to come here anymoreFood: 4/5

Chrystal Sullivan

Between the children screaming in the back room in the kitchen, waiting 19 minutes in order to get a refill on my drink, and the ricotta cheese Tasting rotten I will never go back into this place again. We seen a lot of people doing carry out on pizzas so maybe that would be better but I’m not willing to try seeing that I just spent $40 in there and had the worst experience of a restaurant

Tabitha von Haasl

Stopped by here on our way to Dallas. Wow! They were great. It was a laid-back atmosphere, the server answered all of our questions. She did a fantastic job. She was helping check-out customers, answering the phone, helping us and more. Our food came out HOT and yummy. The bread with pink sauce was my favorite. The only complaint I could have is the house salad that comes with the meal is lettuce & 2 sliced tomatoes, maybe adding a cucumber or something- however as simple as it was we all enjoyed it because it was so fresh, crisp & even my 3 year old ate a salad! We definitely will recommend & return

Joe V

Good service, all I ordered was some fries for takeout and they were okay. Place seemed a little dark inside, I bet with a little lighting and a bar they could be a happening place.


We've eaten here for years. They are not always perfect, as no restaurant is. But they are consistently good!When we dine in we order too much pasta & bread. It's always delicious! The prices are great & we always end up with yummy leftovers.When we make an order for pick up, we generally get the Alfredo pizza. Half plain Alfredo & half Alfredo with spinach & grilled chicken... it's the best!! They are the only place in town that make the Alfredo pizza this way. So yummy!

Sara Albarez

Worst food ever. Rolls looked cooked because the ends were burnt, inside was still raw. Order Chicken Marsala it was watery and tasted like straight chicken bullion and they used spaghetti noodles instead, and it had a weird texture coating to it.Addressing the response from the restaurant. I know what my meal should have consisted of what I ordered is my absolute favorite meal. However it was as I described above. So you may want to retrain your cooks. Yeah the rolls probably were baked that day but they were raw on the inside and Burt on the outside. But no I will not be coming back. Your food made me sick and quite frankly so did you response to my review.

Robin B.

This was the saltiest food I've ever eaten. The salad was cheap iceberg lettuce and salty ranch. The crust and Italian sausage of the Stromboli were salty. The sauce of the lasagna had a burned salty taste. If you can't have salt in your diet avoid this place!!!!

Randy D.

Went last week as we were sick of all the regular places we frequent so we thought we'd try this place. I ordered 2 pieces of supreme pizza. Apparently the pizza had been sitting all day and they just added the remaining items to it to make it supreme. It was terribly overdone mainly the crust. When I mentioned it at check out the lady said "oh you should've just told him to take it out of oven after few minutes ". Huh? Thats why I'm paying you all. Wife got the lobster pasta dish and it wasn't great even though i ate some of it just because i was hungry. Worst $28 I've spent on food in a while. I will not go back. Only thing good was cheese sticks

Holly G

I ate at Joe's for the first time last week and it was amazing. The portions were very generous, everything tasted great, and I am looking forward to going back.

B DeMas

Huge portions! The bread is so good as is their homemade vinaigrette dressing!!We brought more than half of our meal home. Don’t forget to get the pink sauce on the side! It is excellent!

Ernie Aven

This is my go-to place for Great Italian food.My wife and I order from Joes' several times a month. I have never been disappointed with a meal. Proportions are enough for two people. Not usually looking for a desert, but you have to try their Italian cream cake.


Absolutely delicious! I'm kinda upset that we have never been here before. Lol Great waitress, very attentive. She is very sweet!!

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